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Online Content Libraries
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EWN System Administrator Training
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Soft Skills for Leaders
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Line Locating & Damage Prevention
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Other Training

MECP Online Hybrid

EWN’s Master Evaluator Certificate Program is more convenient and accessible than ever with our online hybrid option. With this option, evaluators can take the bulk of the course in our system, allowing you to complete most of the certificate on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Worried about missing out on the industry updates and latest evaluator news? Don’t worry! The second part of the certificate is still live and online. After finishing your computer-based training on your own time, you’ll complete the live portion of the certificate (only 2 hours) on the date for which you register.

In this live session, your expert instructor will review the program requirements and lead a discussion on evaluator recent events and best practices—bringing you together with a group of your peers from other industry companies across the country. The live session ends with a proctored exam where you’ll officially earn your Master Evaluator Certificate from Energy Worldnet.

Book an MECP Hybrid Class!

Are you part of a larger group of evaluators at your company?

If you have a group of four or more evaluators who need the class, reach out to your account manager for private class options.

Access to the MECP computer-based training will be granted at the time of purchase. Training must be completed prior to the test date and the assessment must be completed with an 80% score or higher to earn a valid MECP credential. MECP credentials will only be awarded after completion of the live component and proctored exam and are valid for three years from the exam date.

Read required terms & conditions for this course.

Master Evaluator Certificate Program (MECP)

Become a 'master' of your craft.

The EWN Master Evaluator Certificate Program will provide evaluators with up-to-date principles and tools for conducting effective evaluations. You will practice these tools and principles in a comfortable learning environment and apply those with modern evaluation tools. Your evaluators, supervisors, foremen, trainers, teachers, proctors, and managers will benefit from this class. What you should expect:

  • An understanding of the requirements from 49 CFR 192 and 195 related to written and performance evaluations.
  • The ability to utilize evaluation preparation techniques and skills to evaluate with proper documentation and evaluation records.
  • Participants will receive upon completion: MECP Certificate, cool merch, and course and reference materials.
  • Learn to make evaluations a productive experience for the individual; get the best out of them and grow them into better-qualified workers.

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Read required terms & conditions for this course.

Master Trainer Development Program (MTDP)

This class addresses common gaps and brings your trainers up to a new level.

Our Master Trainer Development Program is designed to equip trainers with the tools and techniques required to present training effectively. We have all had to face a class that didn't go quite as planned. In this class, you will learn how to accommodate each learning style and deliver training that reaches each learner. This training is all about raising the bar for your trainers and training programs alike. Expect to master the following:

  • Developing quality training and programs that prevent accidents/incidents.
  • Learning the role of the Master Trainer and the 6 Principles of Adult Learning Theory.
  • Distinguishing between competence and confidence.
  • Learn how to create a positive learning environment.
  • Conquering and mitigating stage fright.

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Read required terms & conditions for this course.

Learn more about other training opportunities and our Online Content Libraries below:

EWN System Administrator Training

The EWN System will streamline your daily activities. This training gets you there quicker.

This training provides an opportunity to explore critical tools, reporting, and other components of the system through a hands-on approach. EWN System Admins will gain the knowledge to oversee their OQ program from within the system effectively. Here are a few of the high points:

  • Learn to create and organize users (manage, communicate, and verify).
  • Learn how to utilize tools & reporting within the EWN System.
  • Learn how to organize and manage task lists.

Schedule an EWN System Training Class

Soft Skills for Leaders

Soft Skills have never been more important.

75% of long-term job success depends on soft skills. In fact, the most sought-after and most challenging to find talents in the market today are soft skills. Soft skills are becoming more and more of a need in our industry. From those in the field to those working behind the desk, success in today's workplace is based on a mixture of soft and hard skills. By the end of this course, expect to:

  • Understand and utilize active listening techniques.
  • Learn how to manage time and resources to ensure beneficial leadership.
  • Learn to utilize emotional intelligence with all working relationships.
  • Learn generational differences and what drives workers in various generations.
  • Discuss management styles, communication styles, and other helpful tools to lead effectively.
  • Discuss and learn from peers in group discussions and real world problem solving.
  • Learn to communicate effectively in times of crisis.

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Line Locating and Damage Prevention (4 Hour Course)

The 4-hour Line Locating and Damage Prevention course is a half-day course geared toward instructing novices and refreshing intermediate learners in best practices for line locating. In this course, learners will review Common Ground Alliance (CGA) best practices, explore locate theory, and discuss locate scenarios and abnormal operating conditions that can occur in the field. This course also offers learners the opportunity to complete locates and compare equipment with various locators popular in the industry. This course includes hands-on activities, engaging polls, and a take-home booklet of class material for later reference.


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Basic Gas Operations (12 Hour Course)

The 12-hour Basic Gas Operations course is a one-and-a-half-day course that aims to instruct novice gas field workers and refresh intermediate learners in introductory safety, natural gas knowledge, and best practices for field operations in the gas industry. In this class, learners will review the properties of natural gas, examine PPE and its use in different scenarios, explore live fire response and leak investigation, discover equipment best practices, and review meter reading and service line installation. The course will include hands-on activities and scenarios, engaging polls, and a take-home booklet of class material for later reference. Primary course sections include:

  • Properties of Natural Gas
  • PPE
  • Leak Investigation
  • Fire Response
  • Corrosion Basics
  • Meter Reading
  • Service Line Installation

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Instructional Design and Development Program

Learn more about other training opportunities and our Online Content Libraries below:

The Instructional Design and Development Program teaches course developers how to create practical learning objectives, content, and assessment questions that ensure knowledge transfer. This course will also help you leverage the key components of instructional design and utilize the E3 Training Builder to build courses that meet and exceed your training needs. Expect the following from this course:

  • Learn the needs assessment approach for developing training as well as the components of effective learning objectives.
  • Identify the levels of the Cognitive Classification Model and the steps to developing effective course formats.
  • Identify relevant training content and learn how to implement it according to best practices.
  • Understand the levels of the Kirkpatrick New World Model.
  • Fully understand and implement a content QA process.
  • Learn how to navigate and input course content in the E3 System.

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Steel and Plastic Pipe Repair (4 Hour Course)

The 4-hour Steel and Plastic Pipe Repair course is a half-day course geared toward instructing novices and refreshing intermediate learners in best practices for pipe repair. Learners will review repair methods such as clamps, sleeves, saddles, plugs, patches, electrofusion, butt fusion, saddle fusion, and socket fusion with special emphasis on using clamps and sleeves on steel lines and electrofusion on plastic. In this class, learners will review and discuss the various repair types before heading out to the shop to get hands-on practice clamping and soap testing pressurized steel lines and fusing plastic lines. This course includes hands-on activities, engaging polls, and a take-home booklet of class material for later reference.


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