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TRACER Asset Management

Safety is paramount; there’s no negotiation on that. The question is how to increase safety without increasing the time and cumbersome procedures that usually come as a package deal. Now you can track and manage your assets, equipment, and tools with TRACER.

Dashboard analytics reporting
Dashboard Analytics and Reporting
View the status of your assets from a glance and assign follow-up actions.
Fixed asset accounting details
Fixed Asset Accounting Details
Centrally located for your accounting team.
Built for mobile
Built for Mobile
We know assets move. With TRACER, you can manage your assets on the go.
QR code tracking
QR Code Tracking
Track assets with a unique QR code and use the mobile app to access critical data.
User friendly
User Friendly
Spend more time using TRACER and less time trying to get it to work.
Inspections and auditing
Inspections & Auditing
Quickly launch your inspections. Simple control for your auditing needs.

Bringing the safety of your people and the assets they use, together.

You want your equipment to be taken care of and kept in safe working order. You need to know where these assets are and see whether they are properly maintained and ready to use without taking the time to trek out to the field. That’s where TRACER Asset Management does the work for you. TRACER can run independently or paired with EWN’s OQ platform, which will ensure that your people AND assets are good to go. Inventory, inspections, and statuses are quickly accessible anytime, anywhere.


Ready to take your asset management to the next level?

Let's talk and see how TRACER can improve the safety of your assets while saving you time and money.

See It In Action

TRACER Asset Management is available on the the EWN Mobile App.

Available on the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS).


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