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Coffee with Jim and James

CWJJ (3)

40 min read

CWJJ Episode 138: APGA Operations Conference Live – Part 1

Thursday, October 20- Jim & James were on the road again and attended the APGA Operations Conference. Tune in and check out who joined the show.

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13 min read

CWJJ Episode 137: Tiffany Hopkins

Thursday, October 13- We continue the Kickstart Your Culture Series and focus on the most important action item, “getting started”. Tiffany Hopkins...

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24 min read

CWJJ Episode 136: John Olshefski

Thursday, October 6- The Colonel, John Olshefski joins the podcast and dives deep into leadership, the APGA, and his work within the industry.

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20 min read

CWJJ Episode 135: Jim Francis

Thursday, September 29- Jim and James sit down with Jim Francis (EN Engineering) and talk all things Pipeline Safety. Jim Francis also shared his...

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27 min read

CWJJ Episode 134: Jeff Wiese

Thursday, September 22- Long-time industry icon, Jeff Wiese joins the guys as they talk PSMS, thought leadership, and how to move the needle in the...

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35 min read

CWJJ Episode 133: Monique Roberts

Thursday, September 15- Monique joins the guys, LIVE from the Louisiana Gas Association’s Pipeline Safety Conference. A Louisiana native, Monique...

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54 min read

CWJJ Episode 132: OGA Live

Thursday, September 1- This week Jason Crowe subs in for Jim and helps to bring focus to the Oklahoma Gas Association’s Annual Conference. Join us...

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43 min read

CWJJ Episode 131: Tailgate Week: Part 2

Thursday, September 1- Tune in for Part 2 of our first annual EWN Tailgate Week. Check out more of our awesome people within EWN.

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43 min read

CWJJ Episode 130: Tailgate Week: Part 1

Thursday, August 25- This episode showcases some of the awesome people within EWN at the first annual EWN Tailgate Week hosted at our Decatur, TX...

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17 min read

CWJJ Episode 129: Brian Kendrick

Thursday, August 18- The show is on the roJim & James caught up with Brian Kendrick at the TGA Operations & Management Conference. Brian discusses...

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