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Cleveland Integrity Services selects EWN’s PITP (API 1169 Preparation)

Cleveland Integrity Services selects EWN’s PITP (API 1169 Preparation)


It has been ten years since I sat in on some of my first meetings with industry veterans, listening to the debate on minimum requirements and credentials for pipeline inspectors, and the challenges associated with novice inspectors. The industry has made great progress since those days, and the pipeline industry and regulatory authorities are now encouraging and mandating that pipeline inspectors have documented evidence of their qualifications to perform inspections on jurisdictional pipelines.

In support of these collective industry efforts, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has worked with industry trade associations and experts to develop an exam and certification known as the API Recommended Practice (RP) 1169 – Pipeline Construction Inspector

Pipeline construction inspectors must have broad knowledge relating to the construction of new onshore pipelines. This knowledge base must include topics such as specific roles and responsibilities, general pipeline safety, environmental and pollution control, regulatory requirements, and general pipeline construction processes and methodologies. The API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspector Certification Exam is designed to determine if qualified candidates have such knowledge.

API 1169 Endorsed by INGAA and CEPA

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), the INGAA Foundation Inc., and the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA), are major trade associations and represent pipeline owners throughout North America. These associations and foundations are advocates for pipeline integrity and safety. As such, the respective Boards of INGAA and CEPA voted to endorse having all pipeline inspectors who work for their member companies obtain the API 1169 certification by the end of 2018 to enhance the quality and safety of pipeline construction. The decision to promote the API 1169 is consistent with the commitment to zero pipeline incidents, and the quality construction and safe operation of pipelines.

EWN Raises the Bar

ENERGY Worldnet, Inc. (EWN) is continuously raising the bar for safety and integrity in the industry. In the world of pipeline construction, EWN immediately recognized the importance of this new program and developed a complete in-depth suite of pipeline inspector training courses while API was developing the 1169 certification program. The EWN Pipeline Inspector Training Program consists of fifty (50) computer-based training modules, divided into 5 core sections, designed to meet and exceed the specific regulatory and training needs of onshore pipeline construction inspectors. The EWN program aligns directly with the published body of knowledge requirements for the API 1169 Inspector Certification Program. The EWN program is continuously vetted by industry veterans and subject matter experts, provides critical training content, and offers over 1,000 practice questions.


Early adopters and opinion-setters are the leaders of the industry. They see the value in striving to be better, and they do not accept the status quo. They look for best practices because being a leader means doing what is right, not just what is required. Cleveland Integrity Services (CIS) is one of those companies that has embraced the API 1169 and has committed to training hundreds of pipeline inspectors in preparation for the API 1169 Certification Exam. To successfully accomplish this task, CIS has selected EWN’s Pipeline Inspector Training Program to deliver a proven suite of self-paced online training courses. The EWN Pipeline Inspector Training Program is much more than just an exam prep class; it is a complete training program for pipeline inspectors.

ENERGY Worldnet, Inc. is proud to support Cleveland Integrity Services and the industry, in the commitment to continuous improvement processes that enhance the operational reliability of pipelines. Having certified inspectors helps everyone raise the bar on safety and integrity. Learn more at


Words of Encouragement

“I would share that my success in taking this API Examination is due, in large part, to your Pipeline Inspector Training Program that I utilized as my primary source for information and study and prepared me for this important examination.  I am so delighted to have signed up for this course and feel that I owe my success to this remarkable EWN program. Please extend my many thanks to the EWN people who developed this program and the many kind people of your organization who have been so helpful to me.”

  • Ken Austin, Safety Manager – Clear Energy Services, Inc.