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Live @ AMPP Annual Conference + Expo

Coffee with Jim and James - Episode 177

Live @ Association for Materials Protection and Performance Annual Conference + Expo


James Cross sits down with Alan Thomas at the bustling AMPP annual conference, marking a milestone event with record-breaking attendance and exhibitor participation. Alan Thomas, celebrating his first year as CEO, shares his journey to this point, describing it as a "divine appointment" and the best professional year of his life. Under his leadership, AMPP has focused on being the thought leader in asset integrity and materials protection, aiming to make its vast repository of knowledge more accessible worldwide, with exciting plans to incorporate AI for better accessibility.

A significant part of the conversation revolves around AMPP's commitment to workforce development, highlighting a strategic move to establish a dedicated entity focusing on attracting, training, and qualifying professionals in the industry. Thomas's passion for AMPP's mission is palpable as he discusses the transformative effect of AMPP's certifications on individuals' lives and careers, a testament to the organization's global impact.

We’ve also included highlights from the exhibitor floor. 🎧 Tune into this episode of "Coffee with Jim and James" to see who we ran into and dive into the future of asset protection and integrity with Alan Thomas.


Follow along with some of these special guests as they make an impact in our industry.

Alan Thomas - AMPP

Kevin Klausmeier- Surview

Jodi Rutledge- Trenton

Cole Finney- American Innovations

Jim Kunkle- AkzoNobel

Jarret Brelsford- MESA

Kailey Dharam - Dairyland Electrical

Tyler Schlesselman- Tru Solutions

Jordan Groody- Magneto


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