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Energy Worldnet OQ Provider Safety Culture

3 min read

More than Just OQ: How MP Technologies Utilizes EWN for Safety Culture

The dynamic and highly regulated nature of the energy industry means that keeping a large workforce compliant with safety standards and operator...

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EWN Safety Moment Blog Biting and Stinging Bugs

2 min read

Safety Moment: Buzz Off! Staying Safe from Biting and Stinging Bugs

As the weather gets warmer, pipeline workers across the United States face a small but perilous threat: biting and stinging bugs.

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Attracting skilled workers in the oil and gas field Energy Worldnet Blog

5 min read

Strategies for Attracting Skilled Workers in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has faced adversity in developing and retaining a talented workforce in recent years. According to an article by Clifford...

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Learning differences in each generation Energy Worldnet.

3 min read

Baby Boomers to Zoomers: How Each Generation Prefers to Learn

(+ How this Information can Improve your Training Programs)

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API 1169 Test Help

3 min read

Unlocking the API 1169 Test: Your Pipeline Inspection Passport

Welcome to the world of api 1169! If you're eager to explore the realm of Pipeline Construction Inspection, you've come to the right place. This blog...

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Pipe repair training Energy Worldnet

3 min read

What Is Steel and Plastic Pipe Repair Training?

Everyone begins somewhere. Even when it comes to pipe repair training. Energy Worldnet offers a wide range of opportunities to help businesses create...

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