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OSHA Hazard Identification Web Tool

Step into the virtual world of hazard identification and prevention. With OSHA’s new interactive, web-based educational game, workers will be able to engage in a virtual representation of small business manufacturing and construction industries hazard scenarios.

The web tool features three scenarios: Visual Inspection, Manufacturing Facility, and Construction. The online learning tool is free and will help educate workers on identifying hazards in their workplace and correcting them.

Finding and fixing hazards before they happen is the name of the game in both reality and virtual reality. By identifying common on-the-job hazards through visual representations, users will increase their awareness of accident prevention, which will help them pinpoint the hazard before an accident happens. This is a critical aspect for small businesses; it not only saves lives but decreases injury and financial setbacks. Furthermore, on the job injuries and illnesses in the United States have a weekly tab that towers an average of over $1 billion a week.

Get engaged in the game and check out OSHA’s Hazard Identification Training Tool on their website.

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