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EWN Releases New e-Learning Feedback Functionality

DECATUR, TX / June 19, 2019

ENERGY worldnet, Inc. (EWN) is pleased to announce the release of an advanced feedback functionality incorporated into its proprietary E3 Learning Content Management System (LCMS).

Computer-based training (CBT) feedback in the form of immediate assessment grading has been a long-standing service provided to EWN trainees. However, in March of this year, EWN released an additional tool used to validate knowledge transfer by linking learning objectives to the assessment questions that demonstrate competence.

Following computer-based assessments, this functionality allows trainees to receive immediate feedback regarding the precise learning objectives associated with missed assessment questions. In turn, this provides the learner and supervisor alike with specific, targeted feedback that can be used during re-teaching and follow-up coaching opportunities to reinforce knowledge or skill gaps. To further demonstrate the company’s commitment to continuous improvement, EWN’s new feedback functionality is coupled with its enduring commitment to the security and integrity of its assessment materials.

This update is one of many that EWN has released in recent months, including its new Executive Dashboard and Notifications Center, each designed for the convenience and efficiency of its Operator and Contractor clients. When designing these enhancements and additions, EWN’s chief goal is to provide technological tools and mobile app options that measure the success of employees in real time and provide meaningful data that can be used for making informed decisions. Informed decision-making is one of the pillars of EWN’s pledge to assisting its customers with ensuring program effectiveness.


Dr. Matt Joiner, EWN’s Executive Director of Education, concluded:

“EWN is providing a solution that addresses the ever-increasing need for training and coaching in the workforce, while also meeting stringent demands for exam security and integrity. Employees can now receive immediate feedback without compromising exam security, and supervisors and instructors can now focus their attention on coaching and training employees in the exact areas in need of improvement. This is a win-win for sure.”