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Energy Worldnet Re-brands & Focuses on Exciting Future

EWN Rebranding

DECATUR, TX / October 13, 2020 / In the unveiling of an effort that has been building over the past eight months, Energy Worldnet (EWN) has officially released a company-wide rebrand with enhanced technological functionalities that include a new logo, website, and color palette, coupled with added people-centered accountability enrichments for the clients, employees, and industries they serve.

“Our entire team is committed to providing an exceptional user experience, keeping stakeholders well informed of improvements, fostering positive working relationships, and making our mark in the industry,” remarked Coleman Sterling, Chief Executive Officer. “We wanted the brand itself to be a true reflection of the quality refinements we’ve made in the technology, education, compliance, and innovative services we provide.”

“To advance our continuous improvement and client engagement efforts, we knew it was time to take things to the next level,” said James Cross, Senior Vice President of Brand. He continued, “Each of the changes we’ve put in place signals our strong desire to provide the highest quality solutions for our clients.”

EWN’s brand and services have evolved several times since its founding in 1994 as Energy Worx when it began offering operational and safety trainings. In 1999, the company was rebranded as Energy Worldnet, at which point it added Operator Qualifications to its growing list of available products. In 2002, EWN delivered the industry’s first Software as a Service (SaaS) model, further establishing itself as the premier provider and industry leader of choice. Today, Energy Worldnet employs a rapidly growing group of professionals who are laser-focused on providing its global client base with premier solutions and experiences.


“The progression of Energy Worldnet is nothing less than remarkable,” stated Geoff Isbell, EWN’s President. “The updated look and feel of our products and solutions are indicative of our forward-focused approach, one that honors our past and embraces the future with a great deal of enthusiasm and confidence,” he concluded.