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Cross Named EWN’s First Chief Culture Officer


DECATUR, TX / ACCESSWIRE / January 14, 2022 / Energy Worldnet, Inc. (EWN) has taken a bold, future-focused step in its commitment to preserving and advancing its internal culture and external cultural impacts. In a recent in-house notification, EWN announced that James Cross, the Senior Vice President of Brand and Design, has been named the organization’s first-ever Chief Culture Officer (CCO).

Cross, who joined EWN in 2016, has previous experience in technology, leadership development, sales, marketing, human resources, and project management. He is currently the co-host of Coffee with Jim and James, a professional development, utilities, and energy industry podcast recently awarded the Corporate Communications Award by the Southern Gas Association.

James remarked, “I am thrilled to get to do what I love to do with people I love, too. But even as honored as I am to be EWN’s CCO, I’m even more proud of the investment our organization is making in its people. We are building something extraordinary here at Energy Worldnet, and I can’t wait to witness all the things we’ll accomplish together.”

Cross’ new position will advance EWN’s commitment to organizational and industry excellence. He’ll be responsible for leading the vision, strategy, development, and execution of corporate effectiveness plans. Cross will ensure that decision-making processes and initiatives support the positive, influential culture for which EWN is known. He will also concentrate on EWN’s recruitment, onboarding, team building, and employee recognition efforts, an essential focus for companies navigating the ripple effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the workforce.

Coleman Sterling, EWN’s CEO, said, “At EWN, we believe in our people and our culture as these are two of the elements that have sustained the healthy growth patterns we’ve witnessed over the past 28 years. As we have grown, we’ve nurtured and advanced our culture, even during challenging times like the Pandemic in which we are now operating. I am proud to have James as a friend and colleague. He is the perfect advocate for this position, and I am confident that his expertise will propel us through this difficult time and beyond. I am pleased that our company is able to take this momentous step in support of our people, providing them with a cultural advocate who will proactively guide and oversight the unique culture we aim to preserve.”

Geoff Isbell, EWN’s President, praised James, concluding, “James’ promotion to Chief Culture Officer marks a milestone for James’ contributions to EWN’s values and our commitment to our people. He has been instrumental in positively influencing the EWN brand, communicating our promise to the industry, and building trust with our clients. James has helped shape the culture at EWN, one that promotes our team’s unique gifts, talents, and diversity.”

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