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EWN Sets Staggering Pace in Developing Course Content


After publishing 51 new computer-based training courses in 2016 and 142 in 2017, e-learning company EWN created a record 285 new e-learning courses in 2018. With regulatory scrutiny increasing and human error accidents trending as a hot topic in the oil and gas industry, the need for the most technologically up-to-date training content is quickly becoming a priority for energy companies.

Executive Director of Education at EWN, Dr. Matt Joiner, shared how EWN’s completely in-house education department separates itself from the competition, “while other e-learning companies handling this task themselves can take up to 6 months per course, EWN has streamlined the process to complete courses in a matter of weeks. The process and protocols we employ in the development of our computer-based and instructor-led trainings incorporate both industry and educational best practices.”

While day-to-day updating and creating new course content, EWN works hand-in-hand with both Operators and Contractors to create custom content. This process can piggy-back on the same streamlined processes to expedite the timeline that some Operators and Contractors struggle to delivery. EWN consults on this process or can step in and develop content.


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