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COVID-19: Our Virtual Workforce is Deployed & Fully Functional

The Coronavirus Pandemic continues to affect the health and safety of our families and employees, our clients, our industry, the communities we serve – and ultimately the way we live and work together, I wanted to take this time to update you on how we are handling the situation here at Energy Worldnet. As we navigate through these unprecedented times, we are firmly focused on our corporate vision: to make the world a safer place to work.
Therefore, as of Monday, March 16th, we have activated a fully remote/virtual workforce for all EWN offices. We have also implemented a 10-person limit on all instructor-led trainings scheduled for the coming months. These actions, coupled with sanitation, social distancing, and other vital precautions, will help ensure that our workforces remain qualified and safe, both on the job site and during the qualification process.
Though we could not have foreseen the current events, we were prepared for this situation. Over the past few years, one of our goals was to create a 100% mobile workforce. Thankfully, we have accomplished this goal by investing in a fully mobile phone system, allowing our employees to communicate easily with our customers from remote locations. Further, we issued all employees laptops instead of traditional desktop computers for physical mobility inside and outside the office. Finally, we have implemented company-wide electronic communications standards that allow us to stay connected at all times. Each of these actions have led to the speed and confidence with which we have ‘flipped the switch’ this week amid concerns over the COVID-19 Pandemic.
We realize that our clients continue to work and remain in need of access to vital employee data and qualifications. Although we have gone to a fully remote/virtual workforce, we are still here, and we’re ready to help. I hope that this switch has gone mostly unnoticed so that you can focus on your needs, concerns, employees, and families. In my opinion, that is what a service provider should do.
On behalf of all of us here at Energy Worldnet, we are committed to your success and continuity of business. As we move forward, I will keep you updated, and as always, we are here to help.
Our team is your team.
Coleman R. Sterling
CEO, Energy Worldnet