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Best API 1169 Prep Course? Clients think so.

API 1169 exam prep

Our Pipeline Inspector Training Program (API 1169) is making a positive impact in the industry. Read this review of one of EWN’s clients that completed the course and passed the API 1169 Certification Exam with flying colors!

Greetings, I just thought I would drop EWN this note regarding your Pipeline Inspector Program. I am pleased to say that I was the very first person, according to your records, to sign-up, take, and complete this course. I decide to take this program, in my preparation for the American Petroleum Institute 1169 Pipeline Inspector Course. I found your program to be extremely beneficial in preparing me for API 1169. Your program was well thought out and written perfectly! My compliments to your team for developing this! A month after completing this program, I took the API 1169 Test and passed it, my first time around (with a score of 92). I owe much of preparations for this to EWN. Please extend my deepest thanks to your development team for their great work and effort in assembling this information.

Additionally, in our continued company relationship, I have found all of the people at EWN great to work with. Thank you for all your support!

Ken Austin
Corporate Safety Manager
Clear Energy Services, LLC

Need more information on our Pipeline Inspector Training Program? This course is more than an API 1169 Prep Course, this is a course to better the industry by implementing recommended practices across the board. Will this course prepare you for the test? Absolutely! And the workplace as well.  Visit the link below:

API 1169 Inspector Training Course