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2017 EWN Conference Spotlight: Thigpen Energy

EWNCON Thigpen Spotlight


The 2017 EWN Conference & Training Summit will take place in less than 90 days.  We will spend the next few months placing the spotlight on our Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Speakers.

Thigpen Energy is attempting to end outages once and for all.

Silver Level Sponsor, Thigpen Energy has been providing temporary gas supply for pipeline outages or disruptions (planned or unplanned) since 2005.  They utilize both LNG & CNG and manage the project turnkey style including site evaluations, training of local authorities on LNG/CNG operations and beyond.  Their goal is to hold up gas customers during an outage and to facilitate a smooth transition back to pipeline gas after a project is complete.

At a recent conference, we sat down with Brian Kendrick from Thigpen Energy for a quick Q&A to better understand their commitment to safety & the industry as a whole.


How long has Thigpen Energy been in business?
We have been providing temporary gas services for E&P, utilities, and pipeline operators since 2005.


Who are some of the key people in Thigpen Energy?
Our CEO & Managing Director Jim Schauer keeps our ship moving forward toward our mission & vision.  Randall Hackworth is our VP of Sales & Marketing and makes sure we are making as many touch points with our clients as possible and driving new sales.  Brian Kendrick manages our Sales & Marketing and is one of our road warriors who travels to ensure we get as much face time with our clients as possible and to understand the changing needs of the industry.  We have a large team of professionals who spend their time ensuring our customers are taken care of; we could be here all day listing them all – they are why we are who we are!


Why is safety so important at Thigpen Energy?
Here at Thigpen Energy, we take safety very seriously.  Our company’s culture is one of safety above all else.  Our customer satisfaction is a close second place.  It is those core values that drive our successes… period! This dedication to safety has resulted in zero recordable incidents since our founding.


Why are you taking part in the EWN Conference @ Texas Motor Speedway?
Here at Thigpen Energy, we pride ourselves on our reputation of safe, reliable, and qualified team members.  We rely on EWN to manage our safety & compliance documentation and value their contribution to the marketplace.  We want to support our partners any chance that we can.


Lastly, what makes Thigpen Energy so awesome?
To say that we love what we get to do every single day is an understatement, and it is all because of our great customers!  Our customer-centric approach has led and continues to lead to our growth and success. We would love to be YOUR temporary gas supply partner (I think he means you – not EWN).


Come join Thigpen Energy at the 2017 EWN Conference & Training Summit to learn more about them and their partnership with EWN. You can also visit their website:  If you have not registered, use the button below.