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2017 EWN Conference Spotlight: Dr. Todd Dewett

dr todd dewett spotlight

As we continue our series of 2017 EWN Conference Spotlights, we switch to our Opening Keynote Speaker, Dr. Todd Dewett.

Todd is known to bring energy and a unique style that has landed him in Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers.  We are excited to have Dr. Dewett speaking on how each of us can strive for more and help lead our teams and crews with passion. 

We interviewed Todd to give everyone a better idea of what he brings to the table.


More is possible.

What will your topic be, and how can that impact our safety leaders attending the conference?


I will be addressing aspects of awesome relationships at work.  The quality of working relationships affect everything, including productivity, creativity, buy-in and ultimately… safety.


What would you classify your speaking topics & style?
Leadership related topics… with a rock star style!


What is the biggest takeaway you would say people will have from your keynote?
They will leave with several specific behavioral tactics to implement and make immediate impacts with their teams. More importantly, they will leave believing that more is possible.


What are some of the “big moments” for you, speaking & non-speaking?
Serving over 10 million customers with my online courses (, speaking at the same events as Generals and hall of fame musicians, TEDx speaker, Inc. Top 100 Leadership Speaker, but most impressively – being a father to my children, Paxon & Parker.


What makes Dr. Dewett so awesome anyway?
I pack a punch!  I offer simple and useful information delivered in a memorable storytelling fashion.


Any closing arguments on why everyone should come join us @ Texas Motor Speedway?
It’s a chance to reevaluate, reinvigorate, and re-imagine your career.


Register to ensure your spot to sit front and center at the 2017 EWN Conference & Training Summit and enjoy Dr. Todd Dewett’s unique style and leadership knowledge. Todd’s message will hit home with all levels of your organization from managers to field personnel. If you have not registered, use the button below and register today.


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