Customer Service IS our reputation.


Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Our Compliance Management team takes the guesswork out of your OQ program. From providing written documentation, to continuously monitoring progress, to providing guidance, to communicating with contractors - EWN is a valuable extension of your OQ Administrative team.

Custom Content Development

Custom course work is a natural extension of the training opportunities provided through EWN. Companies that utilize EWN custom course services can easily expand their training offerings and extend training to multiple departments - while maintaining all department training records in one system.

Passionate Customer Service

Ask any of our clients and they will all agree that our customer service is the BEST IN CLASS. EWN has experts that will answer your call or email to ensure you have what you need to navigate our system and any regulatory questions you might have. Customer Service is our reputation.

Reliable & Secure Technology

Part of the OQ NPRM is to complete the loop of change notification. Ensuring employees and contractors are both kept up to date of changes to your OQ program is vital, EWN allows this to happen effectively.


Do you have a question about our services? Not sure if we offer something you need?

  • The customer service at EWN is the best I have ever had.  The staff is so friendly and walked me through step by step.  I would like to thank everyone that helped me get started, THANKS SO MUCH!
    Tuckahoe Underground LLC
  • Absolutely wonderful! The Mobile Evaluator Tool is absolutely wonderful. It is one of the best things you have ever done. If you are not using it, you are nuts!
    Mid-South Engineering Consultants LLC
  • Everyone at EWN has always been so nice, and willing to help whenever I have a question or problem. The customer service at EWN is extraordinary, there are not a lot of providers you can call and get the same level of satisfaction and knowledge of the product that you do at EWN.  Thanks for all you do.
    Miller Pipeline L.L.C
  • It is so nice to call Customer Service and actually have it answered by a person.  I cannot remember the last time that has happened except when I call EWN.  The representatives always answer quickly and with a smile.  Thank you for your consistent and very helpful Customer Service Team.
    Pensacola Energy
  • Our company is very pleased with the level of customer service we get from EWN.  Whenever we find ourselves with questions or problems, we receive immediate attention and resolution to our issue.  The staff is very friendly and takes the time they need to help you.
    TJ Inspection
  • Your customer service has been excellent and places EWN well above the other vendors.
    Vectren Corporation
  • It was my pleasure speaking with Client Relations today! You had everything tuned-up in a few seconds, along with an excellent description of how to navigate the system.  I don't know how things could get any better, than with your Client Relations team.
    Miller Pipeline
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