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Thursday, August 12-Chad Cuvo from UPSCO Inc/Connections. For Life. joins the show today and of all days, IT’S HIS BIRTHDAY! Check out this episode and make sure you wish him a very happy birthday.

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Episode Transcript

Jim:  Good morning, everyone. Welcome to this week’s episode of Coffee with Jim and James. James, my morning could not be any better when I get up and I have a cup of coffee and I’m sitting with you two gentlemen. To, this makes a great morning to me. I, I was going to start off with something wacky, but a lot of the stories going back with Chad and myself I really can’t say on the air. [0:00] [0:49]

Chad Cuvo:  I thought that was wacky. [0:00] [0:52]

Jim:  Well, it is a little wacky, you know, but that’s it, that’s it. I can’t on the air. I’m going to hand it right over to James to bring our guest in. [0:00] [1:04]

James:  Every time I see your last name I think of the, the rapper Quavo, and that, it’s something I say it the same way in my head. [0:00] [1:12]

Chad:  You can say that way. I, I’ve been called often. [0:00] [1:15]

James:  Hello, everyone. Yeah, no, Chad, Chad and myself don’t have like long stories from back in the day, but we put in a lot of time over the past year. I feel like, I’m on each other’s podcast and, er, getting to know each other. Lots of email chain. [0:00] [1:32]

Chad:  Lots of things that we’ve done together. [0:00] [1:33]

James:  Yeah, game shows. I don’t, we, we say it all the time. I, I have no clue what, um, I do anymore for a living, er, every day is an adventure. If you would have told me that I was hosting a game show, er. [laughs] [0:00] [1:47]

Chad:  Right. [0:00] [1:49]

James:  On the zoom call in the natural gas industry, er, you know. 10, 15 years ago it would have been, you know, really a funny thing and, and that’s Tuesday now. [0:00] [2:01]

Chad:  [laughs] [0:00] [2:01]

James:  But so, so, Chad, er, we got to know each other over this past year and a half. Appreciate you joining the show. Not your first time. I think you’re probably, now at this point, when we record today, probably been on here more than anyone. [0:00] [2:18]

Chad:  Well, until, until my cohorts are toured with you. [0:00] [2:21]

James:  We’ll air yours first, so. [0:00] [2:23]

Jim:  That’s right, you’ll hold the record. [0:00] [2:25]

Chad:  You know, my, my biggest thing about, er, about meeting you James, is like I kind of know what Jim looks like and everything, but I don’t, you could be three foot three. I’ve never seen you stand up. I mean, I have like you’ve been on a call and standing desk but I’ve never seen you from here about here. [0:00] [2:38]

James:  Yeah, it’s going to be disappointing. [laughs] I can tell you. [0:00] [2:42]

Chad:  You’re like seven one. [0:00] [2:45]

James:  But that is the funny thing. We have a bunch of new people that, that have joined our team over, the over the past year, people the same way that we never saw him in person and then we got there and everyone, I swear to God, our Jim is like six foot nine. [0:00] [2:58]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [2:59]

James:  That’s where we, whole herd of people that just walked in and they’re, they’re amazing. No matter what size they are. But, Chad for those that don’t know, Chad and Ted and Joe from UPSCO, they put together podcast Connections for Life, er, and, and I’m just by happenstance of what, I mean, it seems like down to the week in which we put ours, ours out, out as well. Really strange, but it, but it gave us a connection point. Even though deeper, you know, Jim has all these great stories and inappropriate stories that he can’t tell. But, really Chad, Chad and I have never met in person, which is why we’ve planned, er, big things together. There’s big things this year. Hopefully, we’ll be in person. [0:00] [3:44]

Chad:  Hopefully. [0:00] [3:46]

James:  But yeah, that’s, that’s a wild thing to even say and today you’re a guest on the show, so, welcome. [0:00] [3:53]

Chad:  Well, Joe, Joe seems to talk about it. Probably the best way and he’s like, you know, we’ve done 70 plus episodes with all the employee things and he’s like, probably 65. Yeah, I think he did it one day. At that time it was like 65 percent of the people that we had had on the show. We had never talked to in a human interaction, like in a face‑to‑face, which is, which is the most interesting part I think, to go back to a trade show and something like that to actually meet these people. It’s got to be really neat. I haven’t got the do any of that yet. [0:00] [4:20]

Jim:  You know what they always say, what they always say about me every time I meet somebody like that. [0:00] [4:23]

Chad:  I don’t think I want to know. [0:00] [4:25]

Jim:  Well, er, well, the, um, the hair part. [0:00] [4:33]

Chad:  Oh, my God, Jim, I’m sorry. [laughs] [0:00] [4:33]

Jim:  Everybody thinks I’m really short. They’re like, “Oh my gosh, I thought you were like five foot one,” and I’m like, why? They’re like, “Well, because every time Tom calls, yours are like,” you know. [0:00] [4:44]

James:  [laughs] They don’t know you’re, you’re standing next to a nightstand, you know. [0:00] [4:48]

Jim:  I, I can’t get into the picture ’cause I’m so tall. [0:00] [4:52]

James:  They say I’m a lot chubbier than they thought. So, you know, it cancels out. [0:00] [4:58]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [4:58]

James:  Sorry guys. [0:00] [4:59]

Jim:  Let’s, let’s bring this back into reality, you know, at this pace we’re gonna get cancelled. Chad, for this is we’ve known each other for a long time. Kentucky Expo 2019, we’ll never speak of it again, but beyond that for our audience out there, why don’t you just give us a little glimpse into you, your history, how you got to UPSCO, how, er? [0:00] [5:22]

James:  The origin story. [0:00] [5:24]

Chad:  I’ll try to give you the 50 cent tour, er, um. [0:00] [5:27]

Jim:  That’s good, we’re done with that. [0:00] [5:28]

Chad:  No, that was a nickel tour. [laughs] [0:00] [5:32]

Jim:  OK. [0:00] [5:32]

Chad:  Oddly enough, um, I was thinking about a little bit this morning. I, I kind of got into this industry not as a participant but, er, as a listener of somebody that told me stories. Probably when I was about 14 years old the guy, his name was Bill Burke. He just passed away actually, about three or four weeks ago. He was my mentor growing up. Um, I played ice hockey with his son and I know we get into hockey a little bit later, but, um, I played hockey with his son, Nick. He was my best friend, and, er. [0:00] [5:59]

James:  I can’t believe you prepped for the show. I can’t believe you prepped this much the show. [0:00] [6:03]

Chad:  I just read hockey. I didn’t say, I prepped, I said, I read hockey. [0:00] [6:07]

James:  So, that is true. [0:00] [6:09]

Chad:  So, I played hockey with his son and I spent umpteen amounts of hours in the car with this man, and, and at the time he was retired and, er, he was, he was the president of Bread Roshal, which is bread roll price or HC price or shortfall. He was a president in the 70s and 80s and, er, did very, very well for himself. Lived on the, on the river in New Hope and also the beach, but essentially I knew him and I heard all those stories. I ended up going to college for, to University of Maryland for about a year and a half. I wasn’t real good at it, clearly. I was only there for a year and a half. I, er, and that was kind of my last shot at college too, was, still wouldn’t be very good at it I don’t think. [0:00] [6:44] Um, but he, he was a big part of my journey all through there and helped me, and essentially, when he knew I left college just because I wasn’t ready for it. I was too young, quite frankly, just, I, I went buck wild. But, um, I stayed in touch with him, and I was still really good with friends with his son, and he actually, er, during the time I’d done an internship. I’m sorry to be so long with, with it, but I did an internship for him at Shaw on play coding and, er, it was on concrete coating for big project in Maine, the Maritimes Northeast. And, I went there for like three months in between my freshman and sophomore year at college and I loved it. I don’t know why, it was like a grunt, but I loved what I was doing. [0:00] [7:22] So, I went home and when I left college, I started to work a concrete plant. So, I worked for like a year. I was 20 years old, 21 maybe, if that. Working at ready mix concrete plants and Mr. Burke, same guy, called me one day and he said, “Hey, we’re buying a coding plant here, and we’re going to buy it from Shaw, and I want you to come work for me.” And, I’m like, “OK”. So, that took six months to a year. During the time I actually moved closer to there, um, and, and eventually he called me and said, “I need you to come here,” and at that time I, I, you know, I didn’t have a college education, I, nothing, and I was I was doing OK. I lived in an apartment outside Philly with Lindsay, with my wife. Now, for those who know her, um. [0:00] [8:00]

Jim:  Wait, wait, sweetheart since high school, correct? [0:00] [8:03]

Chad:  Yes, absolutely. Since, since I’m 17 and she’s 15. Yeah. She was younger. Never let me down. [0:00] [8:08]

James:  That’s interesting. Let’s lean in there and just go to, I’m just kidding. [0:00] [8:14]

Chad:  So, so essentially, er, I went to work at the coding plant, um, for, for eight bucks an hour. I went to work for Mr. Burke for eight bucks an hour. Um, that didn’t last too long at eight bucks an hour. I got a raise, I worked there for about, about six months to nine months, and then, er, I was just a laborer, and then they actually bought the company, finally. I got a chance to go do inside sales for about a year, um, knew nothing about it. I was like, 22, 23, really didn’t know anything about the industry except what I’d experienced, which wasn’t much at that time. Um, did inside sales for about a year. Mr. Burke and Don Barter, who I owe a lot to, as well. [0:00] [8:47]

Jim:  Yep. [0:00] [8:47]

Chad:  Who still owns, who still owns the coating company. He’s my, you know, he was my mentor too, just as much as anybody through those years. Um, they, they, er, they came to me and they were like, “You’re doing a great job doing sales, but if you ever want to do anymore in this industry you’re going to have to go back out there.” And, I, out there was, it meant into the plant and a back out to, to kind of learn everything that I possibly could. So, I, after that I spent about seven and a half years in a pipe coding facility, er, that’s more or less like a, a steel mill, not much different, being covered in all kinds of stuff every day. Coming home stinking, and Lindsay not letting me in the house, making me change in the winter outside because I smelled like paint fumes and just, it was tough. [0:00] [9:26] It was really hard, but essentially through all that I learned how to operate pretty much everything in that plant. And, I mean, it wasn’t great, don’t get me wrong. I’m not the most technically, inclined guy, but, um, certainly learned a lot about everything. And I was lucky enough then to get called when Liberty Sales, who I work for as well, er, they, they were sister companies then. Um, I essentially went back and did inside sales, er, er, for Liberty Sales. And, I did that for about a year and a half and I knew that I didn’t want to do that. So, I had an opportunity to actually, I knew I didn’t want to do inside sales. [0:00] [9:58] I had an opportunity to go to Alabama, back in the pipe coding and I chose to do outside sales, which was the opportunity. Did that in the Marcellus Shale play, sold, er, sold a lot of liquid coatings to pipelines and pipeline products, and eventually that led me into, I’m still kind of finding me, but I’ve known Dan since I’m 21 from working in the coding plant. He used to come in there. So, it’s all like ties that are, you know, that go all the way back. But, essentially I, you know, what happened with in the Marcellus Shale is kind of what’s happened with it now, is that it, it went away some. So, there just wasn’t a lot of business, a lot of work there, and I could see that going away. So, I’ve been with UPSCO for seven years. I’ve only ever worked really three places in my life. Liberty Coding, Liberty Sales and UPSCO, er, and UPSCO’s been great. It’s, we, you know, we sell prefabricated meter sets. That’s what most of my time is spent on that, the engineer designs. [0:00] [10:47] Yes, I send, send, sell a lot of other products, too. But, I love it. I love what I do. Um, COVID’s certainly change what we do, like you said earlier James. I mean, if you told me that, that two years ago, I, er, this is pretty much how my day would be spent, not, you know, not just recording the show, but I literally, like I can’t justify, guys, even getting in the car sometimes anymore to drive for lunch with somebody, to drive two and a half hours each way. And, before that was just norm. It doesn’t doesn’t make sense. I can have that call for 20 minutes on my computer at 9:00 AM, you know, so things have changed, but I still love it. I still love it. All of it, the industry, everything. So, I’ve kind of grown up for it. [0:00] [11:22]

James:  It makes some of that, um, I think it just makes the in person, our actions that we do have that much more intentional and deliberate now. [0:00] [11:33]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [11:33]

James:  Whereas, because these are so easy, right? It’s no big deal. Um, just the hop on, you know, you drive and we saw, I mean, how many times has Ted been in the truck, when… [0:00] [11:42]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [11:42]

James:  …y’all are recording? I’m mean, we did one this morning with the guys, with, Ryan from GROEBNER and he was like, “Sorry guys, I’m in the backseat of my dually”. [0:00] [11:51]

Jim:  He was. [0:00] [11:53]

James:  He had a virtual up and you never would have known. [0:00] [11:55]

Chad:  But it’s awesome. I think it’s awesome. I mean, it’s just different. It’s different. [0:00] [12:01]

Jim:  We’ve learned a lot though. We’ve learned a lot, you know. The, well, at least two‑thirds of the screen learned a lot in the last 18 months. One of us… [0:00] [12:10]

James:  We’ve didn’t learning too much, Jimmy, because you didn’t hit the record button. Let’s get, I’m kidding. I’m kidding. [0:00] [12:17] Chad; [laughs] Hold on, that was amazing. [0:00] [12:19]

James:  Don’t freak out. Don’t freak out. Chad, er… [0:00] [12:22]

Chad:  Smashing his laptop. [0:00] [[12:23] laughter] [0:00] [12:25]

James:  We’ve learned a lot, er, about Jim’s attitude and his approach. A, Chad, we, Jim said something in the pre‑show and we laughed about it this morning, we had kind of a ramp up for the week and Jim and I were talking about our guest and, er, he said something. I said, you know, Chad’s one of those people. What I like about Chad is he’ll get in there and just do it. He may not know how to do it. And, we were laughing about the audio setup and video setup for the show. Have no clue how to be an AV guy, but guess what? I bet by that time you’ll learn. [0:00] [12:59]

Chad:  My job this week. [0:00] [13:01]

James:  It’s Tuesday, right? Er, so, you know, and, and Jim, and in other things, right, I mean whether it be I’ll get in there and learn how to edit or I’m going to get in. [0:00] [13:10]

Chad:  I’m going to learn how to make a website so I can create a whole Expo. [0:00] [13:13]

James:  Absolutely. [0:00] [13:14]

Chad:  Like I think it’s weird, it’s different. [0:00] [13:18]

James:  But, but that’s one thing that really, um, kind of stood out to me, and Jim said, Chad’s like the James of Coffee with Jim and James. [0:00] [13:26]

Jim:  Is. [0:00] [13:27]

James:  And, and what he meant by it was is, that’s why I think you and I connected very quickly, was obviously the other two guys don’t do anything much like Jim, and so, you know, we can have the grandest ideas, but also we got to get started. right? And, I, we joke, we know what everybody’s course is. [0:00] [13:48]

Chad:  Course we do you. [0:00] [13:48]

James:  But, it’s obviously not technical skill, um, you know, in that regard. [laughs] But, but, no, I’m kidding. [0:00] [13:58]

Jim:  I think I’m getting done down here, but, no, you are. Maybe Joe wanted, like stick up for me. [0:00] [14:03]

James:  No. [0:00] [14:04]

Chad:  Jim, you’re a technical, monster job. [0:00] [14:07]

James:  But, but really what we’re getting at is, is you’re somebody who, behind the scenes, does a lot of the logistics behind it. [0:00] [14:14]

Jim:  Yes. [0:00] [14:15]

James:  You know, er, making sure like the thing can come to life and how that happens. You, everybody kind of casts a vision, but then, at the end of the day you have to deliver on that, and you know, sometimes people get in this, analy‑, analysis paralysis mode, where there, it’s got to be perfect and get it, you know. And, believe me, I’m a perfectionist. [0:00] [14:35]

Jim:  I didn’t know that. [0:00] [14:37]

James:  But, I also need to go, right? And that’s… [0:00] [14:39]

Jim:  Yeah, that’s funny. [0:00] [14:41]

James:  We speak in the industry all the time and we are, people always ask, well, how do I get started? I’m like, just start. All right, just start, hardest thing. Just start, mess it up, break it, put out a crappy product and guess what? You’ll want to do it better next time and get it better, better, better. And that’s something in you, Chad, that. I think, is impressive. There’s a lot of work that goes into our shows and there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, and I know what kind of lift it can be, and I’m impressed with the work you’ve done it. [0:00] [15:10]

Chad:  Thank you. [0:00] [15:10]

James:  So, yeah. [0:00] [15:11]

Chad:  Can’t tell you, tell you why, or how, or what drives me. [0:00] [15:14]

James:  It says, a support group. [0:00] [15:17]

Chad:  Nobody else is going to do it. [0:00] [[15:18] laughter] [0:00] [15:20]

Chad:  And I, we’ve established, it’s kind of like, it’s kind of like, you know, um, law. Once you establish that, like, that’s what Chad’s going to do all the stuff that nobody else is going to figure out how to do. It’s kinda how it just, it’s just what it is now, so, and I like it. But, I like it, I like to be challenged like that more than anything, more than anything I like the challenge, probably, and I’m not a super competitive person. I am when it comes to things that matter, but like my kids, and most of my, my best friends are so competitive. They can’t figure out how, like, I can go play them a game and not get angry, but I, I’m not built that way. I’m just, I just want to get, like you said, get started. If you can get started you can get somewhere. It’s going to be more ahead than I had 10 minutes ago. [0:00] [16:04] And, sometimes, like I tell people, I’m, the one thing. I’m terrible at, really bad at is, like Excel, spreadsheets. I know how to do them. I know how to use them. I just can’t get through ’em. I, I’m just no good at it all, but bad. It takes me three times long, joking. Go through spreadsheet, ding, ding, ding, give me the stuff out the other end and it will take me four hours. So, there are things that I’m good at but, but I think the point of it is you just have to start. Like, James says, if you don’t start you can’t ever, even get the the thought of getting to the finish line, so. [0:00] [16:34]

James:  Yeah, and, and one thing that people don’t think about too, is you don’t know, like, for instance, Chad, let’s just take that example we talked about with, with putting the boot together for AGA. [0:00] [16:46]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [16:47]

James:  The sound and video is a very daunting thing. Like if I told Jim, Jim you’re in charge of AV. Like it’s, that’s a very daunting thing. [0:00] [16:56]

Chad:  He gonna hire somebody else. [0:00] [16:58]

James:  Yeah, well, he’s smarter than, than, he would. But, what I mean is that can really hang over people and it’s, it’s a dread and, and, and things like that, to where someone like, like you, that’s wired, it’s kind of like, man, I don’t know what it’s like, but I’d like to plug some stuff in and I’m not going to blow it up, you know. a [0:00] [17:17]

Chad:  No, and on that and I’m never going to lose what I learned. So, like next week and the only, here’s the thing, the only reason that I, that I even had the idea of the webcast was because I had a podcast with my neighbor across the street that had 200 episodes. And, we got to the point where when COVID first started that we wouldn’t even go across the street into our, and I wouldn’t go on his face because we had no idea what’s going on. So, we started to do it on Zoom and I, that’s where the idea came from and where it’s, so, it was because once that I had to do it again, it wasn’t, you know, I mean, so like, the, the audio video podcasting stuff, once I’ve learned how to do it nobody can ever take it from me. I know how to do it forever. Not that I’d probably never ever do it again in my life, but. [0:00] [17:58]

James:  And what I was getting at is that, that’s the crazy part, is just giving that out a different way. If that’s daunting to Joe and Ted and they see you not, you’ve got it functioning and working that, maybe the launch point for them. You know what I mean? [0:00] [18:13]

Chad:  Oh, yeah. [0:00] [18:13]

James:  They get excited. Like we joked about the game show earlier, but remember how quickly we threw together that graphic and had it passed back and forth between our email chain. [0:00] [18:24]

Chad:  Absolutely. [0:00] [18:24]

James:  So, everybody just immediately went to 10 on it. [0:00] [18:28]

Chad:  Yep. [0:00] [18:28]

James:  They were all bought in. We all laughed. We were, you know, how, and everything was accomplishable back then, right? [0:00] [18:34]

Chad:  Absolutely. [0:00] [18:34]

James:  Because we just kind of started mucking through it. See how we just narrowed it out, about that. [0:00] [18:40]

Jim:  Yeah, you guys just did dirt out of it. [0:00] [18:42]

Chad:  I love it though. I mean, I love it. I absolutely do. [0:00] [18:44]

Jim:  And you guys are wired differently. I’m wired, my strengths finder as an activator, which means I want to plug it in and it works and go. And, when I’m consciously… [0:00] [18:53]

Chad:  So do I, it just doesn’t. [0:00] [18:55]

Jim:  Yeah, but I’m consciously incompetent how it works so I’m like, it ain’t going to work so we got to get somebody else to do it. James, you know. [0:00] [19:04]

James:  We break a lot of stuff. [0:00] [19:07]

Jim:  I do, delicate. [0:00] [19:11]

Chad:  I, I don’t know if I was like that much as a kid, but when I worked in the, in the coding plant, I mean, I, yeah, I had guys that work for me, you know, mechanics and people that took care of the plant, but I’m not a, like I said, I’m not a super mechanical guy. I can do anything I can watch on YouTube. So, if it’s on YouTube, I can do it. But it’s, if I have the tools and the right things to do it. [0:00] [19:32] Um, so the coding plant, I think, made me that way too. It, maybe because I had to figure stuff out. I didn’t have a choice. Like, if it was going to run, I was gonna have to fix it. [0:00] [19:40]

Jim:  If you were in charge of coding over pipelines, offline I want to know where those pipelines are right now. [0:00] [19:45]

Chad:  Don’t worry, they put extra anodes on. [0:00] [19:47]

Jim:  OK, just to make sure. Alright, then we’re good. [0:00] [19:51]

Chad:  I’m not sure in person. [0:00] [19:53]

Jim:  I want to talk about YouTube for a second. We’re going to bring this full circle because there’s a subject that is near and dear to your heart. [0:00] [20:01]

Chad:  Oh, boy. [0:00] [20:02]

Jim:  Cuvo, and, that is hockey. [0:00] [20:04]

Chad:  Yeah. [0:00] [20:04]

Jim:  And that, and we know that, we know as friends, that it’s, a, a big thing in your family. [0:00] [20:12]

Chad:  It is. [0:00] [20:13]

Jim:  Um, and we’re going to take this down to a personal level, and me being practically a Canuck, because I lived in Minnesota there for, you know, down near 20 years, don’t you know. Have you? [0:00] [20:24]

Chad:  That wasn’t a bad, that wasn’t, it wasn’t great at the beginning, but the next sentence was good. [0:00] [20:28]

Jim:  Well, you know there, I had a little drink last night. No, we’re good there. We’ve got to go down there and get a little, er, something to eat there. But, I remember my son, who’s now in his 30s, when he was little, we signed him up for hockey, didn’t last long. And, they said, “OK, your ice time is at six.” I’m like, cool, six on Saturday, we’ll have dinner go there.” Like, “No, no, no, 6:00 AM.” I’m like, “6:00 AM.” Like, what, what is this? You know, that was up in St. Paul, where again, they’re big on hockey. Tell us about your hockey family, what’s going on, some of the great things that people can see on YouTube, I know, for a fact. [0:00] [21:02]

Chad:  Well, the strange, as strange as it is, kind of my story when I said it would be hockey. That’s, that’s, without hockey, and obviously without Mr. Burke, I, I don’t know if I have much in my life. I mean, I mean, I would, obviously I have a work ethic and things like that, but those are the roots of everything I have. If I didn’t play Ice Hockey, I wouldn’t meet, I don’t meet Nick Burke, I don’t, none of that happens. I mean, maybe somehow other way, but to me, that’s kind of like a karma. I, I don’t know. It’s, it’s crazy. But, I, um, most of the things I have in life I owe, I owe to hockey, But, my, my, my will to do things like that. Like I said, I’m not super competitive, but when I played hockey, I was. So, that in the right situation it makes you competitive, um, I played hockey six days a week from the time I was seven years old till the time I was 19. [0:00] [21:50] So, it kept me out of a lot more trouble than I could have gotten into as a kid. Um, and it just, I don’t know, kind of shapes who you are. You, you’ve learned that if you’re going to have anything good in life, it’s, it’s that you’re going to have to work for it. And, it’s, I mean, that comes with any sport, it’s not just hockey. Um, but, my son, I’ve a little brother too, who’s in his mid‑20s, who’s a really good ice, he was a really good hockey player when he played. He was undersized though, he was, he was about James’ size, like five three. Um, I’m just, I don’t know how tall James is, I haven’t seen him yet. [laughs] Sorry, James. [0:00] [22:19]

James:  Yeah, I, I’m going to rally around that so I really am stunning when I show up and I’m… [0:00] [22:30]

Chad:  So, you get stilts. [0:00] [22:37]

Jim:  Move on. [0:00] [22:37]

Chad:  It didn’t even, here’s the funny part, I knew what it took away from me as a child. So, as a child, that hockey takes a lot away from a kid, especially if you play it in the league level. You’re away every weekend in a hotel somewhere, doing all that, and you lose, I mean, you miss Palms, you miss Homecomings. You miss normal things, going to parties, just things that, that normal kids get to do. And, what’s funny is, when my son was five or six he didn’t want to play hockey, Logan, and that’s super ultimately what we’re going to talk about. I didn’t want him to play hockey because I knew what that was like, and I knew what it did to my parents, and my parents were divorced at the time. But, I knew how hard it was, how much money cost. I knew all that stuff. And so, I let him play football for a year. He liked it. [0:00] [23:16] And then, the next year, my dad was like, “Hey, you guys are going on vacation, why don’t you let Logan come to the shore with us for this hockey tournament?” I was like, yeah, cool. It’s great. He was like six. I’m like, yes, awesome, weekend free. So, he goes, comes back and like the next Wednesday morning he wakes up and he goes, “I had a dream.” I go. “Well, that’s what you get, that’s playing hockey.” Oh, boy. So, it’s, he’s now 17 and a half. He’s really good hockey player. He’s gigantic too. If you haven’t met me, I’m five nine, five ten, on my old hockey card. [0:00] [23:47]

Jim:  He’s seven. [0:00] [23:49]

Chad:  He’s, he’s six five essentially, and probably six six on a coffee card. [0:00] [23:57]

Jim:  From where? [0:00] [23:57]

Chad:  Oh pilot, Lindsay was in, she was a flight attendant. [laughs] I just, I just, I couldn’t help it. People ask me that all the time. Yeah, but I don’t know the right answer. No, it’s her father, her father and all her uncle’s were six, they were all six five and above. So, luckily, he was 10 pounds, twenty two and a half inches when he was born. Yeah. He’s been gigantic his entire life. Yeah. He’s been calling it since he was 11. Believe me. I’ve been hearing that same thing, every, every time, and Lindsay goes, actually it was two weeks ago, she goes, it’s something on Facebook, and people were breaking my stones, right? You’re good. I’m gonna be your kit and and she’s like, “Don’t you get sick of it?” I’m like, “Nah, it’s fine. He’s mine.” If you ever met him and you talk to him, you know he’s mine. [0:00] [24:41] So, but yeah, it’s just, it’s a huge portion of what we do. I mean, a lot, the other thing I tell people, especially with hockey, spend a lot of time in the car, not so much in the last year or two, because he’s at prep school playing hockey there, and they do a lot of that. But, I spent more time, talking and kind of staying on the same page with him because of our trips of hockey and things like that. And, I see it with Zoe, my daughter too, my daughter’s almost 15 and she plays travel lacrosse. She’s a really good lacrosse player too, but, um, we’re starting to see that now, at lacrosse. [0:00] [25:10] But, hockey, man, I, I can’t imagine how much time I spent in the car with that kid for hockey. [0:00] [25:13]

Jim:  Wonderful, wonderful though, isn’t it? You’ll look… [0:00] [25:16]

Chad:  It’s amazing. It’s, I tell people all the time. They’re like, “Why do you do all that? So much time and money,” and like, when’s the last time you spent three hours in the car with your kid? Now, don’t get me wrong. An hour and a half of it he was on his phone doing something on Snapchat. But, the other hour and a half he talked to me, you know what I mean? [0:00] [25:31]

Jim:  Yep. [0:00] [25:31]

Chad:  So, it, it means a lot and I think it keeps our family close too. [0:00] [25:37]

Jim:  Yep, OK, I, I agree, and Summer and I, when she was in cheerleading, and dance, and all those things. [0:00] [25:43]

Chad:  Same sort of thing. [0:00] [25:45]

Jim:  I got to drive her and I’d be like, looking back on it now, it’s like that time was priceless and I didn’t really understand the extreme value of it. Getting back to Logan, do we have some interesting news about his future, or? [0:00] [25:56]

Chad:  No, no, it’s, it’s touch, it’s touch and go, who knows, that the coronavirus kind of controls a little bit right now. He, er, he, they, they opened the borders today to Canada, so he got drafted, not this past draft, but the one before during the beginning of COVID, by, er, the OHL, the Oshawa Generals in the OHL, which is major Canadian junior hockey, which is essentially one level under being a professional. [0:00] [26:18]

Jim:  Right. [0:00] [26:19]

Chad:  And it’s, yeah, it’s, it’s a really great feat, who knows, he was supposed to go there with, his mom and him were supposed to go there August 29th, and he supposed to be there for the week. So, we’ll figure out where it goes from there. If we get over the, if they don’t change all this, who knows? I can’t figure it out. But, other than that, I’m not to upset if he spends his senior year, he’s a senior this year at, er, Gilmore Academy in Cleveland which is his prep school. It’s, it’s not they, believe me, they make them work hard there. They can work hard for an A, it’s not easy, but, er, he likes it a lot there too. So, I don’t, I don’t mind him graduating with that kind of high school education and taking advantage of some, some money due to hockey, doing it at hockey. [0:00] [26:55]

James:  Chad, what do you feel like, I mean, and you get to look back at, you know, and look at future generations and all of it, if you had like one take away, what do you feel like hockey has taught y’all? [0:00] [27:07]

Chad:  I think, more, I think more than anything it’s it’s once again, it’s how you’re going to get, you’re going to get out what you put in there, anything. And, I think that hockey and any sport, it doesn’t have to just be hockey, but I use it as example the time. If Logan goes and works for a year and he, for a year, 10 months out of the year, he works out seven days a week, and he goes and plays hockey, and he’s gonna get better, and he’s going to get something out of it. It’s like anything you get in what you put out, like a relationship, and marriage, just about anything, you get in, you get out what you put in. And, that’s, that’s really what hockey teaches, but it’s, it can be put with anything, I think. [0:00] [27:45]

Jim:  I like it. [0:00] [27:45]

James:  That’s a good ‘un, that’s a good ‘un. [0:00] [27:46]

Chad:  It’s true though, it’s anything in life. Like anything that you want that’s good in life you got to work for it. It, it’s, nobody’s going, here you go. And, if they do, there’s something going on behind it, typically. [0:00] [27:57]

James:  No such thing as a free lunch. [0:00] [27:58]

Chad:  No, it’s, you know. [0:00] [28:01]

James:  Chad looks, let’s talk about our shows a little bit, Connections for Life, um, you know, probably by the end of the year both of our shows will be right at a hundred shows, which is bananas. [0:00] [28:13]

Chad:  Yep. Absolutely. [0:00] [28:14]

Jim:  That’s crazy. [0:00] [28:15]

James:  Luckily we get paid, you know, we got paid before we had to make shows and we didn’t get paid per, you know view or something. [0:00] [28:24]

Chad:  And, I put out 14 a day. [0:00] [28:28]

James:  For our sanity, but a hundred, man, that’s a lot. It’s a lot of content. It’s a lot of work. We talked about the logistics behind the scenes. You don’t know how many people you have to harass to feel comfortable to come on your show, you know. [0:00] [28:43]

Chad:  Yeah. [0:00] [28:44]

James:  There’s so many tiny parts here and there. [0:00] [28:47]

Chad:  It’s high, I can just give you some, some fun examples of that. I mean Joe, luckily that, you know, everybody knows that they have somebody has a role. Well, Joe’s is, usually he’s the guy who runs people down for the as far as to come on the show, I do it a little bit. Ted is getting better at it, just with getting out and meeting some people. But, Joe definitely, definitely does that and, and it’s a struggle. We had three people that backed on us last week that we were supposed to record with, like, and they were like, “I’m sorry, something come up.” [0:00] [29:14] And, it’s not because they don’t want to, it’s not even because they didn’t want to do it. It’s just because they literally had emergency come up, or they couldn’t do it. Somebody had to get in a plane like, so, the hardest part like I, always the hardest part to me is the, it’s everybody else. It’s trying to get everybody else. It’s, I mean, because you’re, you’re trying to, you’re literally trying to wrangle, and us three, you know, the three of us can be, tough as it is just trying to get our schedules pinned down. [0:00] [29:38]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [29:38]

Chad:  So, I know Joe, Joe does a great job with it. And, I’d like, like I said, I help a little, but he definitely deserves all the credit on the, on the booking side. [0:00] [29:47]

James:  All that spread, spreadsheet work. [0:00] [29:51]

Chad:  [laughs] Yeah, that’s it. [0:00] [29:52]

James:  Obviously. Um, well, let’s, let’s talk, I mean, that’s a hundred episodes, I mean, by the end of the year, probably. And, that’s not even including, I mean, think about the stuff we’re doing live, and I know, I, I’m, there’s so many… [0:00] [30:06]

Chad:  We have been playing, think about it too, this way, James, we have employee profiles. So, we’ve done some of those, but every episode we put out to, we have an intro and outro. So, we record that person talking and then we record two more videos on top of that for each one of them. [0:00] [30:22]

Jim:  Live. [0:00] [30:22]

Chad:  Yeah. So, so, really if you think about it, we probably did, you know, we’ll do 300 small videos, it’s crazy. [0:00] [30:28]

James:  Right, and that, that makes me very thankful for Ashley and Amy, Jim. [0:00] [30:33]

Jim:  Oh, without a doubt. [0:00] [30:35]

James:  I don’t know how much you know about that, Chad, but we have an internal series within our company that’s kind of like Coffee, that’s called… [0:00] [30:41] Chad; Oh, really? [0:00] [30:42]

James:  …Die with Ashley and Amy, and it’s a play on us and, and… [0:00] [30:46]

Chad:  They’re making fun of you? [0:00] [30:48]

James:  Yeah, I know, imagine that. And, they’re still employed, er, but, but it’s an internal show and they run it, and they interview everybody. At one point, catch up, but they’re interviewing new employees, because we had all these… [0:00] [31:01]

Chad:  Oh, that’s awesome. [0:00] [31:02]

James:  They were hired when we weren’t in the office and they’d never met, and so, it’s fun, they play games on it, and it’s only, only like, 10 minutes long. So, and they are… [0:00] [31:12]

Chad:  That’s awesome. [0:00] [31:14]

James:  …released by, kind of, as we see them. So, we don’t, we don’t have to focus so much on that part. They’ve started kind of making their own and it’s awesome, because it’s good, because you get to hear internally, like what someone really does, you know, where they fit in the big piece, you know, in the puzzle. [0:00] [31:28]

Chad:  That’s pretty neat. [0:00] [31:29]

James:  Yeah, it’s so, so let’s start. I don’t know why we talked about that because it’s, it’s nice one. Tell, I want to know, like for you, what, what are some of the highlights, those kind of moments when you knew that this past year was worth it, that the show was worth it? We all have those stories, that one person that reached out, or that moment you’re sitting across the virtual table, if you will, but what’s your moment? What’s your high? [0:00] [31:56]

Chad:  I don’t know if I have a moment. I know that, I probably have a bunch of moments because there’s times where I go for four to six weeks and I’m like, is this really working anymore? [0:00] [32:05]

Jim:  Right. [0:00] [32:06]

Chad:  Like, is this, is this real, and then something, something stupid will happen, like you just said, James, where you have, you have somebody that says, randomly, “You’re walking like in a utility.” And, somebody’s like, “Hey, I really like the thing you do online,” and I’m like, “What are you talking about?” [laughs] [0:00] [32:19]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [32:27]

Chad:  Literally, what? [0:00] [32:27] James; How, how do you know. Yeah, right. [0:00] [32:31]

Chad:  And, I’m, er, I’m, whoever. And, I’m like, thanks. I don’t know what to say, what do you say? And then, I’m like, so, there’s times when we get like three or four weeks in a row. I don’t know, like, we should just keep, I’m not, I just take a break, take a week off. You know what I mean? And, it’s like, you just can’t, you can’t do it, it’s… [0:00] [32:58]

James:  So, if someone asked you, how many times has someone said, “I was like leadership,” or, “How many followers?” You almost have to have a marketing pitch to ’em, like, my answer instead now is, you know, we only had four followers one time. [0:00] [32:58]

Chad:  [laughs] [0:00] [32:58]

James:  Everybody has to work. [0:00] [33:04]

Chad:  Mine is, it’s a, 100 percent depends on what I believe is, is three things. The person you’re interviewing obviously, and their following. That’s it, that’s obviously the first one. The, the other one is… [0:00] [33:12]

James:  Which one are you on, Chad? [0:00] [33:15]

Chad:  If, if you have, thanks, if you can somehow hit the LinkedIn, like the, the wave. [0:00] [33:19]

Jim:  Yep. [0:00] [33:20]

Chad:  Which is complete lock, I believe. I don’t know if it’s actually, and the other, third one, I just talk, I talk, is just complete lock. Um, there’s some, there’s some weeks where we have 8,000 views of something, and then the next week we put something out and like this one’s going to be awesome and there’s 209, you’re like what happened? Like, well. [0:00] [33:38]

James:  It’s nothing as disappointing as when LinkedIn reaches out to you and says, your, your post isn’t doing very well. You got to add it. [0:00] [33:44]

Chad:  Yes, 22 people out there, you have 22 people viewed this post, maybe you should mention somebody. [0:00] [33:57]

Jim:  Yeah. Somebody you’ve already tagged. [0:00] [33:57]

Chad:  And mentioned. [0:00] [33:58]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [33:58]

James:  That’s why, and you know, I guess I should qualify that a little bit more, er, in saying, you know, those kind of aha moments, internal moments. They don’t have to be physical, like, I sat down with the CEO of so and so, I think for us like, like you said, being out there, now, as we start traveling back out into the wild, and Jim was just, er, I think, at the Mace event. [0:00] [34:18]

Jim:  Yep, Monterey, California. [0:00] [34:19]

Chad:  I saw, I saw a video of you doing a funny little dance across the floor. It was sort of like that, but look, you look really tall in that video, too. [0:00] [34:28]

James:  But yeah, I think it’s going to be really funny as we travel back out this year. And, and will it be the most awkward thing in the world, or will it be amazing, you know? [0:00] [34:37]

Chad:  I think it’s gonna be a mixture of both and I think it’s, I think it’s gonna be a fun mixture of both because I, er, the Ohio Golf Association, I had a golf outing two weeks ago, and that was one of the times where somebody I had no idea who they were was. They looked at my shirt, looked at me and they were like, “Hey, I like what you do.” And, I’m like, “I sell meter sets.” [laughs] [0:00] [34:57]

Jim:  Oh, no. [0:00] [35:01]

Chad:  There’s nothing awesome about that and, and he was like, “No, no, your show.” And, and I was like, wow, that’s crazy. But, what I found odd was I’d find people there like looking at me, and I’m like, why are people? And, I wondered if that’s why, or I’m just funny looking. [0:00] [35:15]

Jim:  Yep. [0:00] [35:15]

James:  Kind of closer to it. [0:00] [35:15]

Chad:  Or, is that normal too? That’s fine. [0:00] [35:15]

Jim:  Its a ladder. It’s a, but it happened at NASAR. I had a handful of people that came up to me that I had not known and I, I hadn’t, I’d just met in the industry, and they’re like, “Really like your show. It’s really cool.” I’m like “Well, thank you,” you know. You don’t even know how to answer, you know. [0:00] [35:32]

James:  We heard a lot of lurkers, you know. [0:00] [35:35]

Chad:  It will that LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a world of lurkers. That’s what LinkedIn is known for that. That’s essentially, you know, you can get like, 4,200 views on a post on LinkedIn and have three likes. [0:00] [35:49]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [35:49]

James:  No comment. [0:00] [35:50]

Jim:  Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. [0:00] [35:52]

Chad:  And you feel like a terrible human if you didn’t have the view option. [laughs] [0:00] [35:56]

James:  No Doubt. Chad, you talked about the highlights? What about the lowlights? No, I’m just kidding. I’m kidding. [0:00] [36:04]

Chad:  No, no, I could give you some lowlights, when you, when you’re trying to find somewhere to record and you just can’t pull it together. [0:00] [36:11]

James:  Again, I… [0:00] [36:11]

Chad:  That’s the, that’s the hardest part, it’s, it really is and stuff. It’s. it’s, that parts hard. There are challenges. It’s hard to get three people in a room at one time. Even if it’s a virtual room sometimes. [0:00] [36:23]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [36:24]

Chad:  It’s challenging. [0:00] [36:25]

Jim:  James, I’m going to give you a highlight just with us, we were talking about today, but, er, just, James is my, and my, our sanity and our relationship and how close it is by getting together every week and working together to get a guest and do the production, the pre‑production, the post‑production, dadadada. We’re just saying today, we’ve kind of switched up how we record to allow ourselves a little bit more free time, and we’re like, nah, we gotta go back to, you know, the, you know, the very consistent because we need it during these times. And, that was such a, um, I guess, an intangible tangible that we hadn’t really realized, just giving together, just like this today. Just like… [0:00] [37:07]

Chad:  Absolutely. [0:00] [37:07]

Jim:  …get on with you, Chad, or any of the, you know. [0:00] [37:10]

Chad:  It’s therapeutic. It isn’t because it’s allowed., I mean, we’re having fun. Regardless, you’re interviewing me, we’re talking. This is how we talk all the time. There is no difference other than the, other than the language. [0:00] [37:22]

Jim:  Thank you. [0:00] [37:24]

Chad:  Which, but I have a really bad mouth. But, other than that, like a lot of people don’t understand too, this is who you get. If you see me at a trade show, or if you see me a Dunkin Donuts, or if you see me in the office, or if you see me in a vice president’s office, I’m literally, this is the same thing. You get the same. [0:00] [37:39]

James:  Yeah, I heard something this week. I know, I’ll have to go source it, but basically, and you all probably already know, but it’s basically, something said, I, I realize I’m not for everyone, and I’m okay with that, right? Like, I think, that’s what I’m getting more comfortable with as we get more comfortable in our shows is that, um, I don’t have to be everybody for everyone. Jim, Jim can do that. [0:00] [38:04]

Chad:  [laughs] [0:00] [38:04]

James:  And I can, you know, no, I’m kidding. But, you know what I’m saying? Like I’m… [0:00] [38:08]

Chad:  Not everybody is always going to like you and what you do. [0:00] [38:11]

James:  Chad, you and I connected because exactly who we are and if I was being someone else then we wouldn’t have you know, right? [0:00] [38:19]

Chad:  Yep. [0:00] [38:20]

James:  That’s exhausting, as well. So, thankful for that. Jimmy, we’re going to wrap this up, man. [0:00] [38:27]

Jim:  Are we good? Do we have any more questions? Are we good? [0:00] [38:31]

James:  Well, I’ve got one. [0:00] [38:32]

Jim:  Let’s, let’s throw one. [0:00] [38:33]

James:  But, Chad, you, you… [0:00] [38:35]

Jim:  Let’s roll the dice. [0:00] [38:36]

James:  Yeah, you had the question. [0:00] [38:39]

Chad:  I pray, I actually read the question because there was no way I could answer this question without reading the question. [0:00] [38:45]

James:  You ready? And, and we’re going to make this one a little bit different. For those that don’t know, Chad’s the first of the three co‑hosts, the one we placed, um, you know, by level of value. Now, I’m just going… [0:00] [38:57]

Chad:  The board was just on signup genius, however. whoever you signed up. [0:00] [39:00]

James:  Actually, Ted worked y’all on that. But, er, I think you were on vacation, but, um, we’re actually going to ask the same questions to the CFL folks. Just so that it’ll be funny. [0:00] [39:13]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [39:13]

James:  Honestly, we just want content. So, first, Chad describe yourself in one word. [0:00] [39:21]

Chad:  Passionate. [0:00] [39:23]

James:  Alright, now, I’ll allow you to explain with all the ways that you want. [0:00] [39:27]

Chad:  It’s kinda, everything I do, er, almost everything I do, if I’m doing it I have passion for it and usually people know that, because I let them know if I don’t want to do it, usually know that pretty well. [laughs] But, passion goes too much everything I do, I, I do with a passion, I, and I strive for greatness not perfection, because I know I’ll never get it. But, um, yeah, I just, I like to think that’s probably one of my best assets, is, is that I’m passionate about pretty much everything. Nothing I don’t want to be passionate about. [0:00] [40:00]

Jim:  That’s wonderful. [0:00] [40:01]

James:  That’s good. [0:00] [40:01]

Jim:  Like I said, it goes both ways. If you’re passionate that you don’t like something people will really understand. [0:00] [40:06]

Chad:  That’s correct. [0:00] [40:07]

Jim:  It works both ways, right? [0:00] [40:10]

Chad:  Yep. [0:00] [40:10]

James:  So, In the same spirit describe your co‑host, Joe, and when we’re… [0:00] [40:17]

Chad:  Joe, I thought about this for a while, Joe’s a genius. Joe, one word is a genius. And, if you want me to explain I can’t, he’s probably, he’s probably the smartest person I know. However, he can be the most erratic and all over the place trying to get you that information, as well. But he’s, he’s in the top five people in my entire life, smartest people, that I’ve ever met that in, that thinks, completely outside of the box. When everybody’s over here with this, he’s over here going, “That’s stupid. This, this will get us around the box and in the back,” like, that’s just how he’s built. He’s a genius. It’s, er, and God, I hate to say that out loud. [0:00] [40:56]

James:  Yeah, he’s gonna love that statement. I can’t wait, you know, and he’ll probably make a joke out of it. [0:00] [41:01]

Chad:  [laughs] No, and it’s… [0:00] [41:02]

James:  Anywhere off the key. [0:00] [41:03]

Chad:  But he really is, he’s, he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met in my life, as crazy as he is, and, as that is. [0:00] [41:09]

James:  Joe’s awesome. I can’t wait for his too. Alright, Ted. [0:00] [41:15]

Chad:  Teddy, Teddy’s a hero. Teddy, you know, I think we talked a little bit about it where Jim, er, did the drill sergeant thing, but, but Ted’s a, Ted spent a bunch of years in the Marines. [0:00] [41:26]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [41:26]

Chad:  Which is just in itself could make you a hero. Oh, I know he did a lot of cool stuff as a scout sniper, but you know, a lot of things that people they do know, but they don’t know, up until about a year ago he was the, he, and he still is heavily involved, but he’s heavily involved in everything community. Everybody knows about his basketball stuff, but he was also the, you know, in the church, he was involved in the church. Is something on the board of the church. He was, he was actually on the school board before he moved to this house and had to get out of it. Um, he’s on a, like a, The Veterans Protect group, but, I think it’s called Protect Your Six, or, Protect My six, er, his veterans group. [0:00] [42:02]

Jim:  Yeah. [0:00] [42:03]

Chad:  That’s his like. Yeah, there’s just so many things. He has like, er,, an Alcoholics Anonymous. He, he does stuff with them, all kind. He just, he is like a community guy. He really is, and I mean, er, it took me a little bit to come up with one for Ted without just making fun of him the entire time, but it’s what he is. He’s like the American hero, that’s, its kind of, er. [0:00] [42:24]

Jim:  That’s good. I like it. [0:00] [42:25]

Chad:  I had to say that one, sounded so much better before I said it. [0:00] [42:28]

James:  Now, give us all the ones that you didn’t use. [0:00] [42:31]

Chad:  Yeah, I didn’t write them down. [0:00] [42:33]

Jim:  How about this? You’re on a deserted island, with Ted and Joe, and you have to put one person on a raft to sail out to sea to never be seen again. [0:00] [42:41]

Chad:  Oh, it’s Ted. [0:00] [42:42]

Jim:  Oh, OK. [0:00] [42:43]

Chad:  It’s not just… [0:00] [42:43]

James:  That was fast. [0:00] [42:45]

Chad:  It’s not just because Joe, Joe’s my best friend. [0:00] [42:46]

Jim:  Alright. [0:00] [42:47]

James:  Ah, that was two words. [0:00] [42:52]

Chad:  Ted has a really good, I mean, Ted has a really good skillset, but to keep on a deserted island. However, I’d probably, he’d end up killing me, bro. [0:00] [42:59]

Jim:  Yeah, he’d eat you. [0:00] [42:59]

Chad:  It wouldn’t be me, you’d be on the spit. [laughs] Yes, Lord of the Flies style. [0:00] [43:07]

Jim:  Chad, thank you so much for joining us today. [0:00] [43:09]

Chad:  Thank you guys. I had a ball. [0:00] [43:10]

Jim:  We did. I could, as always, we could talk for hours and hours, and we hope that the audience got a little glimpse into you and your life, what you bring to the industry, what you bring, your passions to, not just the, the industry but to life, communities, er, interaction with, er, you know, the, er, the hockey programs, and all those things you talked about. You, you really are, er, a great friend to us. I appreciate you each and every day, and again on behalf of James and I, thank you for joining us today. [0:00] [43:38]

Chad:  Thank you, guys. Thanks for having me. [0:00] [43:40]

Jim:  Absolutely. Until next week on Coffee with Jim and James, please, as I always say, stay safe. And, we’ll see you next time on Coffee with Jim and James. [0:00] [43:48]

Chad:  Stop pointing at me, Jim. [0:00] [43:50]

Jim:  I always point, it’s my hand. [0:00] [43:56] James; It’s a fact. Goodbye everybody. [0:00] [43:56]

Chad:  [laughs] See y’all. [0:00] [43:58]

James:  We’re going to have to get that list. [0:00] [[44:02] music] [0:00]

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