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CWJJ Episode 44: M.G. Govia
February 11, 2021
coffee with jim and james
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February 25, 2021

CWJJ Episode 45: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People- Habit 2

coffee with jim and james

Thursday, Feb 18 –  Jim and James discuss Habit 2 of Stephen R. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

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Episode Transcript:

 [0:00] [music]

Jim Schauer:  [0:23] Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to a very special edition of “Coffee with Jim & James” as we continue our journey looking at “The 7 Habits.”

[0:32] Today. We’re going to be looking at Habit number 2, which is “Begin with the End in Mind.” And at this point I’m going to bring James in because James has been my mentor on my 7 Habits journey, and I learned so much from him.

[0:45] So at this point, James, please come in and help me on my journey.

James Cross:  [0:50] That’s a lot of pressure, Jimmy.

Jim:  [0:52] I tell you what it is.

James:  [0:53] I’ve been called a lot worse. Hey beginning with the end in mine, right? That’s the One have a private Victory. We’re still in that private Victory. If you remember from the last time we talked, you know.

[1:07] Being proactive and beginning with the end in mind really is about, you know, changing some of the habits that you have internally some of the you know, kind of internal work that you have to do before you take that these habits to the rest of the world, right?

[1:25] So kind of get your own house in order if you will that’s what the private Victory is always. Tell people. It’s kind of getting your OK. I’m on mines, right my life’s right? I’m ready to go after this challenge because if you don’t make those first two steps those first two habits of priority, you can’t take it outside of yourself, right?

[1:44] When you start bringing other people in it gets messy, right? They have bad habits. You have bad habits. So that private Victory again. Is that internal? OK. I’m going to work on this. I’m going to get my mind right and I’m going to go.

[1:57] Beginning with the end in mind, number two. Is just like it sounds right. Covey’s so great. It just breaking it down to the lowest level right? We’re like, oh, yeah, of course, but Jimmy we were talking about it just kind of brainstorming earlier.

[2:14] Begin with the end in mind is really kind of the they he calls it Covey calls it there’s two to there. So what is it Jimmy? What’s that called the first creation second creation. And and what Covey’s saying is that? The first creation is always mental, right? It’s the idea. And then the second creation is actually going to work.

[2:36] Beginning with the end in mind is really that first idea right and where you’re going to take it that blueprint of that house, you know, you dreamed your whole life to build that house here and we’re going to put it in a blueprint so someone can follow. All right. That’s really at the core what beginning with the end in mind, you know stands for.

Jim:  [2:57] It’s really taking your thoughts. Prioritizing them. I mean I have we have lots of thoughts lots of surgery operations and such like that. Well, let’s make it real. Coffee with Jim & James a year ago. I are sitting on the phone at the corner of COVID and we don’t know what’s going to go on.

[3:16] You had this crazy in the back of a napkin and you’re like mentally like, you know, I can see this thing see it and I saw the vision, you know, we talked we collaborated. And look where we are today.

James:  [3:29] Yeah, I’m Jimmy. If you go back to that and that original conversation and we said it over and over on this show right people that have been on and probably tired of hearing it. But but we really built it to connect back with our industry, right and and really to fellowship and bring that part back.

[3:50] Now are we at the same spot? We were when we started of course not right. I mean, we didn’t know we would be sitting here that I’d have. Hanging on the wall there. We didn’t even know if it would work. Right? We had you know, a concept and a path and and a plan of what what true north look like.

[4:09] We’re able to look at it and go. All right. Well, what do we really wanting to do? What is our end game of this thing? Because it’s easy, especially in the middle of the pandemic Jimmy when you’re like, oh man, I want to replace trade shows. You know, that was what our thought was like, what are we going to do you?

[4:27] No, like how are we going to sell stuff without going to shows? That was what your heart says immediately, right? That’s your feeling it but then when you start processing it was like is that really what we’re doing? You know, though, what are we trying to really accomplish here?

[4:42] And when we stripped it all back Jimmy you were like, I just want to connect with people like we do it shows and and so that right there was that first creation and we said, OK, that’s our true north.

[4:56] All right, so it’s To look at it from from this perspective. It’s supermicro example, right we’re talking about projects. We’re talking about companies, right? We’re talking about families and friendships and all those things that this is one of those little small micro examples, but it’s so easy because a lot of people have maybe seen this grow.

[5:17] Jim, that brings up a I think a good point that is a common misconception with beginning with the end in mind. and that’s that all of us are sitting here with some kind of crystal ball right dreaming up these plans.

[5:33] We’re not saying we have all the answers. We’re not saying that we’re not going to change path and change directions and take data in as we go. We’re just saying we have a concept of where we want to head and we’re not just hacking away going in one direction and go. Hey, that’s the wrong way. You know, like Covey says we’re supposed to be going this way.

[5:55] That is what we’re trying to avoid and by having that true north we’re able to do that now our industry knows continuous improvement, right Jim. What do we sell? You know, what do what is Steve Allen and Kelsey Klingler do all right, that’s out there what they’re talking about.

[6:12] So we’re not going to tell you, you know, build a plan work the plan and stick to the plan continuous Improvement still part of it. You’re seeing it today, right Jim. What did we say? We were going to do this year with Coffee with Jim & James.

Jim:  [6:24] We said so much of it. No, I mean.

James:  [6:26] That’s what I mean. That’s the continuous improvement is we said we were going to lean Right. We didn’t know what that meant. Alright, that was our north for this year was. OK. Now we realize we can do it. We’re not scared anymore. Now, let’s lean in. That’s true north for us this year.

[6:44] Does that mean we know what that even means? No do it means that background you have and that logo on it right for some people. It’s for me. It’s this new space that I love that I’m in right here because honestly what I was doing was not sustainable, I wasn’t happy with my set up and I had to take data in as we went and said, you know what we can make a better experience for people.

[7:10] Now we know it’s worth it. And so without that kind of beginning with the end in mind the end can be this year. It doesn’t have to be the end game of all end games, right and for us, I think we’ve done a really good job of kind of, you know, being pliable and flexible getting out of your comfort zone. Holy cow. Have we done that this year?

Jim:  [7:32] Yeah absolutely, without a doubt. Let me hit though on this a second because you just hit on a very good point.

James:  [7:38] Was that a tangent or what, Jimbo?

Jim:  [7:40] Oh, man, you were on a roll, brother. I’m telling you what.

James:  [7:43] Just came from my soul.

Jim:  [7:44] That’s where it should come from and this is where this question is coming from is that you know with the end in mind, so we’re not necessarily talking about that house being built because we’re talking about the journey to get to the house being built. And knowing that along the way things can change.

[8:05] We wanted a 3‑car garage. Now we want a two car.

James:  [8:08] Well, I’ll challenge you even further Jimmy. Why are you building that house?

Jim:  [8:13] Because I want to and I want to live in it.

James:  [8:17] Lies, that’s all lies. You want to build a home. Right?

Jim:  [8:24] Yeah.

James:  [8:24] I mean that would be north the logistics may change may be building, you know, a three‑car garage instead of a two you may be Landscaping you may not but the north is I want to build some where I feel safe. I feel comfortable my family is with me, you know. We’re building a home, right?

[8:44] Again, the mental mean to get all right, I mean melt your brain explode it but but what I mean is Covey teaches us too in I think unlike any other book I call it going up a level. All right, we have conversations and you think you’re there right what you’re really what is it called principle‑centered? Remember we talked about that a little bit in the pre‑show.

[9:10] I said principle‑centered. That’s a good example. It gets confusing right? Some people are family‑centered church centered enemy centered of all things right? You would go. Why would somebody being an enemy center? There it is.

[9:22] That graphic right there that when you stray away from principles as you’re building that plan right when you start adding in different variables other people other things it gets messy, right? So so what you’re saying is correct, that’s why we shift and change course. Sometimes as we go.

[9:46] At the end of the day if I said, Jimmy, what are you building? You would say? I’m building a home and I would go amen. that home for you. Neither have three car garage because you know, you’re you’re lavish and you live in Florida.

[10:01] For me if I say I’m building a home that may mean I want a chicken coop in the back, you know. That that doesn’t change our north right and so like I said, I think Covey does it best he brings you up a level because if you find you’re like, you know my contractor and blabbity blah blah. All right, man, my subcontract, can you imagine, didn’t show up if it’s raining or whatever.

[10:24] Those are things going on right when you mix him when we get out of the private Victory and go public right? We’ve been through some of them. You you start to realize how messy it is when you get other people involved because they have bad habits too.

[10:40] You may be more founded and centered on those habits yourself because you’ve read a book, Jimmy. You read the book you read them, you know the manual for it they haven’t. I will tell you the percentage to people that have and haven’t is astronomical not in your favor.

[10:55] [laughter]

James:  [10:56] You know, I mean, we learn it every day, but those that have been through it you are blessed when you find somebody who understand these concepts. And that’s why it’s so important for us to have it as an internal language is because of that reason right there is it helps us get to where we need to be faster all of the principles combined.

[11:15] If somebody knows 1234 or you know, just one and two it’s still going to it’s still proactive enough to get us there and it doesn’t have to be perfect and we’re going to work with people that don’t have that as a skill yet. But our goal is to hope that they see. How valuable it is.

[11:36] What’s our plan, Jimmy? This year. We’re going to give it all the way right. We’re giving it all the way come get it. You want to know how we do good business. We base our decisions on principles.

Jim:  [11:49] You always blow my mind when we have this discussion and for the audience out there whether we’re recording this or not.

James:  [11:58] We said that earlier, Jimmy. We should have record this pre‑show. I don’t know why we weren’t but you know, I’m really passionate about it Jim. I love once every time I pick up this book and I keep it, right. That close by.

[12:16] I’ve said it before but every single time I find the weight of the world on my shoulders and Jimmy that’s the world. That is the last thing any of us need right now right more of the weight of the world on our shoulders.

[12:31] When you begin to fill it, I’ll pick up that book just like we pick up the Bible we pick up whatever your go‑to is, but from a business standpoint when I feel like I I don’t have traction and I need a little bit I go back to that and I swear I find it in a heartbeat because I’m probably not not living a principal‑based life and we we got to find that we got to come back center.

[12:56] So you want to begin with the end in mind? Try to follow these principles try to adopt to these habits. Let that be it. You’re not perfect. You’re not going to get them all you’re not going to get them all this year. You’re not going to get them all next year probably. But you know make a commitment.

[13:17] You did. Jimmy, you are post seven habits, and I know you’ll go through it again because you see the value in it. But how has it changed you since we went through it at the end of last year and now we’re rolling into a new year now, we’re a month in right 30 x amount of days in. How has it changed 2021 and how you started, you know or your life in general?

Jim:  [13:46] Personal and professional.

James:  [13:47] Absolutely and for those that don’t know it not to cut you off, Jimmy, but I am those that don’t know it this book will help you in your personal life. Probably more than business. These are not these are highly effective people not workers not management not you know bean counters nothing its people. Your child here your dad your mom your uncle all of them fall into this category.

Jim:  [14:14] I’ll tell you it has helped me. Me more I would say personally than professionally at a certain level but by helping me personally, it actually helps me professionally because I’m a better person and I start to think about things a little bit differently.

[14:31] If I just spend two minutes thinking about what’s the end result what do I want to get out of this? What’s you know, what’s what’s the objective and then I back feed into that. It helps me to say that’s a really good idea or You know what? Let me revisit that you know, and that has helped. It really has.

James:  [14:51] We’re pretty or pretty agile is a company and pretty progressive I think in some areas too. So we probably do it a little bit better and it’s kind of built into our model in our culture a little bit more. Go to Walmart go to go ahead and go anywhere. I promise you’ll bump into 700 people that it’s not important to.

[15:17] You’re going to spend a lot more time with all of these randoms out here in the world than you are with these core people in the business to get you. So you having that belief like what you said it changed me made me a better person more conscious of it.

[15:33] You need that because a bunch of people don’t have it and they’re never going to have it. They it’s not an interest for it’s not a drive. They don’t even know it exists, you know, and so it part of it is just dealing with the world around you you I don’t have a certain skill set to function, you know as an adult, but then there’s another level of function as a happy adult. That’s different.

Jim:  [15:58] An effectively happy adult, huh?

James:  [16:02] No doubt about it. I mean because I think effectiveness makes you happy just like what you said. It makes you a better person because you’re conscious of it and you see it in other people.

[16:13] So in other words, you’re not blinded you get into an altercation with someone in a bump head somewhere along the line, you know family doesn’t matter what it is. You’re in the moment. It’s like, you know, like boom, boom, boom.

[16:24] Before you didn’t have those skills. Now you step back and you can almost see where which principle is so off base in their life and not that you are judging them. I’m just saying that it gives you a peace of mind to go. Well, I need to stop a minute emotional intelligence. Right stop a minute. They don’t have those skills that I do.

[16:47] It’s not bad thing. It’s just reality. Step back and go. OK, you know, what’s my center? What’s what’s the end goal right?

Jim:  [16:57] Yep, and I think that for me still, you know, it’s almost like you mentioned the the pipeline safety management, you know journey where you never end it. It’s always growing and I think exciting part about this. Is that even if you pick out one or two and you’re using them, they really do compound on each other.

James:  [17:19] It makes you excited right its momentum just like always right you yeah, you get a couple on your belt and you’re like, oh man, this is actually changing my workflow and then you get excited and it’s I mean, it’s always it can work either way sadly though, right? You have to be very conscious of momentum.

[17:38] Especially especially Jimmy as we know in times like this that we didn’t know before but now we know the year into it and probably another year until we’re out of it. It’s it’s different.

Jim:  [17:52] Yeah, James help us close this out. If you were to give one two, three recommendations thoughts tips or tricks, whatever you want to call it for the second habit, you know, you know somebody walks up to you at Walmart and ask you a question. What are three things I could do. What would be your recommendation?

James:  [18:11] There’s no get‑rich‑quick scheme, you know, there’s just no way to do it. You can’t draw the line, right? All right, and I know we haven’t necessarily went in an order but when we get done with all these will put them in order for you, but because we were doing what was affecting us at the time right you and I with that’s how we decided what was going on the show.

[18:34] Now we went back and did it but start with those two habits in that private victory. OK. There’s a reason they are the first and there’s a reason that it’s called a private victory because you have to own those things within yourself. And then you can start deciding what’s in your circle of you know control and influence right though.

[18:55] That that would probably be the biggest thing. The other thing is look I don’t want you to waste time going down this journey for no reason either, the 7 Habits. These are great refreshers. I hope people are enjoying this but I also hope you pick up this book and I don’t make any money. I hope you pick up this book and go through this journey and then re‑watch the videos.

[19:18] This will wrap it up, Jimmy. This is what I was going to say was. What is why are you wanting to pick this book up? What is your like? What’s your end? Right if we’re going to begin with the end in mind what your end with this? Why are you doing it? What’s your why right start with? Why? What? What is it?

[19:45] Is it because you want to be a better person a more effective manager. Do you want to do it? Because you feel like you’re you know terrible to your kids, you know, whatever it is, right? What’s your drive and then go up a level. I promise you you’ll find your mission.

[20:00] That’s really what we didn’t hit on it. But this whole thing is trying to get you to build a mission personal mission. So when we begin with the end in mind, we’re building that mission statement. Think of those company mission statements, but for you. Energy Worldnet, our vision is to make the world a safer place.

[20:19] That’s kind of what you got to think like when you’re building your own your own path for what is your what’s your goal? What are you shooting for? And it looks different for different people mine personally in this has been mine for three years now and they say to go back continuous improvement. Just like we said, but I think I’ve found where I want to be in.

[20:40] Mine is to lead with my heart and that’s it home, and that’s at work. And I’m not going to turn that switch off. That’s what I’m telling you ever because that’s my north.

Jim:  [20:53] That’s awesome. I love that and it’s key though. I just have to hit on one thing before we close out when you’re on that journey. If your path doesn’t align with what your true north is. It’s OK to hit the big red button and say wait a minute, something’s not right.

James:  [21:10] The principle still work, Jimmy. That’s a good thing. You got to learn these anyway, and they look different in different. In situations when with different people and they manifest depending on what Covey talks about the paradigms, right, the things that are instilled in you and the patterns that have created who you are.

[21:26] And so yeah. This is one of my favorite chapters. Actually. I’ve taught it multiple times but but it brings a lot of it home for people. It’s a very emotional journey this first private victory for people and if you don’t believe me it was emotional for me. I mean even as a teacher.

[21:47] I’m not even just talking about the current group. This private victory has always been one that makes you step back and go. Whoa. What am I going after in my life? You know, am I chasing a dollar and my cuz Jimmy we’ve hit on that before but I’m here for a reason. I laid it all down so I could be here and why because I was leading with my heart.

[22:16] So I don’t have to question that ever I never questioned.

Jim:  [22:20] I love it. Absolutely. Love it James. Thank you. I think that you have as always instilled that such a unique. There you go. Do more hard stuff.

James:  [22:33] This one’s hard, Jimmy. This one’s hard. I ain’t even kidding. You think? It’s this reading a book or whatever but you get in there, you know personally.

Jim:  [22:41] I do I do, you know being serious it is hard but again with each little victory comes more victories and when you can say to yourself, wow, OK, I got that that makes sense to me and then you go a little bit further and a little bit further.

[22:56] Next thing, you know, you know, you’re 80 miles out in the ocean, but you’re not you’re full steam ahead. You know as opposed to when you’re on shore and looking out a hundred yards saying that looks scary. When you get out there and you have that confidence behind you, then you realize that you got this you can do it.

James:  [23:13] Jimmy, you are living proof of it, my friend. This past year you have lived exactly what you said you waded out that a hundred yards and look back and just said screw it. Let’s go.

Jim:  [23:27] Let’s go.

James:  [23:28] [laughs]

Jim:  [23:28] letsgo.

James:  [23:28] We’ve done it and we’ve done it, man. I mean we’re living testament to it.

Jim:  [23:31] Hey, and I wouldn’t want any other partner than you in this brother this is fantastic.

James:  [23:36] Likewise.

Jim:  [23:36] Absolutely. So James, thank you and again audience members both listeners and viewers, please we hope that you gain something out of this any questions get the book read it take a look hit James up.

James:  [23:50] Reach out to us. I mean we’re here to help you on that journey too we’ve gotten so much positive feedback from this Jimmy. In fact, I don’t even know why we have guests and where we should just do seven habits every week people always tell them man. That’s I love the seven habits.

Jim:  [24:05] Yeah, they really do.

James:  [24:06] We’ll have a guest on then. We’ll go. I don’t know if you’ve ever watch the seven habits one. Which is fine. I’ll take what we can get but we’ve had so much positive and they’re fun. Fun. I enjoy it.

[24:17] I hope it’s OK. I wear a hoodie on these days. I always always feel like these are the loungey kind of laid back, you know just conversational just me and Jim type of episodes right. It feels like we’re cheating, Jimmy.

Jim:  [24:32] This is us though. That’s you this is me, you know, I mean, this is this is what we do.

James:  [24:39] Jimmy, that brings up a good point not to be somebody to hawk our own wares though? But I think this is a an optimal. Time to talk about something and it’s not official and it’s not we don’t have a packet we can send you yet, but I tell you what, here’s our here’s our pitch.

[24:55] You ready, Jim? It’s like we’re on the Shark Tank. We did a lot of things in the industry last year. We’re very involved as a company and also Jim and myself with various organizations associations and companies.

[25:09] The last year. We were invited on several times kind of as sounds funny and say as this character of Coffee with Jim & James but you know because of the show and we were able to bring you know, some joy and some networking and some fellowship to virtual events that we obviously are missing by not being in person.

[25:29] So whether it be a happy hour that we do like a scavenger hunt we did a thing with the Upskill guys. That was awesome there. We’ll do it again. We did something with SGA last year where basically the same thing but we’re this is one platform for us. And that’s fantastic. We want to keep this alive as long as you let us.

[25:52] We also are able to bring that same connection. Like we said and that same fellowship beyond just this vehicle, right? We want to use this at shows with you. And when we’re back live we’re going to bring this out with you know.

Jim:  [26:07] We’re on the road.

James:  [26:08] We were allowed to be on our agendas breaking up the monotony, right? And and so if you have an interest of getting involved, I know we had some guests on earlier that you know, we made the connection they were like, wow we’ve been looking for just something different right? This is it.

[26:26] So if you’re looking for something different We can get on a call. We can break it down. We can show you what we’ve done in other places. It’s it’s really simple. It’s nothing to it. But man people are screaming for ways to connect right now.

[26:41] I don’t just mean social media. I mean, they want interact live interaction of some sort of engagement, right so we can offer that and we’re happy to do it, you know where Jim you hit on it before we’re very focused on taking care of this industry and that’s why we Like we can we can help out.

Jim:  [27:02] Yep, absolutely. So again, if you’re thinking about something fun for virtual conference you have coming up if you want us to host a virtual scavenger hunt happy hour fun time.

James:  [27:14] Need Jimmy to be your MC?

Jim:  [27:17] Oh, I’ve done it.

James:  [27:18] He’ll do it.

Jim:  [27:19] Oh without a doubt. I’ll get a crazy backdrop.

James:  [27:23] Jimmy, for that matter speaking, right? I mean if you have an agenda and you’re looking to fill some spots we We have a talented group of people that can fill that spot for you and not only just fill the spot. I mean fill the spot.

[27:37] We have killer speakers that can speak on a ton of different topics reach out to me. We’ll send you the the topic list and you can pick what makes sense for your group.

Jim:  [27:47] It is from A to Z. It’s everything from very thought leader type things to very highly technical stuff and everything in between.

James:  [27:56] Did you want to talk about OQ, we’ll send some compliance people over. We’ll talk about the final rule you want to talk about pipeline safety will hook you up Steve Allen well‑respected. Of course.

[28:07] I mean really compliance, we’ll get Claude on you will do anything we can. Jimmy will talk him on leading people not like you we do really have a wide variety in the catalog and we’re happy to help anyway we can.

Jim:  [28:21] Absolutely so take us up on that please.

James:  [28:23] We’ll hold you to it.

Jim:  [28:25] Yeah.

James:  [28:26] Hold them to it.

Jim:  [28:27] Come on hit us up if we don’t get That one in the next week. I’ll be disappointed. James, would you be disappointed?

James:  [28:36] I really would.

Jim:  [28:37] I see my right you do I see where I want to go where we want to go with this.

James:  [28:40] I see what you did there.

Jim:  [28:42] See what I did there? Thank you James and to our audience. Thank you so much for joining us. It’s been a great episode can’t say enough to James and his continued mentorship and expertise and really leading with his heart. He loves this stuff and you can tell he has a passion.

[29:00] Please hit James up. If you have any questions comments, let us know if we can help you with your association with your virtual conference live conference. Whatever it is. We want to be involved. So until next time on Coffee with Jim & James. Take care stay safe, and we will see you next time. Bye‑bye.

James:  [29:18] Bye‑bye.

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