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November 26, 2020
CWJJ Episode 36: Dusty Flanagan
December 10, 2020

CWJJ Episode 35: Meredith Webber & Tim Tiger

Thursday, Dec 10 -Outrider gives us a tour of the Outrider Trailer!

Episode Transcript:

Jim Schauer:  [0:00] Good morning, LinkedIn network. Welcome to this week’s episode of “Coffee with Jim & James.”

[0:08] CNG, James. Gotta go into a little story as I usually do. I remember back in my days, world traveler. I was going through the rainforest the Amazon that is CNG was our only energy source. We had it on pack mules on my back crawling scraping through the rainforest. Had I had a pull behind CNG unit well in a pickup truck in a road things might have been better.

[0:38] Anyways, let’s get back on track CNG on a serious note. I’ve been involved in the CNG world since 2009. So I’m darn excited for today. So let’s get on with some of the funness. They’re ready to talk and right now I need to bring in my brother. He’s here. He’s ready. He’s the one that keeps me solid, Mr. James Cross. James, how are you this fine and beautiful morning?

James Cross:  [1:02] I couldn’t be better. Did you say funness? I don’t even know what that means. I do not know these guests not very well. I met Tim one time on a golf course. He probably doesn’t remember but I could I would never forget. Meredith, we have no history whatsoever. But today starting today we will. Based on the pre‑show that we just had it’s gonna be good. It’s gonna be good.

[1:33] So welcome to the show everybody if if y’all would sound off give titles just a quick little run down of Outrider and everything you guys do.

Meredith Webber:  [1:47] Sure, Jimmy and James. Thanks for having us. I think James we’re going to make history today. So excited about this. So we are Outrider Gas Transports Tim and myself and our other business partner Bill Sullivan started Outrider because we identified a need for our product in the market.

[2:07] We went out and we got investors and they believed in us and gave us lots of money to go build a natural gas cascade trailer that can be used for natural gas utilities. We went out and spent 11 months on our engineering of our design because we wanted to truly get it right we wanted to design something that was specifically used in the field what the guys in the field were using it for how they use it.

[2:36] That was the critical thing and that’s why it took so long for engineering was to get it just right going to those guys in the field and saying hey we want to build something for you. We Want we want this we want this knob do this. We don’t want this just little things because they inherited a lot of equipment from outside of the industry from the industrial gas. They didn’t get something for their everyday use so that was our goal.

[2:58] So I’m the CEO of Outrider Gas Transports and Tim Tiger is our director of sales.

Tim Tiger:  [3:06] That is me. I have spent 23 years with ONE Gas. So I have some build utility experience which gives us a little bit of credibility and gives us a lot of knowledge base to work with utilities.

James:  [3:20] Tim has the coolest sales name of all time, too.

Jim:  [3:25] Tim Tiger.

James:  [3:27] Tim Tiger, go get them, guys. I do want to mention one thing that could could we get two people that are were more inspired to show us up on how prepared they were for the show. Like they look like we’re on their show, Jimmy.

Jim:  [3:44] I think we are I think I look at that background. I mean, this could be on the 6 o’clock news.

James:  [3:51] It’s just amazing. I’m impressed, dedication.

Meredith:  [3:56] Only the best for you guys.

James:  [3:57] And one last thing before we move on from kind of the intro portion. I see that 918 area code up there. Is it Tulsa? Ya’ll out of Tulsa, Oklahoma City? Where you’ll based at?

Tim:  [4:12] We are in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

James:  [4:15] I thought so.

Jim:  [4:17] God’s country God’s country.

Tim:  [4:19] Yes.

Meredith:  [4:20] Beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma. Got a little bit of the wind sweeping down the plains here in Oklahoma. It’s a good day.

Tim:  [4:26] 53 degree winter day.

Meredith:  [4:33] This is our trade show background. There haven’t been any trade shows this year.

James:  [4:41] We’ve heard.

[4:42] [laughter]

Jim:  [4:45] We have. This is my therapy session if it wasn’t for this I would be like in the corner shriveled up and screaming or whatever.

Meredith:  [4:54] We don’t want that.

Jim:  [4:56] No, we don’t want that.

[4:56] Let’s let’s bring it back on track James if I can jump in here. I’ve known Tim for multiple multiple years and Meredith for a couple years. So again friends of mine from the industry and I’ve been involved in CNG since 2009 and have a real and understanding of it and applications.

[5:14] For our audience Meredith and Tim, let’s bring a little bit of awareness as to how a unit like this could help utilities and municipalities, you know across our nation. What are some of the applications that they can do what are some of the benefits let’s let’s dive into that where they could you know, get some connecting of the dots here.

Tim:  [5:36] It can be used as an emergency backup supply, you know during you know critical times of need for outages that type of stuff backup slide for potential large customers hospitals key customers who have to keep gas blowing no matter what.

[5:54] It can also be used for feeding new commercial or new residential areas that the gas company just simply can’t get the infrastructure to so, you know trailer could be hooked up and feed those customers housing markets are booming. And we can keep that gas flowing to those people.

Meredith:  [6:16] Also integrity management pipeline testing things along those lines any time if you have a low pressure line need to push them somewhere pressure into it all kinds of applications. So there’s multiple applications within the utility itself from a full departments.

Jim:  [6:34] One thing I was thinking of is the safety aspect. Let’s just say something is awry with a grid somewhere whether it’s planned or unplanned. And and fits plan that one of these units could be brought in and fed 50, 100, 200 homes for a time period were there might be some corrections being made of the system that could prevent relights from happening relights cost. You know, an industry average is like $72 for home to provided.

[7:04] It’s not just the money aspect. It’s a safety aspect aspect, especially in the south where a lot of the items are up in the attic so you have people up in the attics doing relights. It’s an unfamiliar area. So I think the safety aspect is is something I’m really honed in on to that, you know, keeping our our system safe and reliable. One quick other question. How much gas is held in one of the units?

Meredith:  [7:29] Our unit holds 52,000 cubic feet of natural gas and in Jim, you’re right that it does. The safety factor is huge here. The risk factor is used to because if you’re not relighting customers, You’re not having to enter the customer’s house. So your risk your liability goes down things like that.

[7:47] There are going to be occasions where you always, you know, you’re going to have to shut down occasionally. You can’t always avoid that but we want to try to make you guys help the utilities other not have to.

James:  [8:01] It would seem to me. I may be wrong. But you know in the current pandemic and state of things. Now that the the less I guess the less that you have to enter the home. The better is probably the vibe across the board. Am I right?

Jim:  [8:19] Good point.

Meredith:  [8:19] Very good point.

James:  [8:23] Here’s what I wish. I wish we could get back together a fantastic picture behind you that wear you out did it with your set that you made from scratch. No big deal, but I wish I could just open the back of that trailer pop it open. I mean that that’s my dream.

Meredith:  [8:44] Is it? That’s your dream?

James:  [8:46] I’ve been dreaming about it all night.

Meredith:  [8:49] James, let’s make some dreams come true. Shall we?

Tim:  [8:51] Let’s make those dreams come true.

Meredith:  [8:54] Should we take him on a little tour?

Tim:  [8:55] Let’s take a little tour.

Meredith:  [8:57] Come along with us.

Jim:  [8:59] Does the picture open?

James:  [9:01] I should have wished for something greater.

Meredith:  [9:01] [laughs] You really should have.

Tim:  [9:04] Come this way.

James:  [9:05] Hey now. We’re in the shop say I thought I thought they were in LA.

Tim:  [9:12] We’re going to show you a little bit about what our trailer is and what it does so front here. We have a front fueling panel. You can hook up. CNG station fill it right up to capacity and going about your way. Got the standard placarding and DOT special permit number so that the find people on the highway know what you transporting what you have.

[9:37] Here inside. We have all the money maker. So you have 16 type 3 composite cylinders and again holding 52,000 cubic feet of gas. Every cylinder has a quarter‑turn valve with a built‑in PRD. So if by chance it have to relieve it’s also tied into the frame. Then this Frame Will Roll across and vent out through the roof. So dissipate in the air and be gone.

[10:11] Have a control panel here with the outlet valve to control and also a vent valve in case you need to blow pressure off of the lines, [vents valve] similar to that. We’ve got a secondary fueling port in the rear. as well, we have a quarter‑turn safety valve that leads to the front fueling Port just so we can shut off and as you traveling you want all your valve shut off with any type of compressed natural gas trailer.

[10:43] All units come standard with wheel chocks grounding real fire extinguisher will have a light installed so that when you work in an evening little bit of illumination on the front, Tommy it has a tool box installed keep your tools in store. What you need to store up there.

[11:03] For ease of use again. We have the front fuel port. We have a rear fuel port just so you have multiple places to fill and in this storage cabinet, you can hook up to this outlet line. You can store your regulation in this rear storage area and you can terminate through the wall here with your hose or yours hard piping and we have a door here.

[11:33] What this does is it really accentuates our feature of secure lock and leave. So now you can seal this unit up lock it up and you still have gas flowing to that customer. And you know those little bit of safety you can feel safe working with our units.

Jim:  [11:49] Guy, it looks fantastic. The design is exemplary and I’ve seen a lot of CNG units two quick questions is for our audience. What type of food do we need to pull? This is this a half‑ton three‑quarter‑ton one ton?

Tim:  [12:03] We would suggest a one‑ton pickup, you know, we don’t really want to change the utilities fleet makeup. So a lot of these groups that we’re going to use this, the M&R construction operation folks. They’re going to have the one‑ton pickups already.

James:  [12:17] Makes sense.

Jim:  [12:17] Then another question real briefly. Those are probably at 3,000 psi. I would imagine give or take a little bit?

Tim:  [12:26] They’re actually 3,600. This is composite cylinder so they can go up to 3,600.

Jim:  [12:31] A customer would use your own regulation equipment to take it down to whatever their system needs. Correct?

Tim:  [12:36] Yes. Yes. There’s so many varying utilities will use this regulator that regulator that You know, we set it all up for them just user‑friendly where they could hook their stuff up and go on about your way.

James:  [12:49] I could see Jimmy’s eyes lighting up as you narrate those moments.

Tim:  [12:58] [laughs]

James:  [12:59] He he was in love. It was a special thing to witness. That’s awesome guys that you may want to sit down for this next one, Tim.

Meredith:  [13:10] Uh‑oh. OK.

Tim:  [13:10] All right, we’ll just move back over to the sitting spot in our studio.

James:  [13:15] Oh, Studio B. We’re back.

Meredith:  [13:20] Wait, I didn’t frame you write. Sorry guys.

James:  [13:22] Come on.

Tim:  [13:22] [laughs]

Meredith:  [13:24] Just learning to be a cameraman. Sorry.

James:  [13:29] We’ll work with it. Well do the best we can, Meredith. all right since I know that y’all are huge fans of the show as I learned in the pre‑show that you spent countless hours binge‑watching the number one rated show named Coffee with Jim & James. Yeah the checks out.

[13:56] You probably already know the question. I’m going to ask so I hope that you stayed up all night planning and preparing this gigantic answer because if not, we’re going to be disappointed after the thought you put into your backdrop and your studio.

[14:10] I’ll start with Tim. I’ll give you even more time, Meredith. Tim, do you love what you do?

Tim:  [14:19] Did you just watch me Vanna White that beautiful trailer.

James:  [14:22] I’m telling you you can see it. It was coming out of your pores.

Tim:  [14:27] I would be available for hand modeling if anybody needs it.

Meredith:  [14:31] We’re thinking about getting he’s hands insured.

James:  [14:34] Checks out.

Tim:  [14:35] [laughs]

Meredith:  [14:36] They’re gorgeous.

Tim:  [14:38] Love it. Absolutely love the industry love what I do.

James:  [14:42] Awesome. All right, it’s your moment. You ready?

Meredith:  [14:47] I love my job. I love that we’re owners that we had to build a company that we get to help people and I love this industry there. I had many careers in my lifetime and there is not an industry like this where people come together and help each other work together. It’s a great feeling to go to work every morning.

Jim:  [15:09] I like it.

James:  [15:12] Wow. We hear it over and over and over and over. As we ask those questions, it just echoes through and that’s the people are so many great people in our industry.

Meredith:  [15:24] It is.

Tim:  [15:25] There truly are.

James:  [15:26] We can’t thank you enough for joining us today and giving us that tour Tim that was pro level stuff. I mean, that’s a first we said we were going to make history today.

Tim:  [15:40] We aim to please here at the studio Outrider.

Meredith:  [15:47] We have what we had a little tidbit. We have a new product that’s going to be coming out in 2021.

James:  [15:53] Breaking news. Let’s hear it.

Jim:  [15:55] Yeah, can you tell can you share?

James:  [15:57] Wait, are you going to debut this or are you teasing something else?

Meredith:  [16:02] We’re teasing so we can come back on the show and get the coffee mugs because clearly we need them.

Jim:  [16:13] These guys, they’ve been in the game for a while James. They just pulled us in. I mean something’s coming out in 2021. I’m riveted.

James:  [16:20] I told you that we were on their show basically.

Meredith:  [16:22] [laughs]

James:  [16:24] They proved it with every question today.

Meredith:  [16:28] We’re coming out with a runner card. So it’s a small version think of a basically a dolly with a cylinder type situation. Want to talk applications?

Tim:  [16:40] Just more of a single residential maybe small commercial type use, you know, put it up there and hook it up to the meter and you doing the minor type of work or just a few days worth of use and you know little easier to transport get around get it through gates that type of stuff.

Meredith:  [16:57] Nice and urban areas, but can also be used for farm tap applications can be daisy‑chained together. So it was again everything we do driven by our customers and what they need what they want so they came to us and said hey, this is what we’re looking for.

[17:12] We started with it on a bar napkin and now we have full complete engineering drawings and you’ll see that in 2021, but we genuinely want to make our customers lives easier. And so that’s another product where they want. It would make their life easier. Let’s build it.

Tim:  [17:30] Stay tuned to the Outrider show.

James:  [17:33] Love it. Coffee with Jim & James was designed on a napkin as well.

Meredith:  [17:41] Some of the best ideas in the world are.

James:  [17:42] A very small napkin.

Jim:  [17:45] Very small.

James:  [17:48] Jimmy, can you take us home?

Jim:  [17:50] I’m gonna take us home. Tim and Meredith, we can’t thank you enough today. It was great seeing you both seeing that you guys are doing well. We’ve talked on the phone. We’ve talked via other things. So it’s great to see your your faces and that all’s well.

[18:05] Again, I have to really applaud you all for everything. You’re doing with the CNG units, especially the safety aspect when we look at MUNIs and utilities and how this can help make things safer. That’s quite a quite an accolade. And again, we thank you for that.

[18:22] We encourage our audience to connect with Tim. Well kind of Tim, but for sure Meredith connect with Tim now connect with them both follow Outrider get involved asking questions. There’s hopefully today just was a of the iceberg for you for many other questions as far as applications and again think safety reliability.

[18:44] As FDR once said, “A chicken in every pot,” Jim Schauer says, “A CNG trail‑behind in every utility and municipality.” How does that sound?

Tim:  [18:56] I’d vote for that.

Meredith:  [18:57] I’d put it on a shirt.

Jim:  [18:58] [laughs] We’re going to do that. Anyways, thank you all for being here today. And again, thank you audience for tuning in. We hope you enjoyed this. We hope that you’re starting to lose a little weight after that Thanksgiving feast that we all ate. We have more holiday stuff coming up more food to eat. James, are you ready to eat some more food with us?

James:  [19:18] Sure.

Jim:  [19:19] All right. Sounds good. Until then, God bless you, God bless our industry. Please, everybody be safe. Have a great day, a great week, a great holiday season. We’ll see you next time on Coffee with Jim & James. Take care.

James:  [19:33] Bye‑bye.

Meredith:  [19:33] Thanks guys.

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