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September 18, 2020
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October 8, 2020

CWJJ Episode 25: Coleman Sterling

Thursday, Oct 1- On this special episode of Coffee with Jim & James, Coleman Sterling joins us to discuss what brand means to him, and the exciting changes coming to Energy Worldnet.

Episode Transcript:

[0:00] [music]

Jim Schauer:  [0:11] Good morning, LinkedIn community. Welcome to another exciting, and as I might give you a little hint, revealing episode of “Coffee with Jim & James.” It’s great to be here today, and today I’m gonna not start with any of my normal antics. We’re going to go right into the show.

[0:26] So, to do that, I need to bring my co‑host in. He is the cream to my coffee. See, I did add a little bit of one there. Mister James Cross. James, good morning, sir.

James Cross:  [0:40] Hey, Jim. If I would have known all I had to do was get Coleman on here for you to stop doing those bits, I would have had him on the first episode. I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

[0:52] We are, we’re, we are super excited today. It’s a big day in EWN history, and so we have Coleman Sterling, our CEO, on today, and, I mean, not just ’cause you’re the CEO, or my boss, or anything, but, but my favorite guest of all time, already.

Jim:  [1:12] [laughs]

James:  [1:13] I can feel it. I can feel it deep down in my soul that this is gonna be a good episode. How you doing, Coleman?

Coleman Sterling:  [1:19] I’m doing wonderful this morning. I don’t know who you’ve got to know to get on this show, but it took me 25 shows to finally get here, so I’m glad that I’m finally here, and I missed…I didn’t get the yin to the yang intro, you know.

James:  [1:36] We can start over.

Coleman:  [1:37] Oh, no. No, no.

Jim:  [1:39] Coleman, you are the yin to our yang.

Coleman:  [1:41] OK.

James:  [1:42] Without a doubt, without a doubt.

Jim:  [1:44] Our partner in crime, Mister Coleman Sterling. I will say that, how’s that?

Coleman:  [1:47] Thanks for…thanks for having me.

Jim:  [1:51] It’s great for you to be here and, you know, let’s, let’s get serious, and let’s talk about a few things, and…Coleman, we brought you on the show today because you have been an absolute integral part to our company’s brand, and everything that the brand stands for, and the culture of innovation that Energy Worldnet has.

[2:09] James and I see it firsthand every day, day in and day out, and really, when you talk to people out in the community and the industry, they see it too. So, I’m going to go right into it and I’m going to start off by hitting you with a hard question, and that one is, what does brand mean to you, Coleman?

Coleman:  [2:28] Well, I’ll tell you, if you would’ve asked me that 18 months ago, it would have been a different answer, because it seems to evolve, and change, and, and things, you know, move, and grow, and progress, but…

[2:42] What brand means to me today, right now, with Energy Worldnet and what we’re doing, and the announcement that we’re making today, is, it’s a way of communication, not just with our clients, not just with our potential clients, it’s, it’s clients, it’s potential clients, it’s industry people, and it’s also our internal employees, and how we communicate, and how we tell our story.

[3:06] You know, years ago…James and I often…we, we joke. Years ago it was hats and koozies, right? And that’s where you start, and it’s marketing, and, and, and…Then you move on to a bigger definition, which is brand, which is how you speak, and how you write.

[3:21] And then, now it’s just grown so far beyond that, really because of the, the team that we have, and, and, you know, the innovation that we have at our disposal now, has really driven how we look at brand, and how we use brand to express our self in the industry.

[3:40] So, in short, I mean, it’s really how we communicate. It’s internal, it’s external, it’s everywhere.

Jim:  [3:46] Well, and you’ve hit on a few…in…When you were speaking, I had…I heard the passion inside you, and when I think of that passion, I feel the word commitment comes to my mind. So, let me do one quick follow‑up question. What has the…What has EWN’s commitment to their brand done for the company?

Coleman:  [4:12] So, I guess the commitment behind the brand, or the commitment behind what we’re doing now, and how we’re changing and evolving, it’s…I go back to our employees, and what they have done to really help us…help us build this brand.

[4:31] What we’ve done, you know, a lot of times you hear companies, “Here’s the brand that we have. Here’s what we’re going to be, and here’s how we’re going to say who we are.”

[4:39] And what we’ve come to realize, what I’ve come to realize, is the team that we have in place, I mean, they’re an incredible group of people, and I would put them up against anybody out there, and, you know, they’re so warm and welcoming. They’re nice, but they’re innovative, and they’re smart, and they love what they do.

[4:57] And so, when we put a team together that’s as incredible as the one that we have, the 75 people that we have, now, and what that’s done is that has helped us create our brand, and also taught us as leaders how do we commit to that brand, and how do we commit to that team.

[5:15] And so, the commitment behind it is really the commitment behind the team that we have, and, you know, what is it that they need in order to get their jobs done, first, to do it well, to be proud of what they’re doing, and to have fun doing it.

[5:30] And so, that’s really what the commitment behind the brand means to me, is what does the…What does the team need, what does the team want, and how can we drive this thing forward together?

James:  [5:42] Coleman, you’re speaking my language. I think brand is my love language. You can ask my wife that.

[5:48] [laughter]

James:  [5:49] But you know me, I could talk on this topic all day. But Coleman, there is a very specific reason that you’re here today. I don’t want to beat around the bush anymore, I just want to get right to the announcement, that way we can start talking about the good stuff. Coleman, do you wanna peel the curtain back a little bit for our viewers?

Coleman:  [6:11] Yes, I do, I would love to, James, thank you. So, it’s an extremely exciting day for me and everyone in the company, we’ve been working on this for months, and months, and months, and so, today, October 1st, we are revealing that Energy Worldnet is innovating and changing yet again.

[6:28] And as you all can probably see, we are now rebranding our self, I think for the fifth time, James, in our company’s history. We are now rebranding our self, and…Oh, there you go, Jim. Oh, I love it.

[6:42] And we have new colors, we have new logo, we have new website. Where is it? There’s a lot of new things that we’re coming up with. To follow up a little bit with you, Jim, behind your brand questions, brand is not just the…the colors in the logo.

[6:58] There’s a lot of things behind what that means, and so, that’s what I’m excited about today, is really talking about what’s the entire package.

Jim:  [7:05] Yup.

Coleman:  [7:05] And then, why does Energy Worldnet feel as if they want to rebrand now, and what does that mean for them moving into the future. So, I love the background.

[7:13] [crosstalk]

Coleman:  [7:14] I didn’t get a background like that.

Jim:  [7:17] Well, that…

[7:17] [crosstalk]

James:  [7:18] Jimmy, hold on one second.

Jim:  [7:22] Yes, sir.

James:  [7:22] Did Coleman just interview himself? I’m pretty sure he just asked himself four questions.

Jim:  [7:25] He did, and I love it.

James:  [7:28] He can do that.

Jim:  [7:29] We can just sit back and drink coffee.

Coleman:  [7:32] James, you…you know, you and I have been working a long time together now, and so, you’ve really made a believer out of me, you know, and brand is your language, and…Yeah, you’ve, you’ve, you’ve educated me.

[7:43] And, you know, I’m, I’m not as…I’m not…I’m as passionate about it now as you are, you know, we hit it from different angles, but that’s what makes it…That’s what makes it fun.

Jim:  [7:54] That’s…And, and, and you, you can hear the passion in Coleman’s voice, and you…and it bleeds out of James all the time, day in and day out. It doesn’t matter if it’s 6:00 in the morning or 10:00 at night, he is bleeding, but let me…Let me pop back to Coleman and, and just hit on a few things.

[8:10] You, you, your passion was shining through when you were talking, you know, about commitment, and when you think about brand, a lot of people will think about external, you know, logos and such like that, but also, it’s internal.

[8:24] And I think you were the one that coined the phrase that our, our team are actually users, you know, of the company and such, and, you know, when you focus on that, when you take a look at that, that’s a very interesting aspect that, you know, it’s a two‑way street that it goes outside and inside.

[8:44] And when people live, eat, and breathe the brand, and, you know, envelop it, and all that, it really shows you…What’s your thoughts on that, of getting the team, you know, totally engaged and embraced in it?

Coleman:  [9:01] You know, you see the memes, or you see these sayings or whatnot, that your clients can’t love you until your employees love you, and the employees have to love what they do. They have to have that ownership. They have to have that, that pride, and you have to involve them.

[9:17] And that’s, that’s what I was alluding to earlier, is the…Our team, all of the individuals that work for us, as a whole team, has really driven what that means, and so, it’s helped us with our communication, and our users internally.

[9:32] Because, you know, our…your employees, they, they’re with you more time out of the day, a lot of times, than they are with their…with their family, at least they used to be.

[9:42] These, these times we’re with our family all the time, it seems, but…I’ve got a…got a few of mine working here with me in the house, but…When someone spends that much time doing something, you know, they’re a user of what it is that you’re doing, what you’re creating, and so, if you’re not as focused on that internally, then it, it shows up to the outside world.

[10:04] And so, the commitment behind this brand is really commitment to our employees. To tell them, you, you know, to, to guide them, and help them think of new things, be innovative, have a comfortable place to then have…come up with new ideas, to talk with each other, and really to be the users of this company, and I don’t know, it shows.

[10:27] It shows to the outside world, I believe, at least that’s the world that we, we live in, we believe in, so…

James:  [10:34] Coleman, you talked about the internal approach to it and, obviously, there’s very much an external piece of this, right? I mean, we’re wearing it. Jim’s got it as his virtual background, but there’s also more to it, right?

[10:48] When we talk about a culture of innovation and having those passionate people using all of, all of their passion really towards one common goal. What, how does that manage manifest externally, and what’s beyond the logo and colors when we do start looking at that brand externally?

Coleman:  [11:10] Well, two of the things that you said, James. You know, the culture and innovation.

[11:16] When you have a culture of innovation and people are allowed to think of new things and question what we’re doing ‑‑ and, you know, we say fail and fail better ‑‑ and they’re allowed to do that. What that does is you also…You have a culture internally but you also have a business model, and you have to marry those two together.

[11:33] So, when that culture internally enjoys what they do, they’re allowed to be innovative and they’re allowed and encouraged to speak to your clients, to listen to your clients. To have that type of engagement that we have internally, externally with our clients, then we’re able to understand what the needs are in the industry and so, right?

[11:50] It’s…You know, we’re easily able to go out and understand what’s needed to be built and created and innovated next and continue to drive that business model forward. So, it’s really a marriage of your internal culture and the business model, and how you interact with the industry outside of your company.

Jim:  [12:10] Well, let me, let me…Let me jump in a little bit because, again, with the big reveal today, this is monumental for our company. It’s so exciting. I’m proud to wear it. You know, I’m a brand ambassador. Wherever I go, I’m wearing my shirts. I have to tell you, a lot of times, even if I’m in the virtual office, I’m wearing my shirt and such like that.

[12:31] But, you know, I can’t wait to get back in the industry. To share this and to see the interaction, you know, with the industry, but I think it’s going to be very exciting. I think the…I think the response is going to be terrific.

[12:46] So, I just want to applaud you for that. I can’t wait to get the reactions.

Coleman:  [12:52] I’m with you, Jim. I can’t wait to get out and start traveling again. It’s an interesting dynamic when you miss being in the airport.

Jim:  [13:01] Oh, yeah.

Coleman:  [13:02] [laughs] You know.

Jim:  [13:03] Absolutely.

Coleman:  [13:04] You get that feeling, that excitement, and go out and you see all your friends that you have across the united states. I miss that, but…Yeah. I’m looking forward to getting back into that.

Jim:  [13:14] Well, we got to wrap up here soon. I don’t want to cut you off, but so, before we go, any final thoughts from you? Anything that you want to add that you haven’t already touched on so far?

Coleman:  [13:27] Sure. There’s a couple of things that…As we come out and we’re rebranding and we have new colors. We have a new logo, we got new shirts. Jim has a new background, you know. Go, and everybody, check it out today. We have a brand new website as well.

[13:47] We have our mobile application and our E3 Web application has already been redone. The web application is live today. The mobile application will be live by October 15th. We wanted to do that smartly and roll those out separately so that we can be sure that everything is operational.

[14:08] We have new mobile tools that have come out. Safe Web browsers and exam security things that we’ve put out. EWN Live. We’ve brought out EWN Live with our instructor, virtual instructor‑led training programs, that really engage with clients in a live format virtually. You know, new proctoring portals.

[14:34] One of the biggest releases that we’ve had is our contractor and supply chain management tools that we’ve released that are coming out. They’re out, you know, drive out now, and in our mobile application. Man, there’s so many things to come.

[14:47] That’s why we rebranded this company. That’s why we changed Energy Worldnet colors and logo to open it up to new possibilities. You know, you start in one area, we’re expanding into so many others, and that’s what’s exciting.

Jim:  [15:03] Can I just jump in real quick because what you hit on hits in my mind like PSMS, where it’s not a destination but it’s a journey.

[15:13] As you were kind of indicating things are going to, you know…Happening today, happening next week, how long do you think this…I mean, are we looking at for months, years that will completely or continually be evolving and enhancing and migrating?

Coleman:  [15:32] Well, this is a, this is a long game, Jim. This is a change in mindset. This isn’t, like I said, this isn’t just a change in colors. This is a change in how we do business and how we continue to better ourselves and be brave whenever we go out and do it, and then do the things that people are scared to do. But that’s exactly what we love to go and do.

[15:53] So, this is, this is a long game. This is a forever change for us. So, that’s why, that’s one of the reasons why it’s also still, I’m just super excited about it.

James:  [16:03] My, what a great answer.

Coleman:  [16:04] Also, and before I hop off, I just has got to say, you know, I know y’all mail things out to people, but I, I may have snuck into the marketing office…

Jim:  [16:12] Eh, eh.

Coleman:  [16:13] and got my own.

James:  [16:17] Saved shipping.

Coleman:  [16:17] I don’t drink coffee. I drink my cokes, but I had to have, just in case.

James:  [16:24] Perfectly fine. We’ll let it slide. Coleman, there’s one…

[16:28] [crosstalk]

Jim:  [16:29] That is the same, same dosage.

James:  [16:30] Yeah. That’s right. You’re so [inaudible] . Coleman, I get to spend a lot of time with you in close proximity, and probably have a lot of discussion and passionate exchanges that a lot of people don’t get to have. And, and I, so I, I kind of feel like I know this in your answer, but I’ve been finishing shows here lately with, with one question. I want to ask you the same thing.

Coleman:  [16:54] OK.

James:  [16:54] So, do you love what you do?

Coleman:  [16:59] Absolutely.

James:  [17:01] You can’t answer a point…

[17:02] [crosstalk]

Coleman:  [17:02] Absolutely.

James:  [17:02] one tiny question. You can’t answer that with one tiny answer. Even that’s not fair.

Coleman:  [17:07] Oh.

James:  [17:07] OK. [laughs] Yes. [laughs]

Coleman:  [17:11] Yeah, that would be. Yeah. Yes. Now, absolutely I do. James, you know, growing up, people say, “Do what you love.” And as, as you grow up, you, you start to learn. You learn how to love what you do. You know, when, when you work in federal regulatory compliance management, it doesn’t sound like a, “Wow, that’s exciting,” but it is exciting.

[17:34] It depends on how you approach it. It depends on what your relationships are like in doing that. What can you build? What can you do new? And who are the people that you work with? That’s why I love it so much.

Jim:  [17:46] It shows. And, and to you brother James, it shows in you too. I mean, you two gentlemen epitomize showing that you do love what you do. And I see it every day. When we talk every day, when I hear the inflections in your voice. Just, you know, everything, we can do that, we can do that. Let’s look, let’s work on that. You know, it’s always that, that we got this momentum, we have it going.

[18:11] And I just want to, you know, say it’s a pleasure always to work with you two gentlemen, because I love what I do. I mean, I get up every day happy. And honestly, I’m giving a little kudos here. It’s in part to not only the whole team, but also you two gentlemen. So, I want to personally thank you.

Coleman:  [18:29] Nothing we can’t do together, right?

Jim:  [18:31] No.

James:  [18:33] Thank you Jim.

Jim:  [18:34] Any final thoughts James and Coleman. I mean, we’ve, we’ve covered so much. I almost have the feeling that I think we’re going to have to have another follow‑up episode down the road, once we get a lot of these things even more in place. I think it would be fun to share that.

Coleman:  [18:49] Mean I get to come back?

Jim:  [18:51] Yeah.

James:  [18:52] That’s it.

Jim:  [18:52] Let’s see. We’re on 26, so it’ll be 50, episode 52. No, I’m just kidding.

Coleman:  [18:56] [laughs]

Jim:  [18:57] Of course we’re going to bring you back.

James:  [19:00] Yeah. Gentlemen, I wanted to just mention one thing that, that this, this project as a whole. Coleman did a fantastic job of really laying it out, being really tied into this project closely. It was a huge undertaking.

[19:15] But, but it was such a blessing to go through with, with our team, because, like Coleman said so many times, the brand, I believe, really came from the team. All we did was, was lay it out and put the parameters around it, right? So, when you’re, when you’re out there doing those types of things, it’s just, it’s easy work, right? It’s not work at all.

[19:40] So, kudos to the whole entire team in making today what it really is. But, man, what a glorious day. I can’t wait to go to bed.

Jim:  [19:48] Yeah. Yeah.

James:  [19:49] [laughs]

Jim:  [19:49] And you know, hopefully tonight, both you guys will finally, hopefully get a good night sleep. Because, if I get any more texts from James at 4:00 in the morning, “Man, you awake?” “Yeah. I’m here.” And I got an hour advantage [inaudible] all. That’s all right.

[20:03] Well, listen, I want to wrap up the show. I can’t thank you enough Coleman for joining us today. Thank you for everything you do for our company. Thank you for the support. Thank you for this whole brand journey that we’re on. It’s very exciting. I am encouraging our viewers out there to please connect with Coleman. He is a great guy.

[20:24] Hit the connect button. Let’s, let’s get his followers in these connections. I don’t know how many you have, but we’re going to double them. How does that sound? So, let’s do that.

Coleman:  [20:33] I don’t have. At least I get four or five.

Jim:  [20:36] OK.

Coleman:  [20:37] [laughs]

Jim:  [20:37] Well, let’s, let’s get up to seven or eight.

Coleman:  [20:39] All right.

Jim:  [20:40] And please follow us at Energy Worldnet too. Click the follow button. Keep up‑to‑date with everything that we’re doing.

Coleman:  [20:46] Yeah.

Jim:  [20:47] On behalf of James and I, we thank you again for tuning in. We want everybody to stay safe. God bless you. God bless our industry. And we will see you again on the next episode of “Coffee with Jim and James.” Until then, take care.

[21:04] [background music]

Coleman:  [21:04] [non‑English speech] .

Jim:  [21:04] [non‑English speech] .

[21:04] [music]

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