CWJJ Episode 23: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw
September 10, 2020
CWJJ Episode 25: Coleman Sterling
October 1, 2020

CWJJ Episode 24: Nick Temple

Thursday, Sep 18- Nick Temple with Rhino Markers & Protection Systems joins Jim and James this week to talk about Damage Prevention and proper markings.

Episode Transcript:

Jim Schauer:  [0:11] Good morning to our LinkedIn community. Another fine and beautiful morning. Welcome to another exciting episode of “Coffee with Jim & James.”

[0:19] There was a time when I heard the term Rhino Markers and first thing that popped in my head was my days back in the Serengeti, going to Zimbabwe. I had my Nikon 35‑millimeter camera in my hand, looking for that elusive rhino.

[0:38] Well times have changed and now when I think of Rhino Markers, I think of our guest today, but I’m going to allow that special privilege for James to introduce our guest James. How are you today?

James Cross:  [0:50] I’m well, Jim last week. I actually hit the lake this weekend. I wasn’t a hypocrite for long after our last episode about sharpening the saw I went I sharpened. I am sharp. I am ready. So excited to be on here with Nick today our good friend Nick Temple from Rhino Markings, Nick. Good morning. Welcome to the show.

Nick Temple: [1:16] Good morning. Thank you guys for having me.

Jim: [1:18] Welcome.

James: [1:19] Absolutely, Nick. And I didn’t mention it before but I will Nick and I actually are newfound friends. We both attended probably the last conference. We both attended before the pandemic happened at the, what is it, the Damage Prevention Summit.

Nick: [1:41] Yep, Texas811.

James: [1:42] In Galveston. Yeah, we were blessed to play golf together and we met on the golf course and and honestly, Nick out drove me and then he told me about how bad his shoulder was and that he was recovering from shoulder surgery.

[1:55] And I thought wow, that’s a great story. So what we got to share a golf cart we learned about that. We both love the Big Green Egg. We had little ones at home and that we didn’t travel as much as most people did there were a lot of similarities. So kind of a neat way to connect and then immediately go into this.

[2:16] So when I heard that Jim was talking to you about joining your show. I was excited to reconnect with you. So welcome…

Nick: [2:24] Yep.

James: [2:24] …to the show. Do you mind Nick just letting everybody know what you do a little bit for Rhino?

Nick: [2:29] Yeah. Thank you James. So I am a damage prevention consultant at Rhino Marking and Protection Systems and I cover all of the US and Canada.

[2:40] And what I do is help our customers try to come up with a real comprehensive system. To protect their gas pipelines and utilities from excavation damage.

[2:57] So we do that making the best damage prevention products right here in the state of Minnesota. And so pipeline markers, signs, asphalt markers, you name it. There is a tool for every job.

[3:16] And so that’s that’s what I do travel across the country do about 25, our company does about 25 conferences a year. I’m probably half of that.

[3:29] And so yeah, we’ve been in business since 1990 family owned and operated same same crew. Just a awesome company and couldn’t couldn’t be couldn’t be happier working here at Rhino.

Jim: [3:47] James let me let me just connect some dots because you and Nick got connected. In Galveston, which is wonderful and before we started to record today, my fiancee popped in, Tammy Bomio, who is a longtime friend of Nick’s.

[4:02] So they’re having a conversation on she literally pushed me out of the seat and said I need to talk to one of my boys, you know. So anyways…

James: [4:11] So Jim when I when I actually when I got on the call to begin recording this and doing the pre‑show with Nick Tammy was sitting down where you’re sitting and I thought I’d got on the wrong call so dead on with that.

[4:26] Jim tell. Why don’t you catch our viewers up from for those that may not be 100 percent sure of some of the things Nick and Rhino are doing why don’t you you sold them to me and that’s I kind of went down a rabbit hole a little bit when you told me what Nick and them were doing over at Rhino.

[4:45] And so why don’t you kind of lay the groundwork for that and then I’ll cue on up after that.

Jim: [4:51] All right. That sounds great. Well, you know when Nick and I became friends and we started to follow each other on on LinkedIn and you know the whole, you know connecting the dots one thing that I came across as that they do these outstanding oh‑so‑funny videos.

[5:07] And they’re very energy‑related. They’re very, you know Rhino related, but they are not I mean, not your typical video in any way the first one I saw my I was really like they did that. I mean, it’s they’re awesome.

[5:20] They’re they’re produced. They’re funny. They have a great storyline. I can’t give you enough kudos Nick.

[5:28] Like I saw Scott in Naples there the CEO. I think it was earlier this year before COVID and I just we talked for a long time about it. But the videos are great. James. Are we going to be able to have a video in here?

James: [5:43] We’re going to go ahead and roll a clip of I think it’s about a two‑minute long video. We’re learning by experience then we’ll come back and talk about it.

[[5:51] video begins]

Man 1: [5:50]  I’d noticed for a while that  just weren’t right.

Man 2: [5:54] Yeah, just wasn’t looking the best.

[0:00]  Woman 1: [5:57] Just appearing really worn down and faded, you know?

Man 3: [6:01] And it wasn’t communicating well at all.

Man 1: [6:04] And then I discovered I was suffering from CLS.

Man 2: [6:08] I had CLS.

Woman 1: [6:10]  I had CLS.

Man 3: [6:11] My Damage Prevention consultant said I had a full‑blown case of crappy‑looking signage.

Nick: [6:22]  If you or a loved one have been suffering from CLS just know that you’re not alone. CLS is an affliction that affects millions all around the world every year some of the common side effects of CLS might include prevalent rust, faded, illegible messages, and extreme ugliness.

[6:45] Here at Rhino, we made it our mission to cure CLS and that’s why we developed Rhino UV Armor signs.

Man 3: [6:52] I thought it was hopeless.

Woman 1: [6:54] But that’s when I heard about Rhino UV Armor signs.

Nick: [6:57] Rhino UV Armor signs are made with superior printing technology. We can print signs with unlimited colors and unlimited shapes with no extra fees that guarantees you that your signs will be looking better than ever.

Woman 2: [7:12]  Rhino UV Armor signs are clinically proven to cure CLS. All Rhino‑made signs come with a 10‑year warranty and are protected with our proprietary coating Rhino UV Armor, which has Superior UV protection.

[7:26] Serious and permanent side effects of Rhino UV Armor signs will include improved visibility, elevated brand awareness, enhanced communication, increased savings, and superior resistance to fading.

[7:40] If you experience a Rhino UV Armor sign lasting for more than 10 years. Do not seek immediate medical attention. That’s exactly what you paid for.

Man 2: [7:50]  Now my signs look amazing.

Man 3: [7:52] Now. I’m communicating better than ever.

Woman 1: [7:55] Goodbye ugly signs. Hello Rhino UV Armor signs.

Nick: [8:00] If you or someone, you know is suffering from CLS, please contact your Rhino Damage Prevention consultant together. We can cure crappy‑looking signage.

[[8:11] video ends]

Jim: [8:35] That was unbelievable. That was fantastic one of my favorites, you know, you and the doctor smock outfit, you know, I felt like I was in one of those commercials that was absolutely wonderful.

[8:49] And everybody that is tuning in. I know you like it and make sure you follow Nick make sure you follow Rhino. See those videos. They’re fantastic. James, what do you want? I think we need help. I think we could use some of their production help.

James: [9:05] You better watch it. Aimee’s going to be editing this. We I was immediately taken back when I found them. And then I like I said, I went down a rabbit trail a bit and really dove in but I told Nick before this how great I thought the production was so kudos to folks over there for that.

[9:23] But tell me Nick a little bit, you know awesome video awesome videos because I don’t even know how many y’all have at this point. I’ve watched several so number one. What inspired it to begin with and secondly, how’s it been being involved in it? And lastly? What what how’s the success been? You know for Rhino since those have come out.

Nick: [9:47] Yeah. Well first I can’t really take a lot of credit for it. We have a video person that’s his job. He writes the script up and then we provide some input. There’s not much ad‑libbing. It’s it’s like Saturday Night Live don’t deviate. From the script.

[10:06] But what happened was we did some research and found that so much of what your company’s message is has been drifting towards video stuff.

[10:21] And there were some there were some statistics that said, you know, like 70 percent of of you know, your company’s message will be broadcast on video. We’re talking like the top 200 sized companies.

[10:34] And so, you know that will be communicated on video and so found a we found a company we kind of consulted with and talked to and and they gave me a little lesson in acting which I really needed. [laughs] And they gave it to all of us and it was very helpful.

[10:55] And you know, we sat down and and Chris and Scott and our leaders and we just said, you know. Nobody wants to hear you talk about marker posts and sign.

James: [11:06] No one.

Nick: [11:06] It does not get much more boring than that. You just tried to make a video about your capabilities. And you know, I do we make the best stuff nobody’s going to watch that.

[11:16] So it was like, OK, they have to be funny. They have to be at if you want somebody to watch till the end. You got to keep them interested. And then if you want somebody to share it or whatever, you know, you got to make it worth it.

[11:28] So yeah our video guy is fantastic, we actually won the best video at the CGA Conference in Tampa. That was 2019. Thank you. Thank you. That was pretty cool.

[11:45] I had a feeling that we were you know, I knew we were in the I knew we were running but some of the companies that we were up against spent some serious money on production companies to do this. And this is just us, you know like this. Is this is the team Rhino and we filmed this in our office and in one of our backyards.

[12:07] So that video was very was very cool. And it promoted 811 that was the sole purpose of it if that’s what happens and it gets a few people that didn’t understand the importance of that to recognize it. It’s a win.

James: [12:23] Man, what a segue Jim.

Jim: : [12:26] I know.

James: [12:26] He set you up with that 811 comment, it’s like he has a script or something. He’s such a good actor.

Jim: [12:35] He’s the best actor. Right and I want to elaborate and dig a little bit deeper than that because we see, you know markers all the time. And we think, you know caution, safety, all those things and 811 is a very intricate part of our whole industry.

[12:53] What’s the connecting the dots between, you know Rhino and 811 and how do you guys work in conjunction? What’s your what’s your thought process? You support them. They support you you support each other.

Nick: [13:04] Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. We know we’ve been involved with excavation safety from day one.

[13:11] And when I started here almost seven years ago, I started going to the Minnesota Regional CGA meetings and understanding you know, what these guys are up against.

[13:21] And when I say that I mean, you know, how can they do a better job of promoting safe digging practices and you know how and then we kind of put our heads together on our side with how we can help them.

[13:33] You know, there are these massive utility companies, you know, we’re a small manufacturer and and you know, we have different capabilities and flexibilities, you know that we can do things to help them. And I just feel like it’s such a collaborative effort everybody. Everybody has to chip in on it.

[13:52] And you know, I’ll tell you a real quick little story. When when I started at Rhino with and started going to those Regional CGA meetings. They had this this booth set up at the state fair. And if you don’t know about the Minnesota State Fair, it’s got to be top five in the country. I mean as far as attendance…

Jim: [14:16] I think it’s number two behind…

Nick: [14:17] It’s number two. OK. I mean, it’s a big deal and I’m from…

James: [14:21] Not a big deal, but who’s number one? What did you say?

Nick: [14:23] Texas, I’m sure I’m sure right.

James: [14:26] It checks out.

Nick: [14:27] Yeah, so and so with the one‑call center has a booth at the state fair. And so we would all pick a day where we would volunteer to hand out these colored yardsticks.

[14:39] And so the game is basically you ask them, you know, what color pin flag represents what sort of utility and they have to get it right and you give them a yardstick.

[14:49] And I’ve told my wife I’m like, yeah, you know, I’m going down to do this. It’s pretty cool. You know, I can’t imagine that it’s going to be a lot of people. I know it’s, oh, I want I don’t want to give the wrong number but I  will tell you this we had at least 10 boxes of 1,000 yard sticks…

Jim: [15:07] Wow.

Nick: [15:09] That, yeah, and I mean we were going through them so fast that it was crazy to me and there were so many people that came by and I you know, and you would just say, hey, you know, do you know what 811 is? Uh, that the information line? And it’s like mm, nope. But that’s our opportunity to educate people.

[15:28] So, you know, it was kind of cool for me to see and gauge the real, you know level of engagement with the public and how much they knew about that stuff.

James: [15:39] Awesome.

Jim: [15:41] Well, I think I think just jump in it. It’s a grassroots. It’s a way of life for us in the industry. I mean we preach it. We know it we talked about it, but it’s definitely a grassroots initiative with, and especially with homeowners that have no idea.

[15:55] And you guys have done some great videos actually in in the backyards, you know, really targeting homeowners to be safe.

Nick: [16:04] Yeah.

Jim: [16:05] It really is a full spectrum.

Nick: [16:07] Yeah.

James: [16:08] Yep.

Nick: [16:09] Yep.

James: [16:09] So so Nick we we’ve been ending shows with this question and I think this one’s a great one for you because we see your passion and the videos. And you know as funny as they are and how we you know make fun of ourselves a little bit to get a point across…

Nick: [16:26] Yeah.

James: [16:27] You’ve got to have a passion for what you do in those situations regardless, right? So my question today is do you love what you do?

Nick: [16:38] Hm. Yep, I couldn’t love what I do more and it’s crazy. I tell my wife all the time where it’s like Hannah how good is that? How good does it feel to know that you are doing what you are supposed to do.

James: [16:53] Yeah.

Nick: [16:53] And I tell my kids all the time, like nobody can try hard for you, you know and you have the opportunity to be the best that you can be. It’s up to you and it’s never been work to me never once I do the best that I can do because it’s just natural when you care about what you’re doing.

[17:12] And honestly, I think that that has trickled down to me from our leadership at Rhino. I mean, you’re just not going to find better people, you know and human beings that genuinely care about the industry and the people other people that they work with.

[17:27] So it’s a culture that we have and you know, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Jim: [17:35] That’s awesome.

James: [17:36] That’s what we like to hear. We haven’t heard a bad one yet.

Jim: [17:38] No we haven’t.

James: [17:40] I don’t know if it’s just the industry or the people but either way it works out.

Nick: [17:43] Yeah. Right on, yeah.

Jim: [17:46] Nick anything. Any final thought before I close out anything you wanted to that you didn’t get to cover today…

Nick: [17:53] Well, I…

Jim: [17:54] Go ahead.

Nick: [17:55] Yeah. I really enjoyed your guys episode with the Big Green Egg guy.

Jim: [17:59] With Matt? Yeah.

James: [18:02] Very important that our industry saw that one.

Nick: [18:05] It was good. I knew when COVID kicked off and you know, I’ve been working from my basement since March 20th still down here. And so when it kicked off, I knew it was going to be I was going to be firing up my Big Green Egg.

[18:20] I have two of them actually and I knew that it was going to be go time. So I ordered like a pallet of charcoal to be delivered and because I didn’t know what to expect. You know, I didn’t know if everybody else was thinking the same thing. So I was like, I’m just doing it. It isn’t going to go bad, you know.

[18:39] So I had this pallet of charcoal delivered and and I went for it. I think I put my first my COVID 15 pounds on in the first six days for sure. I was doing briskets and shoulders. Well, you name it?

James: [18:54] Same.

Nick: [18:55] My wife was like you need to chill out a little bit. So but I appreciated that episode. That was cool.

Jim: [19:03] That’s good. Yeah, I will have to say that you and James absolutely need to have more conversations about cooking James. It’s a…

James: [19:10] I think we’re kind of kindred spirits like we may be long‑lost brothers, or maybe I just saw. Nick at that conference and he told me about having two Big Green Eggs and I was like, I want to be Nick when I grow up.

[19:23] So I started growing my hair out the same and you know.

Jim: [19:28] You guys, you know, with the beards and the the head I’m telling you I can see that you know, maybe you guys are.

James: [19:34] I’m just the like a more worn out, you know gave up version of Nick.

Jim: [19:41] Well, well when you meet Nick in person, you know, he stands about 7’8″, he has shoulders about the size of a building. And as Tammy, my fiancee says, oh he’s just a teddy bear. He’s good. You know she calls you that all the time.

Nick: [19:57] That’s good.

Jim: [19:58] Wait, we won’t say that on the air because people don’t want to know that you’re a teddy bear. No, we are going to leave that in.

Nick: [20:04] That’s OK, that’s all right with me.

Jim: [20:07] You are you’re a great person. You’re a great friend a great industry colleague and your passion for helping us all be safer you and Scott the whole team Chris. Everybody is well recognized.

[20:21] And I will say on behalf of James and I we so much appreciate you coming on the show today. It’s great to spend a little time. Just cutting back and having some fun.

[20:33] And hopefully we’ve inspired at least one person to do something a little bit safer with their markers and their markings and all that, you know take another look at it and and I’ll say this that, you know always look at with fresh eyes.

[20:47] Just because you’ve seen that marker there for 10 years and you can’t read it anymore. That might be a time to say Hey, you know, let’s let’s call Rhino and let’s get a new marker in here or something.

Nick: : [20:58] Yeah. Yeah, really true really true. And you know, with COVID. It was kind of crazy the first couple months all the spur of activity happened and it was because you know, a lot of the projects got sidelined or postponed and there weren’t as many one‑call tickets.

[21:15] And so a lot of the guys that are out maintaining that sort of stuff now all of a sudden had this the time that was really necessary to do it. And so that was kind of a good thing. You know, that’s it’s not all you know, doom and gloom. So yeah, I’m with you on that for sure Jim.

Jim: [21:32] Yeah, and you mentioned there’s always blessings that come out of things and those are some good things that have come out of this if we can’t appreciate it. We appreciate so much. We can’t thank you enough for all of your you do for the industry for spending the time with us today.

[21:46] We encourage the LinkedIn community to please connect with Nick connect with Rhino follow them see some of these funny videos do the safe things do the right things keep the fresh set of eyes all the things.

[22:00] And I know Nick just like us he loves to talk. So if you have a question hit him up on LinkedIn, I’m sure you know prepare for a good 20‑minute conversation if you do have a voice call.

Nick: [22:13] That’s right.

Jim: [22:14] Until then for James. And Nick and myself. We appreciate everybody in the LinkedIn community that joined us today. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Like I said, follow everybody if you’re interested in beyond Coffee with Jim & James, let us know. We love to have guests all the time, and we can’t thank you enough.

[22:34] Until next week. Please. Be safe. God bless you. God bless our industry and everybody. Please stay safe take care of and we will see you in the future.

Nick: [22:44] Yeah, thank you, guys. Be safe.

Jim: [22:46] Always, Nick. Thank you.

James: [22:48] All right, bye‑bye.

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