CWJJ Episode 138: APGA Operations Conference Live – Part 1
October 20, 2022
CWJJ Episode 140: #PSMS
November 3, 2022

CWJJ Episode 139: APGA Operations Conference Live: Part 2


Thursday, October 27- Jim & James were on the road again and attended the APGA Operations Conference. Tune in for part 2 and check out who joined the show.

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Episode Transcript

James Cross:  [0:24] but we are live.

Jim Schauer:  [0:25] We are.

James:  [0:26] We’ve got one of our good friends, friend of the show. What is this, the 16th time he’s been…I’m just kidding.

Jim:  [0:33] I think this is…

James:  [0:33] Will this be three now?

Jim:  [0:34] I think this is three.

Terry McConnell:  [0:35] Three.

James:  [0:36] Were you ever on one that we did live like this?

Terry:  [0:37] Yeah, at the AGA.

Jim:  [0:39] At AGA in Orlando.

James:  [0:40] Oh, he did. That’s right.

Jim:  [0:42] Then that led to a full episode.

James:  [0:44] I just wasn’t sure if we did it at SGA. We were just saying we follow each other around this world.

Terry:  [0:50] We do.

James:  [0:50] Mr. Terry McConnell with Evonik, how’s it going, sir?

Terry:  [0:53] It’s going good. It’s going really good, guys. Getting better again.

James:  [0:56] You’re hawking anything? You’re hawking some PA12.

Terry:  [0:57] I’m trying to hawk some PA12. That’s for sure.

James:  [1:00] I love that.

Terry:  [1:00] What is a PA12? Does that…?

James:  [1:02] I have never heard of that.

Jim:  [1:02] Does that exceed 99 PSI? What’s the PSI on that?

Terry:  [1:06] It’s up to 250, up to six inch, approved by PHMSA.

Jim:  [1:10] That’s a huge thing.

Terry:  [1:10] It is.

Jim:  [1:11] That’s a wonderful thing.

Terry:  [1:12] It is. We’re trying to target that low‑pressure steel. We’re not trying to compete with PE. Wherever they cut off their highest pressure of PE, whether it be 65, 80, 100, we’re trying to take it to 250 off from a complete poly system, same equipment, same toolings…

Jim:  [1:34] Same process, fusion to hold it?

Terry:  [1:37] Same process. Absolutely. No expensive retooling required. The same tool, the same stuff you use for PE is for PA12. It’s well enough.

James:  [1:43] I don’t know if you know it Terry, but we just created our first PA12 training course within EWN.

Terry:  [1:50] You did? Thank you for doing that.

James:  [1:52] With Groebner, right?

Jim:  [1:53] With Groebner, Ryan Ellis. Shout out to Ryan, Matt Dvorak, and the team.

James:  [1:58] Was this me on that? We worked with him.

Jim:  [1:58] Steve D’Amato.

James:  [1:59] In a way got [inaudible] worked with you. We’re excited to get that in hands of some of our clients. If you need training on PA12, we know a guy.

Jim:  [2:08] We know two guys.

James:  [2:09] We know several.

Jim:  [2:10] Two and a half.

Terry:  [2:10] Two and a half?

James:  [2:11] [laughs] Absolutely.

Terry:  [2:13] Hey, shout out to Groebner because they’ve been doing a fantastic job for us in marketing.

James:  [2:16] We work close with Ryan?

Jim:  [2:17] Ryan Ellis.

James:  [2:18] Ryan Ellis. I think so.

Terry:  [2:20] You do a great job and thank you for doing that. I know we’ve got a project coming up in Texas. That’s…

James:  [2:24] Absolutely.

Terry:  [2:24] I think you’re training. Thank you.

James:  [2:27] I think that’s what we’re doing. Clients all around. Clients all around.

Jim:  [2:27] You see how that works.

James:  [2:29] You see what we did there. Love it. Terry, man…

Terry:  [2:30] Thank you, guys.

James:  [2:32] this awesome session.

[2:33] [crosstalk]

Jim:  [2:33] Thank you for stopping my brother. Always good to see you.

James:  [2:37] Hey, we’ll be back. We are back amongst friends, obviously. We are just laughing catching up. What?

Jim:  [2:43] Oh my back.

James:  [2:44] Is this your conference?

Jim:  [2:46] It is.

James:  [2:47] You know why I do that is because it saves me time later because again, I’ve been taking no notes of you came on, so our design team will look for these cues.

Jim:  [2:56] Pro tip, when you’ve been going to conferences as long as I, have…

Jim:  [2:57] Pro tip, when you’ve been going to conferences as long as I have, you sends the lanyard. You just go with the clip. Therefore, it always is in the right place. Even at Walgreens yesterday, the lady calls me my name.

James:  [3:11] Must be hard.

Jim:  [3:11] I’m like, “How do you know my name?” She’s like…

James:  [3:13] Must be a boomer conversation. Stuart, look, our design team know Stuart.

Jim:  [3:20] Stuart talk to us.

James:  [3:21] I probably typed his name and probably have spelled it a few times. Stuart has been on the show, what? Only more than anyone.

Stuart Saulters:  [3:27] I’d like to think so. I’d like to think I’m one of the…

James:  [3:29] Which, a good problem we have.

Stuart:  [3:29] return.

James:  [3:30] We just had to Kim River. She was talking about the [inaudible] grant program, and I said, “We got the scoop on that before it was the scoop.”

Stuart:  [3:39] That’s right.

James:  [3:40] From the Stuart so…

Jim:  [3:42] The audience did.

James:  [3:43] It was good to see that session on here. That’s good info.

Stuart:  [3:47] I don’t know what Kim shared, but you talk about a success, it’s a billion‑dollar grant program but, [inaudible] , the grant administrator got a billion‑dollar application in the first year. They got a good problem, but they got to figure out how to whittle down all these applications to…

James:  [4:05] To that tune.

Stuart:  [4:06] around 200 million. It’s good. I think…

James:  [4:09] We just need a little bit more money, obviously. I’m kidding. No, that’s fantastic to hear that success. We like to think we were a big part of that. I’m just kidding. That one promo we did.

Stuart:  [4:21] It was hit. That was good. That was a good one.

James:  [4:24] What are the highlights? It’s been an awesome week, beautiful city.

Stuart:  [4:29] There was actually…I can’t remember the guy’s name. He talked about culture yesterday.

James:  [4:34] I wasn’t expecting that. I really wasn’t.

Stuart:  [4:37] It was good. I think we had a really good…I guess I’m tooting my own horn here too because we had the session…

James:  [4:42] That was good.

Stuart:  [4:43] right before y’all.

James:  [4:43] Such a…

Stuart:  [4:44] We talked about the younger workforce.

James:  [4:48] Exactly.

Stuart:  [4:48] That low‑carbon sustainable aspect a lot of our members are trying to pursue. How does that impact culture? How does that impact workforce? Then you guys came up right after it.

James:  [4:58] right in.

Stuart:  [4:59] I think it’s good. There’s obviously challenges in our industry, but there’s also just ways you can look at it as opportunities. I think if you’re a younger worker looking for a place to land, the future is bright to the natural gas or noble natural gas, hydrogen.

Jim:  [5:16] There’s a seat at the table as James like to say.

James:  [5:19] For sure. I sat in on the safety culture panel this morning and listened to that. Again, just delve told it right in. Kelsey and I were talking about how having a solid culture makes us so much easier for those implementing safety culture.

[5:36] Layering it on top and so then going right into that panel was a great way to see that just totally safety culture side of it and how much that can be easier with a little bit of culture we’re doing.

Stuart:  [5:49] Absolutely.

James:  [5:49] Very cool. Well, anything exciting? You got another, about a day left total cumulative?

Stuart:  [5:59] Yeah. This afternoon and tomorrow morning. I think we’re excited because Thursday morning can be a little less exciting, but we’re having PHMSA actually come back. Another PHMSA staff person is coming back tomorrow to talk a bit more about the grant program. If you’re not thinking about whether you should stay or go, stay.

James:  [6:19] Stay.

Stuart:  [6:19] Hear it out or you can get a really jam‑packed agenda this year. Kudos to my colleague, Karen Korilla. She does a great job with this event.

James:  [6:28] I’ve heard about her.

Jim:  [6:28] She does wonderful. She’s running around like a mad person. Her and Sheila are both running around.

James:  [6:34] I see her asking all day yesterday for my PowerPoint. She’s done great. Y’all done awesome of this event. I was just telling somebody, you in the intro, this is only my second time to an APGA event. That being the last to fall Ops conferences.

[6:51] I just love the people. I love the folks here. I felt at home the minute I got here and y’all are a big part of that. I appreciate you. Thanks, Stuart.

Stuart:  [6:59] Thank you, brother. Appreciate you.

James:  [7:01] Take good show and we’ll see you next time, I guess, the next time you’re on.

Jim:  [7:04] No, we’ll see you before that. I think we have some RNG stuff coming up in the future here.

James:  [7:11] I do. Special maybe?

Stuart:  [7:13] Teaser.

James:  [7:13] I don’t know. Do we have the scoop? Hey, we’ll be right back.

Jim:  [7:16] Bryson Isbell has joined us. Please, Bryson, introduce yourself. I want to get an anxiety in a second. Please, introduce yourself.

Bryson Isbell:  [7:21] Really? Bryson Isbell, director of business solutions, Energy Worldnet.

James:  [7:25] Newly? New?

Bryson:  [7:26] Uh?

James:  [7:27] Is it new?

Bryson:  [7:28] What’s new?

James:  [7:29] Your title.

Bryson:  [7:30] No.

Jim:  [7:31] A month or two.

Bryson:  [7:31] Probably, about a year.

James:  [7:35] That’s smarter. Sorry. This ain’t internal rumblings, so don’t worry about it.

Bryson:  [7:37] Thanks.

James:  [7:39] We’ll talk about it later. No, I was kidding. What do you do here, explain?

Bryson:  [7:44] I manage our outside and inside sales teams, revenue operations, revenue architecture. I’m looking at lagging and leading indicators for where we’re headed.

James:  [7:56] Don’t give them all the signals.

Bryson:  [7:58] Sorry.

James:  [7:58] Our competitors watch this.

Bryson:  [8:00] I’ll choose the words. Scratch everything I said, traditional old schools sales…

James:  [8:05] We knock on doors.

Bryson:  [8:06] Knock on doors. We have pamphlets.

James:  [8:08] Kiss babies shaking.

Bryson:  [8:09] Yes, exactly.

James:  [8:10] We’re really into it. No. We’re just joking with Josh. It’s been a cool conference. You’ve been at APGA before not necessarily this one?

Bryson:  [8:19] That was my first conference ever.

Jim:  [8:20] Which one?

Bryson:  [8:20] With Myra, Chattanooga, 2018, end of the year.

Jim:  [8:23] Really?

Bryson:  [8:24] Yeah.

James:  [8:24] Very nice. Fell in love with it then?

Bryson:  [8:27] Yeah. Absolutely.

James:  [8:28] Great group. I always like coming. We have a lot of clients here. We’ve serviced a lot of these folks for a long time. It’s always good to be here, shake hands and kiss babies in a way. There’s a lot of buzz this time. People are looking around. There’s a lot of potential clients as well chatting it up as well. Am I wrong?

Bryson:  [8:49] No. I think you’re right. I think a lot of people are excited about what we’re doing, the future of EWN with Tracer and easy.

James:  [8:56] I love that.

Jim:  [8:59] I like that. You’re just sitting, just threw me a little line out there.

Bryson:  [9:02] You like that?

Jim:  [9:03] I do.

James:  [9:04] What’s this Tracer thing?

Jim:  [9:05] That Tracer? Well, if you haven’t heard it, is enterprise asset management at the foundation. Really, when you think about it, when I say to people, “It’s tracking equipment.” Then they look at me. I’m like, “Think about the EWN platform. We track people with OQS and then Tracer the equipment.”

[9:26] When you have people on site doing, let’s say fusion or gas detection or whatever, how do you make sure that the people know what to do in knowledge skills, and ability and provable as well as the equipment? It’s really…

James:  [9:38] Full circle.

Jim:  [9:39] very intricate to the whole. When you look at it, part of the SMS program.

Bryson:  [9:43] Absolutely. Something I think is really exciting about the whole thing is, the way that I like to pitch what we do is even more than OQ, even more than asset management, it’s about efficiency and effectiveness, right?

Jim:  [9:54] Yeah.

Bryson:  [9:55] If we’re tracking these things on spreadsheets, documents, we’re not tracking it at all, well, we can put all that into one system that ultimately, what do you looking at? You’re looking at 60, 65 percent in time savings. What do we talking about in cost? Hundred of thousands of dollars this year.

James:  [10:10] You will never know how much you’re spending on that.

Jim:  [10:12] Millions.

James:  [10:12] We can take a stab at it, but what I mean the real number of wasted energy.

Bryson:  [10:17] They say when you’re looking for a document, most employees take about 38 minutes to find…

Jim:  [10:24] One document.

Bryson:  [10:24] one document. What is that relative to their income, their salary? Right?

Jim:  [10:31] Yeah.

Bryson:  [10:32] You break that down by the hour, you can come up with a figure pretty much per employee and that’s a…

Jim:  [10:37] Absolutely. When you have it at your fingertips, if you’re out in the field and need to find a document for that worker and that piece of equipment and pull it up real‑time like that…

Jim:  [10:48] That’s qualification certification asset now.

Bryson:  [10:52] Forms now. We just released our beta for forms.

James:  [10:55] Lot going on. Lots going on.

Bryson:  [10:56] Good.

James:  [10:57] Any sessions catch your eye? This isn’t a setup. If you say mine, then I’m not going to respond.

Bryson:  [11:02] I can’t say yours.

James:  [11:03] You weren’t there.

Bryson:  [11:04] I was. I was in the back eating beef jerky, actually. I had to step out…

James:  [11:08] You were…

Jim:  [11:08] Allegedly.

Bryson:  [11:08] 45 minutes. What?

James:  [11:10] Who does that, just yabbering about culture? No, I’m just kidding.

Bryson:  [11:16] It was fantastic. I liked yours a lot. I’m looking forward to a couple that are coming up, too, a couple on operator qualifications. Obviously, that’s where we focus our attention.

James:  [11:27] Good safety culture panel was good this morning.

Bryson:  [11:29] It was.

James:  [11:30] A lot of folks are really taking a look at that. For those that don’t know, we are partners with the APGA on our Safety Culture Assessment Survey. Members of the APGA actually have access to that for free. Am I right?

Bryson:  [11:46] That’s right. Previously, they were using SurveyMonkey, I believe.

James:  [11:50] Yeah.

Bryson:  [11:50] It moved over to the thing that we’ve ultimately developed in partnership with them. You can fill out this form, and then it goes to our PSMS team. I’m doing a Jim with my hands…

Jim:  [12:00] I like it. I like it.

James:  [12:02] Welcome to the show.

Bryson:  [12:04] We’ll set you up. You get your whole dashboard. You get all the information. You can see that high level of…

Jim:  [12:08] How much is that again for an APGA member?

Bryson:  [12:10] It is free.

James:  [12:12] For sure, and a lot of people don’t know about it.

Jim:  [12:15] It’s a great service and solution.

James:  [12:15] We were just talking about it. Somebody on stage that was a part of the panel said, “Man, we really should think about doing a survey.” It’s free, you remember, so [laughs] talk to us.

Jim:  [12:27] Use the tools in place.

James:  [12:28] Absolutely. We understand budget‑wise that’s a tough thing.

Bryson:  [12:33] And the big thing to keep in mind, the dividing elements, I guess, between what we’re doing with our Safety Culture Survey and how we’re helping APGA with theirs is it’s really at the company level.

[12:44] You have one or two people who are doing the Safety Culture Survey for APGA. Then the one that we helped with is per employee, and it’s anonymous. It helps you get that full holistic view of what’s happening in your company.

James:  [12:56] Very nice. Very nice. Bryson, thanks for coming on, brother…

Bryson:  [13:01] A pleasure.

James:  [13:01] always doing good things. We’re going to grab somebody else, and we’ll be back.

James:  [13:06] What a special moment this is.

Jim:  [13:08] Right now, we’ve covered…

James:  [13:09] We’ve come full circle now.

John Olshefski:  [13:10] [laughs]

James:  [13:10] Had him on, went and got on his, and then came right back to ours. We’re running the circuit.

Jim:  [13:17] We’ve had coffee this morning. It seems like it’s non‑stop with the Colonel.

John:  [13:22] [laughs]

James:  [13:22] The Colonel, John Olshefski, nice to see you, sir. It’s always good to see your smile.

Jim:  [13:27] He’s always smiling because he’s chairman of the APGA.

James:  [13:29] That’ll do it for you.

John:  [13:30] I’m a player.

Jim:  [13:31] Oh.

Jim:  [13:32] Whoa.

James:  [13:32] I don’t even know what that means.

Jim:  [13:35] I don’t either. I don’t want to know.

James:  [13:38] You have to be to wear that shirt. He’s lucky.

John:  [13:42] Some people just asked me, “Are you feeling lucky?” I went, “What the…”

James:  [13:48] You forgot.

John:  [13:48] it’s the shirt. It’s the shirt.

James:  [13:51] That makes sense. How are you, sir?

John:  [13:54] Good.

James:  [13:47] Things are going well?

John:  [13:48] Yeah, I think…

James:  [13:48] You got anything going on this week?

John:  [13:52] We have a wonderful conference.

Jim:  [13:53] Fantastic conference.

John:  [13:55] The classes are great. Erin and her team have done a great job putting them together.

James:  [13:59] It really has.

John:  [13:59] Great speakers, not too many people sleeping in there, looks like they actually are listening and learning.

James:  [14:04] There was one guy sleeping in mine. You scan the room, [laughs] and you can’t help but check in on them just to make sure they’re still asleep, just the whole session…

John:  [14:12] I don’t if you…

James:  [14:12] which I’m cool with. Listen, I get it. Sometimes you need a nap.

John:  [14:15] I don’t know if you’ve ever had this, because you do your public speaking, and I used to speak a lot, as in the Army days. Every once in a while you’d be looking down and see somebody’s either sleeping or they’re not listening.

Jim:  [14:26] Oh.

John:  [14:27] I have to fight off coming down and looking them right in the eye. “Why am I…” and decide to back off from doing that. “Why am I focus on this 1 when the other 99 are listening…”

James:  [14:39] Absolutely.

James:  [14:41] It was funny yesterday. You would do your scan and hit a point, and there he was. I was like…

James:  [14:49] I couldn’t help but check‑in. He did all right. He got a good nap in…

Jim:  [14:52] It was me.

James:  [14:53] which is good for the culture of this.

Jim:  [14:55] Did they know it was me in the front row?

John:  [14:57] Your whole culture thing, I will tell you, wouldn’t have worked so well in the Army at times. I saw a general officer once, who I love dearly, he was in Huntsville, who’d retired one‑star. I’ll never forget it. We were at a…talking about readiness.

John:  [15:15] readiness, how many tanks, Bradleys, blah, blah, blah.

[15:18] This general, I don’t mind saying his name, General Coker, because I love him. General Coker looked out and saw a warrant officer sleeping, and it was ugly.

Jim:  [15:27] Was it?

John:  [15:28] Oh, it was ugly.

Jim:  [15:30] It wasn’t soft skills?

John:  [15:31] It was not soft skills…

James:  [15:32] There weren’t a lot of soft skills used…

John:  [15:35] and it wasn’t, “Let me see if we can work this culture.” He was gone. [laughs] He was out of the room. “If you’re going to sleep…” blah, blah, blah.

James:  [15:40] Listen, whoever you were yesterday, I’m glad you got a nap in.

John:  [15:43] [laughs]

James:  [15:43] You didn’t bother me a bit.

John:  [15:46] [laughs]

Jim:  [15:46] I deserved it, allegedly. It wasn’t me.

John:  [15:50] You guys.

James:  [15:50] So much good content, thanks for having us on last night. For those that don’t know…

Jim:  [15:54] Freedom to Fuel.”

James:  [15:55] I think it felt like an hour.

Jim:  [15:57] It was a long time.

John:  [15:58] It was 40 minutes.

James:  [15:59] No way.

Jim:  [15:59] Was it?

John:  [16:00] It was 40 minutes.

James:  [16:01] With us?

John:  [16:01] Yeah, it was 40. I’m telling you, between you and my other brothers, I only did two last night. It took me an hour…

James:  [16:11] Oh, you mean cumulative. I gotcha. I thought you meant 40 minutes with us.

John:  [16:13] It was 40 minutes with you…

James:  [16:14] No.

John:  [16:15] and 40 minutes with…

James:  [16:16] That’s called a long‑form podcast. We came home with an hour and a half one time. We didn’t know what to do with it.

Jim:  [16:23] Which one?

James:  [16:24] We broke it into three.

Jim:  [16:26] From being at a…

James:  [16:28] I don’t remember. LGA?

Jim:  [16:29] LGA was off the hook.

James:  [16:31] We were busy.

John:  [16:32] I’ll tell you what you did to me yesterday that it really made my day, to be honest with you.

James:  [16:35] I can’t wait. I’m scared.

John:  [16:36] When you were doing your culture thing, I’m sitting there minding my own business, listening, doing what I do. Then, all of a sudden, my ugly mug comes up on the video. You never know what hits.

[16:46] You’re a training company, and somehow or another you maneuver me in that podcast I did with you to talk about training. I thought, “Holy crap.” I look up there, and there I am. That was a really good…

Jim:  [16:59] No, we didn’t maneuver.

James:  [17:01] Bump, bum‑bah‑bump…

James:  [17:02] you just got marketed. I’m just kidding.

Jim:  [17:05] No, it was organic. Because that conversation, when you were on the podcast…For folks, though, we usually have a pregame, where we’re going to hit maybe two or three subjects. Other than that, it’s free‑flowing.

James:  [17:16] I would like to…

Jim:  [17:17] It just goes where it goes.

James:  [17:18] I would like to say shout‑out to Kaylea Pryor, who had to listen to us for the whole episode to find those nuggets. [laughs] Thank you. I know that might be the toughest job there is, but we had a blast over there.

[17:32] I did want to say one thing.

Jim:  [17:33] Please.

James:  [17:34] You mentioned something yesterday about how the UPSCO guys said and you said jokingly that y’all were chasing us.

John:  [17:42] We are.

James:  [17:42] Listen, the UPSCO guys, “Connections For Life,” they started right when we did. We ran and continue, as far as I’m concerned, to run side by side. It’s like a support group.

Jim:  [17:56] Oh yeah.

James:  [17:57] I think we just gained some new members. After talking to Amanda…

James:  [18:00] and Todd and yourself, you get how sustainability‑wise there’s a lot of work to it. It’s fun when you’re doing it, but behind the scenes there’s a great group that really keeps this thing running…

John:  [18:12] Absolutely. I…

James:  [18:13] just like with anything.

John:  [18:15] It really is fun.

James:  [18:17] It is.

John:  [18:18] You get to talk to people. You had somebody here a minute ago. You’ll have somebody in here later. You just pop up and do your thing and game on and we talk about training is important to everything.

[18:32] I worry about leadership training more than I do…We’re very good at teaching the kid in the hole. We’re very good at teaching 811 skill sets. We’re very good at teaching that. We talked about soft leadership skills.

[18:46] Sometimes you need a soft leadership. Sometimes you need a punch‑in‑the‑nose leadership. Some people need to get their butt chewed. Some people get a butt chewed and then they go, “Oh, I don’t want that to happen,” and they kick them off.

[19:01] They get better and some people that hurts their feelings and they go in their hole. You got to figure all that out.

Jim:  [19:06] It’s that hard.

James:  [19:07] Colonel, that goes back to what you said. I don’t remember where, on some podcasts somewhere, in their career that it’s knowing your people, right? That not everyone…You said it at EWN Con. It’s not about treating everyone equal, it’s about knowing the people and how they should and need to be treated.

Jim:  [19:26] You know they’re kids, you know where they go to school. You know that details.

James:  [19:29] You know they had a bad night last night, whatever it is, that you…I don’t want to say cater, but you’re aware. You’re situation‑ally aware enough.

John:  [19:38] SA.

James:  [19:39] SA.

Jim:  [19:40] That’s our buzzword. We’ll call you on that later.

James:  [19:44] Great event. Great work here.

John:  [19:46] Thanks as always, man.

James:  [19:47] Thanks for having us on.

John:  [19:49] I’m excited when I see you guys show up.

Jim:  [19:52] We’re excited to always be together.

James:  [19:53] We’ll see you at the podcast support group next week.

John:  [19:56] You got it, bro. Thank you all.

James:  [19:58] Hey, we’ll be back.

[19:58] We’re back.

Jim:  [20:00] We are back.

James:  [20:01] Just like that.

Jim:  [20:03] What is that term about infiltration? Somebody from another podcast might be joining us right now.

James:  [20:11] They’re trying to steal our trade secrets.

Amanda Kemp:  [20:15] You guys got us roped into it actually.

Jim:  [20:17] OK. Let’s get into that.

James:  [20:19] That’s what we were told. Tell us from the other side how that story really went down. That’s what we want to hear. First, Amanda from Huntsville, if you don’t mind, introduce yourself. We act like everybody already knows you. Please.

Amanda:  [20:33] I’m Amanda Kemp from Huntsville Utilities and I do visual media administrator.

James:  [20:38] What does that mean?

Amanda:  [20:40] I take pictures and I do video.

Jim:  [20:44] Wait a minute. Hence, a podcast.

Amanda:  [20:47] Hence, a podcast.

James:  [20:48] You’re the competing…You’re the reason we’re competing.

Amanda:  [20:52] Well, no. John O. had this idea.

James:  [20:56] The Colonel. Had on earlier.

Amanda:  [20:56] Thanks to you guys. [laughs] He was like, “This is what we’re going to do. When I become chair for APGA, I want to have a podcast,” and then he left the room. [laughs] I was like…

James:  [21:09] Might drop it.

Amanda:  [21:10] his job was done. Then I had to figure out the gear. [laughs]

James:  [21:14] What does that mean?

Amanda:  [21:16] I was like, “All right, I got to get the microphones and then I’ve got to get the video.”

James:  [21:20] That’s why we connected. It was like when I told you, “Hey, we’re going to start a podcast,” and you were like, “Sweet,” and then you left the room and I had to do all the work.

Jim:  [21:30] I didn’t know what a podcast was and then he said Zoom. I said, “What is Zoom?”

James:  [21:34] You definitely did not like Zoom.

Jim:  [21:34] This is right at the beginning of the COVID.

Amanda:  [21:37] Podcast, video podcasts, not just the audience.

James:  [21:41] What? That’s what that, right? That’s what all the cool kids are doing. There’s a little more lift to that. I saw you all set up over there. We were joking about it.

Jim:  [21:49] Three cameras.

Amanda:  [21:50] We’re learning.

James:  [21:51] You got to travel, you got to it figure out but we’ve already kind of connected and said after this, we’re going to get all of our groups together and chat about how you make this thing sustainable.

Jim:  [22:03] Because we want that.

James:  [22:04] All that. Because we’ve learned a lot over two and a half years and we’re an open book.

Jim:  [22:08] What’s that? We learn by our mistakes?

James:  [22:10] We can’t make all the mistakes, right? So we have to rely on others.

Jim:  [22:13] We made a few.

James:  [22:14] To show us.

Amanda:  [22:14] Yeah.

James:  [22:16] Awesome. How’s it been here at the APGA? First time at the APGA?

Amanda:  [22:21] I did get to go to one other conference.

James:  [22:23] Which was?

Amanda:  [22:24] The first one was…gosh, where were we?

James:  [22:27] Sta. Fe?

Amanda:  [22:28] No, it was the…

Jim:  [22:29] Memphis? Minneapolis?

Amanda:  [22:31] Minneapolis.

Jim:  [22:32] Minneapolis.

Amanda:  [22:33] Yeah, that’s where I was. I’d never been to one. That was my feet in the water kind of event.

James:  [22:39] The main voyage.

Amanda:  [22:42] I had to shoot a few episodes there too.

Jim:  [22:45] We saw them.

James:  [22:46] So that was y’all’s first time.

Amanda:  [22:48] That was our first…yeah.

James:  [22:49] On the road doing that.

Amanda:  [22:50] Yes. If you’re on LinkedIn, you can check them out. Freedom to Fuel. You can see episode one.

James:  [22:57] I’m sure they’ll link it up in the comments.

Amanda:  [22:59] Episode one. I think we’re up to episode eight.

Jim:  [23:03] That’s awesome.

James:  [23:04] That’s fantastic. We’ll send you our episode one.

Jim:  [23:08] Oh, my gosh. It is the funniest.

Amanda:  [23:11] I’ve got to see it.

James:  [23:12] It’s great.

Jim:  [23:12] It’s awful.

James:  [23:13] Actually, the first two, we’ll send you links to them because the second one’s even funnier when we had our first guest.

Jim:  [23:19] Jason Crowe.

James:  [23:20] Oh my God. It’s the most cringe‑y…

Jim:  [23:24] I was the worst.

James:  [23:24] thing.

Jim:  [23:25] I was absolutely the worst.

James:  [23:26] At the end, I said something like…because we’re in a pandemic. I pray that all of you are safe and I was just going to say one thing. Then Jim does the same and then our guest is like…We’re all just sitting there praying together.

Amanda:  [23:44] Awesome. We had a moment.

James:  [23:46] It is fantastic. We had 100 episodes. We did a look back and that was some of the content we pulled, and then we had talked about it. That one is gold. Jimmy has a two‑minute outro on it. Like and share and comment, subscribe.

Jim:  [24:02] Follow us on LinkedIn and do this. If you click this button on your LinkedIn browser, you can actually…

Amanda:  [24:10] Oh yeah. Did you tell him where the button was? In the bottom right‑hand…

Jim:  [24:14] It was terrible.

Amanda:  [24:15] OK.

Jim:  [24:16] Then I would read everything. We were scripted.

James:  [24:19] We had a script.

Jim:  [24:21] Thank you for joining.

James:  [24:22] You kind of went through some of it too.

Amanda:  [24:26] Yeah. We have another podcast that we do for Huntsville Utilities that Todd and I do, the HUTV.

James:  [24:11] That we’re going to be on, right?

Amanda:  [24:14] Yes, absolutely. We started it as live. Learned very quickly, you don’t go live.

James:  [24:35] Never. Not with John Olshefski…Just kidding.

Amanda:  [24:38] No.

James:  [24:40] With anyone, it’s hard.

Amanda:  [24:41] With anybody. You get deer in the headlights and so, that was awkward. We said, OK, we won’t go live anymore. Now, we’re going to go totally scripted. Try the script alignment.

James:  [24:55] Hello. My name is James.

Jim:  [24:57] No, no. My name is J…James. You read along.

James:  [25:02] It’s hard.

Amanda:  [25:03] Or the “Wait, what is that?” Yeah.

Jim:  [25:03] Oh, it’s a camera.

Amanda:  [25:12] There you go.

Jim:  [25:13] Oh, I know what we’re doing.

Amanda:  [25:16] Exactly.

James:  [25:14] I just love to see other people going down this path. When we can get together, we joked with the Colonel but just…It’s almost like a support group now that we have. There’s a group of us that communicate in this mobile that understand that.

Amanda:  [25:31] And don’t think utilities need us.

Jim:  [25:33] The industry needs us. They really do. That’s the fuel, no pun intended here, but that fire is us, is that when we get one person says “That really helped,” or “I got something out of that,” or “I passed it on to a friend,” anything, whether it’s a thought leadership, the seven habits or something about regulators or something that CNG or whatever the case may be.

James:  [25:54] It’s the podcast.

Jim:  [25:55] Yeah.

James:  [25:56] Just kidding. We’re abundance mentality. It’s a running joke with the Colonel.

Jim:  [26:02] I will sit over here a little bit went on. Just kidding.

James:  [26:05] It’s awesome. Hey, good to meet you. Really, we will come on and be on the show. We love being on the other side of the mic. Just say the word.

Amanda:  [26:15] I love it. All right. Thank you.

James:  [26:17] We’ll be back.

[26:18] This people running by.

Jim:  [26:21] Look at this.

James:  [26:21] Todd understand. Todd’s a professional. We have a little action going on right there.

Jim:  [26:34] Todd Short?

James:  [26:35] No.

Jim:  [26:36] Todd…

Todd Long:  [26:36] Long.

Jim:  [26:36] With?

Todd:  [26:36] Huntsville Utilities.

Jim:  [26:37] It took a long time to do that.

James:  [26:39] I thought you all were professionals. How you doing, Todd?

Todd:  [26:42] Doing good. How you doing?

James:  [26:44] Very nice to meet you in person. Enjoyed your work. We’re on quite the Huntsville run right now, aren’t we?

Jim:  [26:49] We are on a huge Huntsville run right now. I got to meet Todd. I walked up to Todd Monday night, just out of the blue. I saw him out of the corner of my eye. It was Todd Long. I go to him and he looks at me like, “Hey, who’s this weird guy next to me?”

Todd:  [27:07] In my defense, the guy who was more in the drinks was being very generous.

Jim:  [27:13] Allegedly.

James:  [27:14] That’s what happened to me yesterday.

Todd:  [27:15] That was…

James:  [27:17] I think I got over‑served. I got one spilt on me too. I walked out of my speaking spot yesterday on a high guy out there, walked around, turned into a guy with the whole drinking…I swear. That’s why I smell like ginger.

Jim:  [27:33] You got one little cocktail napkin and try to dry it off.

James:  [27:37] He was, “Here you go.” I don’t know who it was. I wasn’t mad at it. It was just funny. It was just…Todd, how’s it going?

Todd:  [27:42] It’s going well. It’s going very well. It’s been a really good conference.

James:  [27:45] Been a busy week with the podcast I have been recording. How many y’all get in the Con this week?

Todd:  [27:50] Oh gosh, we did at least five on Monday night. Then we did two last night with one with you guys. We appreciate that a lot.

James:  [28:02] Content, content. We need all.

Jim:  [28:02] Those were long ones too.

Todd:  [28:03] Much longer that we usually do, but…

James:  [28:06] I think it was 78 minutes last night. No, it felt long. They were waving us off. They were playing the music.

Jim:  [28:15] The lights were going off.

Todd:  [28:17] The staff wanted to put the chairs away, but…no.

James:  [28:25] No, we keep running. It’s hard to get Colonel Olshefski to be quiet.

Jim:  [28:24] Allegedly. Remember, we always use the term allegedly. Todd, let me ask you a question.

Todd:  [28:27] OK.

Jim:  [28:27] Yesterday at the beginning of the podcast, you went into this TV voice that was like I might end snap.

James:  [28:33] You got to do it for us here. Could you do a quick intro, “Coffee with Jim & James”?

Todd:  [28:38] Welcome to the Coffee with Jim & James, brought to you by Energy Worldnet.

Jim:  [28:42] I get the shivers.

James:  [28:45] Todd Troy Hudson.

Todd:  [28:48] My wife accuses me…We’ll go to restaurants and the waitress will come up and say, “Hi. I’m, you know, would you like to hear the special” I’m like, “Yeah, let me hear about your menu.” She says I’m flirting with the waitresses, but I don’t. I do it out of habit.

[29:02] My dad was a minister, 35 years. That was the thing. He stressed to both my brother…I have an older brother and myself that you speak clearly, you use proper grammar. Because that’s how he made his living. People always say, “Well, did you ever think about following in his footsteps?”

[29:24] I tell them I kind of did because he was like in “The Godfather” when Tom Hagen says, “You have a very special practice. You have one client.” My dad was a PR guy who had one really powerful client. [laughs]

Jim:  [29:36] The most powerful.

Todd:  [29:38] Right. I’ve been in television and radio and marketing for all my career. My older brother who lives outside of DC is a writer and he teaches public relations at Georgetown. And so, we did. My oldest son is about to graduate from the same college I went to, Southeast Missouri State in Cape Girardeau, with the same degree that I walked out of there.

[29:58] He’ll be graduating next year. It’s carrying on the family business.

Jim:  [30:02] Is there an opening at Huntsville for him to come in?

Todd:  [30:04] I hope there’s an opening somewhere. I got to give him half of my payroll because his…

James:  [30:08] Amazing how the energy world is nowadays.

Todd:  [30:12] His younger brother started college this year and his younger sister who turned 16 today will be starting college pretty soon. I did the math because I’m not…being…That’s why I studied Communications because there’s no math requirement.

[30:27] There’s a 12‑year span. I have at least one child in college. As soon as I can get them on somebody else’s payroll. That’s what I want.

James:  [30:35] Love it. Todd, you have been doing great things over there. We’ve been watching the podcast.

Jim:  [30:40] Freedom of the Fuel.

James:  [30:41] We love seeing it come together and all of it. You all put a lot of work in there and the whole team behind the scenes.

Todd:  [30:45] I appreciate that. When John came to me and said, “I really want to do this,” and he said why he wanted to do it. I’ve only been working in the utility space for a little over five years now, but it’s been an incredible learning experience for me because you just don’t ‑‑ unless you’re in this world ‑‑ understand what it takes.

[31:06] We all take flipping the light switch, turning the water on and the heat. We just take it when we flip the switch, it’s supposed to be there. You just don’t understand what it takes to do that and all the wrangling that goes on at the legislative level.

[31:20] So many people who want to have a say in how you heat your home, which strikes me as being guy who grew up in the Midwest, “You ain’t going to tell me how to heat my house. This is my house. I want to heat it with starting a fire in the living room. That’s what I’m going to do.” I wouldn’t.

James:  [31:36] Don’t burn my kitchen table, I think.

Todd:  [31:38] That’s why my insurance is so high, I guess. That’s why I go through houses so quickly. See. Yeah, we should have this freedom to choose how we want to run our lives. It’s not just…We focus on in the energy sector, but that’s just…If you don’t want to use natural gas, don’t use natural gas.

James:  [32:01] That’s freedom.

Jim:  [32:02] It’s their choice to do so.

Todd:  [32:03] It should be your freedom to turn your gas on.

Jim:  [32:07] We got into a little bit yesterday. I’ll just recap that. When I lived in Minnesota for 20 years, we relied on a natural gas furnace for our survival as with pretty much everybody that I knew of there had the same. Now, I have friends in Arizona and now, I live in Florida. We rely on electricity.

[32:24] We need AC, we need desiccant. We need to take moisture out of the house. We need those items.

Todd:  [32:30] The thing that’s a little frightening is one of my colleagues here who’s from Minnesota said that the local electric utility where she lives is now running an incentive saying, “Hey, you pull the natural gas at your house, switch to this electric heat pump and we’ll give you a little bit of rebate.” That rebate is not going to come anywhere close to covering your heating costs when those Minnesota winters hit.

[32:51] It’s terribly misleading for them to be doing that.

James:  [32:56] For sure. Well, we are wrapping up here at APGA, but I’ve got a very important question.

Jim:  [33:03] Do it. Do it.

James:  [33:05] The first one I’m going to ask. You ready for this?

Todd:  [33:07] I’m ready.

James:  [33:08] What color of Starburst do you pick?

Todd:  [33:10] I would pick the red one.

James:  [33:11] Why?

Todd:  [33:13] Because the yellow ones to me are a little too sour and the pink ones aren’t strong enough flavored. Orange…

James:  [33:20] Orange is garbage.

Todd:  [33:23] Orange just doesn’t appeal to me. I would go with the red.

James:  [33:25] Jimmy, there was never a doubt you would choose red.

Jim:  [33:28] We need a strong, I need…

James:  [33:30] That’s what I wanted to hear. That’s fair, OK. That’s all the hard‑hitting questions.

Todd:  [33:36] OK. Can I give a real quick shout out? You guys have talked about freedom to fuel and we appreciate that. You guys are the reason we’re doing freedom to fuel for a lot of reasons. We appreciate that.

Jim:  [33:46] We’re proud to help.

Todd:  [33:48] We need all the help we can get, but there’s another show and you guys had Amanda here on earlier. Amanda and I have a show called HUTV, Huntsville Utilities Television, that we try to do weekly. We don’t always succeed because we have other things to do, but we’ve been doing that for…We’re in our third season of that.

[34:05] It’s basically our attempt to pull back the curtain and show people like this is what it takes to give you your utilities and because I monitor all the social media, first, onto [inaudible] . You might see a lot of the same question coming in and so we’ll start answering those questions.

[34:19] We answered direct questions from the viewers and we…what I like to refer to, as we sandwich the whole thing in silliness. We do silly stuff. I handle the silly stuff, Amanda handles the serious stuff, and then I put some more silly stuff on the end. It’s won an award and we’re really proud of it.

Jim:  [34:35] An award‑winning show, HUTV. Where do we find it?

Todd:  [34:39] You can find it on the Huntsville Utilities YouTube channel. Just go to YouTube and type in Huntsville Utilities. We post that, you can see all the episodes there. Whenever a new episode comes out, we’ll put it on Facebook, we put a link on LinkedIn, Instagram. We’re also on Twitter or probably on other things I don’t remember, but just follow us on all those.

[35:02] Because, like I said, I got three kids I’m trying to get through college and I can use all the help I can get.

Jim:  [35:07] Let’s help him. HUTV.

James:  [35:09] I’ve caught a couple of episodes before.

Todd:  [35:11] Thank you very much, guys. It’s been a lot of fun week hanging out with you, guys.

Jim:  [35:14] Oh yeah, we’re not done yet.

Todd:  [35:16] No, no, we still got a day to go.

James:  [35:17] All right. Hey, we’ll be right back.

[35:19] We’re back again. One of our good friends, Mr. Ben Warren from Citizens. Ben, welcome to the show. We’ve been stalking you silent. We’re just hoping you would join the podcast.

Jim:  [35:32] Listen to you, we have been stalking him.

James:  [35:34] I’m telling him. He threw us a bone, here he is.

Jim:  [35:37] You know what he said? He goes, “I can squeeze you in my schedule.”

James:  [35:40] After my meeting.

Ben Warren:  [35:42] Listen to him.

James:  [35:43] It’s after 9:00.

Ben:  [35:43] It’s not a squeeze‑in. It’s an honor and a privilege to chat with you all.

Jim:  [35:47] We’ve been friends for a long time, and it’s great to have you on because I don’t think you’ve been on yet, have you?

Ben:  [35:52] I don’t think so. I did a brief one at one of the conferences at AGA.

James:  [35:56] See, that’s what I thought. The original one, right?

Ben:  [35:59] It was early on.

James:  [35:54] The black and pink background at AGA?

Ben:  [35:57] I think it might have been.

James:  [35:59] Jim Orlando.

Ben:  [36:00] I think it was in Florida.

Jim:  [36:02] That’s coming back.

James:  [35:55] That was a long time ago.

Ben:  [35:57] Yes, it’s been a minute.

James:  [35:59] That was the first live event we ever did. We’re a lot better now.

Jim:  [36:15] I won’t say that.

James:  [36:16] I don’t want to beat that drum too long, but let’s lean into that.

Ben:  [36:19] It’s so great, to begin with. I mean you just keep moving up.

James:  [36:20] What’s funny is the hodgepodge. I have not talked about it in my session yesterday, but the hodgepodge behind the scenes of how that booth came to be. If you knew all the failures behind it, you never saw it. Never knew it. But, man, we threw some of that together.

Jim:  [36:38] Are you talking about the one at Orlando that we had problems?

James:  [36:40] I’m just saying…Yeah.

Jim:  [36:42] See, I didn’t even know but I didn’t…I was there. I didn’t participate in the building.

James:  [36:47] The amount of hours that went into bringing that content back. Our team is just incredible.

Jim:  [36:51] I got what you’re saying.

James:  [36:53] We pulled it off, but that’s one of those. There’s no pictures on the scorecard thing.

Ben:  [36:57] I was going to say…

James:  [36:58] I’m glad everybody’s like, “I thought that was great.”

Ben:  [36:59] It’s what you shared yesterday. Those aren’t failures. Those are successes in progress.

James:  [37:03] For sure.

Ben:  [37:04] I got to smile about that right there but I mean in all seriousness, I think it’s noted what you shared yesterday and that is, when we allow fear to take over, it inhibits us from any kind of progress. To your point, we got to keep moving.

James:  [37:20] Sometimes that’s not very pretty.

Ben:  [37:21] It’s not, it’s not. We fall down, we get skinned up, and we stand up.

James:  [37:25] Dragging yourself through it, right?

Ben:  [37:27] We move through, yeah.

James:  [37:28] We’re at APGA, great association.

Jim:  [37:31] Wonderful.

James:  [37:32] How’s the event been for you?

Ben:  [37:34] It has been superb. I just want to give a shout‑out to APGA, their staff and the coordination efforts that they’ve done this week to align not just industry colleagues, but state and federal regulators speaks to that. And the conversations that are occurring and that included with that is everything on the whole contract partnership scale that’s going on.

[37:56] It’s conversations from everything that’s underground to above ground to how do we work together to accomplish some of these chemicals that are going on. APGA coordination of that is significant. It’s a lot of work they put into it, but I think we’re all reaping some of the fruits of that.

Jim:  [38:13] I think we all are, absolutely. The buzz around the halls, it’s the same type of thing. That’s what I’m hearing.

James:  [38:20] Yeah. I like the amount of sharing going on here. We were live at Louisiana Gas Association Conference. What, in June, July?

Jim:  [38:30] Yeah.

James:  [38:32] The Pipeline Safety Council.

Jim:  [38:33] July, yep.

James:  [38:35] That I kind of saw it there too.

Ben:  [38:38] OK.

James:  [38:38] And so, I hope it’s a trend, and if it’s not, we should trend it. Associations, if you’re listening, we want to see regulators and everybody in rooms talking, sharing. That fills my cup when I see it happening within our industry.

Jim:  [38:56] I would agree. Receiving here are some of the discussions and presentations with regulators have been packed right to the wall.

James:  [39:05] I love the panels too.

Ben:  [39:06] Oh, absolutely. It’s where you get a group effort and a conversation piece of that, because the collective ideas of many is what gets us to the best result.

James:  [39:14] Yeah, the safety culture one this morning was fantastic and I’m a culture nerd but I was on the front row.

Ben:  [39:20] We are going to be a nerd about something, right?

James:  [39:23] I like it. I just love it. It’s one of the things within the industry that I could…It make sense for me. It’s just a no‑brainer. And so, I love seeing other people’s perspective and especially folks that have it implemented, doing safety culture assessments, and things like that, that I can listen to their stories and go, “That’s what we’re talking about.”

Ben:  [39:41] Yeah. It’s critical to survival. Just like you were sharing the other day.

Jim:  [39:48] Survival, growth, all of it.

Ben:  [39:51] Just survival is right, growth and opportunity.

James:  [39:53] Ben, awesome.

Jim:  [39:56] Thank you for joining us.

James:  [39:57] We’re going to have you on just to chat for a full episode.

Jim:  [40:01] We should do that sometime. We really dive in deep in the Citizens and everything that they have going on because it is…

James:  [40:06] Relationship we had and work closely together, it’s fine.

Jim:  [40:10] Absolutely. Unbelievable.

Ben:  [40:11] I’ll be glad to do that.

James:  [40:14] Good to see you.

Ben:  [40:13] Thank you.

James:  [40:14] We’ll be right back.

Ben:  [40:15] Bye. Quite sure.

Jim:  [40:16] We are back.

James:  [40:16] We are. James, my day, our day will not be complete without a visit…

James:  [40:24] I was going to say that… [laughs] Last time we were on, we’re already laughing because earlier, I was like talking, I was talking to Nick and turn your name tag over. Remember the little conversation we had last time when we were with Nick?

Jim:  [40:42] Which one?

James:  [40:42] That he’s not with Versiv.

Jim:  [40:45] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

James:  [40:58] We won’t bring out. We won’t bring anything out.

Jim:  [41:02] Everything it says Versiv, he’s like, “Well, I’m actually at corporate Artera.”

James:  [41:06] We’re not the only one that may have done mistake so welcome to the show. What an interact.

Nick Pero:  [41:14] Good to be back.

James:  [40:59] As we go through.

Jim:  [41:01] Trifecta?

James:  [41:02] Nick Pero, right?

Nick:  [41:04] Correct.

James:  [41:04] At first, I called you Pero and you let me.

Nick:  [41:07] I’ve been called Piers.

Jim:  [41:08] Pero.

James:  [41:10] Last time I remember it was Pero like your real, real.

Jim:  [41:13] Good to see you, brother. You doing all right?

James:  [41:15] That’s what I’m made up to remember.

Jim:  [41:17] What’s new at Artera? What is new with Versiv? What is new with ESG?

James:  [41:22] I thought you were just in Indiana, building houses.

Nick:  [41:27] Absolutely.

James:  [41:28] Your social media came…

Jim:  [41:29] I missed that. Was it like Habitat for Humanity?

James:  [41:30] Yeah.

Jim:  [41:31] Good.

James:  [41:31] Tell us about it.

Jim:  [41:33] What happened?

Nick:  [41:34] We had a great opportunity out there with the Miller Pipeline team. Habitat for Humanity, two days of siding, of roofing. Not so much of roofing but soffits. Really cool opportunity. We’re excited to…The ESG on my roles. A lot of E. A lot of the environmental thing.

[41:56] It’s really nice to get that’s social piece of it.

James:  [41:59] You said that last time while we were on. You said how that part was so important. It’s nice to get your hands on it.

Nick:  [42:07] Absolutely. I think all my bruises and my scrapes are gone because…

James:  [42:11] How’s Laura doing? Where you all side by side?

Nick:  [42:14] I think her back might be a little sore, but…

Jim:  [42:17] Yeah, Mrs. Mauro was there.

Nick:  [42:22] We had a great showing for the…

Jim:  [42:23] How many days were you on‑site building?

Nick:  [42:25] We’re on‑site two days.

Jim:  [42:26] That’s not bad.

James:  [42:27] Very cool. Good show so far at APGA?

Nick:  [42:31] Yeah, absolutely. Great show.

James:  [42:33] A lot of good traffic. A lot of good folks. We were here last year.

Nick:  [42:36] We were in Memphis, right?

James:  [42:38] Yeah. Was that where we met or did we meet before that? I might have been there. After my talk.

Jim:  [42:46] Wait, wasn’t that after AGA?

James:  [42:49] Oh, that’s right.

Jim:  [42:50] We got to know each other in AGA. That’s really where we got to know each other.

Nick:  [42:54] I’m not going to lie. I struggle with what I did about 10 minutes ago. [laughs]

Jim:  [42:57] No, no, no. AGA in Orlando because then we joined the party that are terror through for bringing Versiv on.

James:  [43:07] But we really got to know each other…

Jim:  [43:10] Sure, over the time.

James:  [43:11] Next few events, any WN con?

Jim:  [43:14] Yep. I would say Nick and the whole team are very good friends of ours.

Nick:  [43:20] Absolutely.

James:  [43:21] Don’t look at me…We’re getting there.

Jim:  [43:22] Did you see him?

James:  [43:26] I’m kidding. Nick’s close enough that we can joke with.

Nick:  [43:29] Literally, we’re close enough already.

James:  [43:31] We are. Knee to knee. That’s where Brené Brown says, all the good things happen knee to knee. All the tough conversations should happen knee to knee and all the good one.

Jim:  [43:40] This is a good conversation. That’s all I’m going to say.

James:  [43:44] I love it. I love it. Any concessions that you…You were on the panel for RNG, weren’t you?

Nick:  [43:48] Yeah.

Jim:  [43:49] Tell us about that. Give us a little glimpse of the RNG.

James:  [43:51] Just the flyover.

Nick:  [43:51] The flyover? RNG market’s complicated and we’re learning as we got a…

Nick:  [43:57] RNG is really coming around and really becoming more and more of an important topic for our utility customers. We’re digging in deep here and see how we can help and really trying to just educate. Educate ourselves in the industry.

James:  [44:17] Well attended?

Nick:  [44:19] Very well attended.

James:  [44:20] We didn’t catch it, Jimmy.

Nick:  [44:21] You guys too busy to check it out.

James:  [44:24] We were recording. We were recording during that time.

Jim:  [44:25] We were.

James:  [44:26] I apologize.

Jim:  [44:26] But we got to catch up afterwards or at some point, we’re out here in the hallway. Talk about RNG, we just started to geek out a little bit because in my past, we used to pull gas off a landfill and deliver to the grid and then I went back to my Minnesota days where corn packing plants have so much husk that is built up that they ‑‑ this is 15, 18 years ago ‑‑ wanted to sell the methane that was being emitted from that,.

[44:53] From decaying. Yeah, from…

Nick:  [44:54] Decomposing?

Jim:  [44:55] Yeah. When we’re talking about husks, we’re not talking about…

James:  [44:58] It’s a major compost pot.

Jim:  [44:59] football fields, size‑wise, of husks. There’s a lot of opportunities.

Nick:  [45:05] Yeah, absolutely. It’s really cool to think about using a product that’s normally flared, or just spent right now. That 25, 28, and 1 CO2 equivalent, put it back in the pipe and using it.

James:  [45:19] No clue what you just said. You all do that all the time.

Jim:  [45:22] We try to.

James:  [45:22] You’ll just be pull stuff out and sound really smart.

Nick:  [45:25] I just make it all up.

James:  [45:26] You all have the background, right? I’m just trying to get there. I’m building my background. I’ll use that next time. Whatever you said, what did you say?

Nick:  [45:33] Methane when vented into the atmosphere is 25, 28 depends on what your resource is.

James:  [45:40] 25, 28, what?

Nick:  [45:42] Has a 25, 28 times higher global warm potential…

James:  [45:46] Got you.

Nick:  [45:46] than if you burn it then CO2. Again, that’s reverse of.

Jim:  [45:55] It’s there. Let’s grab it. Let’s start using this. It’s there. We don’t have to do with them. We just have to capture it.

Nick:  [46:02] Absolutely.

James:  [46:02] In the meantime, listen to a commercial.

James:  [46:04] Laure is going to be so proud of you. So proud.

Nick:  [46:09] That he brought a point.

James:  [46:10] We just need Danny to take a picture of us while we’re on here so that we can share it. She would be so proud of us. Good to see you, brother.

Jim:  [46:18] Let’s kick out on RNG some more.

James:  [46:21] We’ll be right back.

James:  [46:22] Jimbo, Jimbo, Jim. We’ve made it to the end, my friend. Like it or not, it’s the truth. Bittersweet.

Jim:  [46:33] It is bittersweet. I always hate leaving conferences. It’s very…I almost say it’s depressing for me, but it’s a bummer because I…

James:  [46:40] Bittersweet is perfect.

Jim:  [46:40] Yeah, bittersweet is good because it’s wonderful being here. Got to get back in the swing of things.

James:  [46:45] Nothing bad happened.

Jim:  [46:46] Oh no, no, no.

James:  [46:48] That’s bittersweet. That’s perfect.

Jim:  [46:49] Talking to nonstop people all the time, it’s just energizing, and then when you think that it’s over…

James:  [46:58] It’s exhausting.

Jim:  [46:59] It is.

James:  [47:00] It’s funny, right? It fills your cup and depletes almost in the same breath. It’s great to end on someone like Ted where we just talk absolutely nothing…

Jim:  [47:10] It was crazy.

James:  [47:11] on the conference.

Jim:  [47:12] Colonel Pops and Joe Pops said…We’re talking about Tennessee football, I’m like I learned something.

James:  [47:18] That’s who we are, right?

Jim:  [47:19] Yeah.

James:  [47:20] The best part here is catching up with people.

Jim:  [47:23] We’re giving the audience a glimpse of actually what happens when you just…

James:  [47:26] That’s exactly right.

Jim:  [47:27] have organic conversations and as you said, then it leads into what do you do as a business? What’s your model? What are your solutions? What do you do? Then the conversations really flow.

James:  [47:40] Kelsey Klinger killed it, killed it yesterday, very proud of her. Very proud of being able to speak. I tell you last night, I went to my hotel room and you were there.

Jim:  [47:52] I wasn’t at your hotel room.

James:  [47:53] [laughs] No. You were there yesterday in our speaking.

Jim:  [47:56] At your presentation.

James:  [47:58] Yeah. We had one video out of the whole thing that didn’t play because…

Jim:  [48:07] Technical stuff.

James:  [48:08] Doesn’t matter. Drop‑in topic.

Man:  [48:10] Drop‑in topic.

James:  [48:11] What is it?

Man:  [48:12] Let’s do winner of the World Series this year? Go.

James:  [48:18] Who’s in…the Braves.

Man:  [48:19] The Yankees were in there, the Astros were in there.

James:  [48:23] OK. I’m going to go with…

Jim:  [48:28] I got to go with Astros because that’s my hometown Houston or one of my hometown.

James:  [48:32] I’m going to go with the Yankees because that one dude hits home runs.

Jim:  [48:36] Oh yeah, yeah, he’s like 16 hits.

James:  [48:38] All right. What were you saying?

Jim:  [48:41] We were talking about the presentation yesterday and get a little bit of a glitch.

James:  [48:45] Yeah, we have a little bit of an issue with a video and so, of course, being the critics that we are of ourselves sometimes, right, what do I do? I go right back to got to iron that out, got to fix it. What’s going on? Not the other 98 percent of that was a presentation, that was great.

Jim:  [49:03] Flawless.

James:  [49:04] Let’s not even also to mention how great Kelsey did, right? And so, I get home and I realize I’m just sitting in it. Depress like we do and then I go for two years in a row. I told you this is my…two years in a row. I’ve got to address the General Session at APGA at this conference.

[49:26] By invite, practically. I was like, “That’s pretty good bit.”

Jim:  [49:34] It’s not a good deal, it’s wonderful. It’s a validation that people are meeting, wanting, desiring, hearing your message, your passion about culture, your passion about people.

James:  [49:45] We talked culture this week, all week.

Jim:  [49:48] You just don’t talk it, you live it. That’s what makes you who you are, James. I look up to you all the time in regards to that because you are absolutely a role model.

James:  [49:59] That’s really sweet.

Jim:  [50:00] You are.

James:  [50:01] Lots of really awesome conversations with companies this week that are going through some things and questioning where they’re headed. I don’t know. I think the message landed with some folks that maybe we’re searching. That’s all we can hope for, for sure.

[50:20] Hey, we always talk about touching, being able to affect someone’s life positively any chance we get. I’m up there speaking and said that anybody get anything from last year and two people raise their hands. I thought, “Hey, we doubled our quota.”

Jim:  [50:39] One person, if we affect one person in a positive way, we’ve done our role. We’ve done our job.

James:  [50:45] It was great to bring the show to APGA. It’s good to be in Savannah.

Jim:  [50:51] I said it’s bittersweet having to sign off. I wish we were going for three more days.

James:  [50:56] Glad everybody’s getting a pecan. Hope we were able to do it justice. We will be live back in December. Hopefully.

Jim:  [51:05] I think we’re going to a pipeline safety conference, yes.

James:  [51:09] With our friends out there who’ve invited us actually speak on thought leadership, perfectly keynoting it.

Jim:  [51:15] We’re the first presentation of the conference right after the keynote.

James:  [51:20] Do they know us?

Jim:  [51:21] Randall Hand knows…I’m surprised. Randall, he knows us. So that’s why. It’s going to be great.

James:  [51:29] All right. Hey, everybody, we’re going to sign off. Thanks again. Thanks for checking in on us. Hopefully, we did this thing justice. Jimmy, it was good to see you.

Jim:  [51:37] Always, brother. Are you kidding, man?

James:  [51:39] All right, man. We’ll be back. Oh, we won’t be back.

Jim:  [51:44] We will see you out there on the waves.

James:  [51:46] Next time. Bye‑bye, everybody. See you.


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