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CWJJ Episode 115: EWNCON: Part 1
May 19, 2022
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CWJJ Episode 116: EWNCON Recap
May 26, 2022

CWJJ Episode 115: EWNCON: Part 2

ewncon part2

Thursday, May 19- EWNCON 2022 was a success. Jim and James recorded live to give you all back at home a small glimpse into what EWNCON is all about.

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Episode Transcript

 [0:00] [music]

Jim Schauer:  [0:23] We barely even moved.

James Cross:  [0:24] We are back.

Jim:  [0:25] We barely moved. With us is our friend Aron Salazar from LineQuest. Aron…

Aron Salazar:  [0:29] That’s correct. Yes, sir.

Jim:  [0:31] thank you for joining us.

James:  [0:32] Good to see you, Aron.

Aron:  [0:34] James, Jim.

[0:35] [crosstalk]

James:  [0:35] Nice to see you, brother.

Aron:  [0:37] Thank you.

Jim:  [0:38] Aron, what do you think about EWNCON? What has been your biggest takeaway on just the opening day so far?

Aron:  [0:44] This is the first time that I’ve attended and very impressed with the people that I met, the connections, the overall professionalism and the layout, how everything has been approached and the support that we’ve receive. It’s a great event.

James:  [1:04] Great event, great company. We’ll take that.

Jim:  [1:08] I like that.

James:  [1:09] Sounds like a compliment.

Jim:  [1:11] It sounds like a paid endorsement.

Aron:  [1:13] Oh yeah…

[1:14] [crosstalk]

James:  [1:14] Did y’all play golf together?

Jim:  [1:16] No, we didn’t.

James:  [1:17] Did you pay him?

Jim:  [1:18] No. My team did win today, though. I will say that.

Aron:  [1:14] Yes, you did.

Jim:  [1:15] We got a trophy.

Aron:  [1:17] 15 under, and we shot par.

James:  [1:19] We shot two over…

Aron:  [1:21] Honest golf is what the EWN announcement says. I’d bet that’s an oxymoron. [laughs]

James:  [1:26] Honest golf? We didn’t say that.

James:  [1:29] Aron, we’re asking everybody one question, my friend, one question. It’s our campaign for this conference, for our company. What does be brave mean to you?

Aron:  [1:46] What does what?

James:  [1:48] Be brave mean to you?

Aron:  [1:51] I think it goes along with being able to maintain that professionalism, maintain that high level.

[2:02] We do a lot of operator qualifications. We do the internal operator qualification for our company. You have to set yourself apart from the other companies as far as qualifying people and putting qualified people out in the industry that is going to represent your company. That’s not always an easy thing.

[2:26] You know as well as I do, in operations, we want to get these guys out there soon as possible. That doesn’t always promote the best…

James:  [2:38] Safety.

Aron:  [2:38] safety, the best people that are going to be out there. We want to make sure that we are following regulations and qualifying the guys that we want to that are going to represent our company.

James:  [2:49] No doubt. Man, different answer every time.

Jim:  [2:52] I love it.

James:  [2:53] I love it, man.

Jim:  [2:54] The spectrum is fantastic.

Aron:  [2:55] Sure.

James:  [2:56] Aron, nice to meet you, brother.

Aron:  [2:58] Yes. Thank you.

Jim:  [2:59] Thank you for joining us.

Aron:  [3:01] Absolutely.

James:  [3:02] We’re going to be right back, live from the reception.

Jim:  [3:05] See you.

James:  [3:06] Look how slim and trim this guy is. What day are you on?

[3:12] Jason Crowe:  64.

James:  [3:13] We’re back, by the way.

Jim:  [3:14] We are back.

James:  [3:14] What day are you on?

[3:16] Jason:  64.

Jim:  [3:16] Out of how many days?

James:  [3:17] 64 out of 75.

[3:19] Jason:  75.

Jim:  [3:19] That’s the thing…

James:  [3:21] Hard 75.

Jim:  [3:21] Hard 75.

[3:22] Jason:  75 Hard, yes.

James:  [3:24] Look at him, slim, trim, looking good. Jason Crowe…

[3:27] Jason:  Good to see you, brothers.

Jim:  [3:30] When we think of Jason Crowe…

James:  [3:32] Green Equipment. Also…

Jim:  [3:33] I don’t know if it’s Superman.

James:  [3:31] don’t forget…

Jim:  [3:32] I don’t know if it’s a cape crusader.

James:  [3:31] I don’t know, man.

[3:32] Jason:  It’s good to see you guys.

Jim:  [3:35] It’s good to see you, brother.

[3:38] Jason:  God, I missed you both. [laughs]

Jim:  [3:40] I missed you, brother.

James:  [3:42] [laughs] It’s something special being live.

[3:44] Jason:  It is.

James:  [3:45] No doubt about it.

[3:46] Jason:  Oh, thank you.

Jim:  [3:48] Look, he’s…

James:  [3:49] Water on delivery.

Jim:  [3:50] handlers.

James:  [3:50] I tell you what.

Jim:  [3:52] This guy is a superstar. Jason…

James:  [3:54] Jason Crowe, I’ve worked so closely with Jason Crowe.

Jim:  [3:58] Why have you?

James:  [3:59] Because we’re Oklahoma Gas Association friends and board members.

Jim:  [4:01] Board members.

James:  [4:02] I’m going to be really honest here. Lately, I’ve let the Oklahoma Gas Association down.

Jim:  [4:08] Why?

James:  [4:08] That is because I’ve been planning this event.

Jim:  [4:11] You haven’t let them down. You just had to reallocate…

James:  [4:13] They knew it was coming. I was really honest.

Jim:  [4:16] You had to reallocate your resources.

James:  [4:18] We’re excited to be here. We’re at Texas Live. I know it’s not Oklahoma live…

[4:22] Jason:  This is a beautiful venue, absolutely amazing.

James:  [4:25] It’s going to be awesome. We’re excited about it. Jason Crowe’s live at Texas Live. Got the a whole thing.

Jim:  [4:36] I have the goosebumps right now, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

James:  [4:37] Crowe, it’s been buzzing here tonight. What do you think so far? I know we just got started. Tomorrow’s the big day. Tomorrow’s the pinnacle. It’s the peak.

Jim:  [4:49] Is it the apex?

James:  [4:50] It’s the apex.

[4:50] Jason:  You guys got a lot of good content coming up, I saw, for the next two days. I’ve been really impressed with the way your app is set up, especially for Wednesday’s different sessions. Thank you for allowing me to come and be on the damage prevention panel on Wednesday.

James:  [5:05] We got a celebrity.

[5:06] Jason:  It’s good to be here, connect with everybody in person, see people I’ve not seen since 2019, since your last live event, major event. It’s just so good to be here.

Jim:  [5:18] It’s great to be here. It’s great to be with you. I’m sorry I got distracted. My daughter, Summer, was leading a group of energy guys to go throw…

James:  [5:26] What is happening?

Jim:  [5:28] axes or something. I’m like, “What are we doing?”

James:  [5:30] What is happening?

Jim:  [5:30] She’s leading teams here now. Anyways, getting back together with us live, it’s wonderful.

James:  [5:36] How’re you doing, brother. We’re live right now.

[5:39] Jason:  Absolutely.

[5:39] Jason:  There you go.

Jim:  [5:42] You cannot make this up.

James:  [5:43] We’re live.

Jim:  [5:44] It is a bevy.

James:  [5:45] I said that we were live. I wasn’t even joking.

Jim:  [5:49] Go ahead, please.

James:  [5:51] Crowe, you’re on a panel on our training day, which is on damage prevention. You get to sit next to a bunch of your friends, let’s be honest.

[6:06] Jason:  That’s true. I think it’s a good opportunity to help share a lot of great information I’m excited to see.

[6:05] Tomorrow’s got a lot of great content around Energy Worldnet and what you guys have to offer, when you give the training platforms, how to better maximize what people are doing with their platforms, along with an amazing guest speaker to round off the rest of the day.

James:  [6:18] Are you talking about me?

[6:20] Jason:  That’s exactly what I was talking about.

James:  [6:21] Jimmy?

[6:22] Jason:  Maybe that too.

James:  [6:24] Coleman?

[6:24] Jason:  Maybe all three.

James:  [6:26] [laughs]

[6:26] Jason:  Then you’ve got a lot of great topics on Wednesday, a lot of talk about TRACER, I believe.

James:  [6:33] I’ve heard about it.

[6:34] Jason:  TRACER…

Jim:  [6:37] How did that get there? I didn’t even…

[6:39] Jason:  One of the things I really like about the conference schedule on Wednesday is you’ve got different sessions. If I want to go to one and I went ahead, there’s a conflict, I’ve got an opportunity to see it a different time.

James:  [6:50] We double up on it.

Jim:  [6:52] It’s fantastic.

James:  [6:52] A lot of our sessions are running back to back. When you miss one, you can catch it.

Jim:  [6:54] It’s a great way to do it to get everybody included in all of them.

James:  [6:57] I will say as a speaker, maybe not my favorite thing on Earth to go back to back, but if I get to reach people, I’ll do it.

[7:05] Jason:  There you go. That’s what it’s all about.

James:  [7:09] Jason…go ahead.

Jim:  [7:09] We ask one question of everybody that comes on board right here, one simple question. Give us your answer from the heart, from your soul. What does the term and the words be brave mean to you?

[7:24] Jason:  Be brave.

Jim:  [7:25] Be brave.

James:  [7:25] Look, his eyes lit up. I saw it.

[7:28] Jason:  In a world of filters and social media and trying to put forth this perfect image of who we’re supposed to be, being brave is being authentic, being yourself, and being vulnerable and really putting forth your true colors.

Jim:  [7:46] Wait, what was word? You said vulnerable?

[7:48] Jason:  Vulnerable, yes.

Jim:  [7:49] That’s good.

[7:50] Jason:  Putting forth your true colors, that’s what being brave is to me.

James:  [7:52] Man…

[7:53] [crosstalk]

Jim:  [7:55] Thank you, sir.

James:  [7:55] bro.

[7:56] Jason:  Good deal.

Jim:  [7:56] Thank you for joining us.

James:  [7:57] You are the second nicest guy I’ve ever met.

[8:01] Jason:  Love you both.

James:  [8:03] I only say that because you would take it better than others.

[8:07] Jason:  Absolutely. I love you both.

[8:10] [crosstalk]

Jim:  [8:10] Who’s number one? I love you, brother.

James:  [8:13] I can’t talk…

[8:14] [crosstalk]

[8:14] Jason:  You’re number one. You’re number one. [laughs] Love you guys.

James:  [8:06] Everybody, we’ll be back.

Jim:  [8:08] Love you, brother.

[8:09] Jason:  Guys, have a great time.

Jim:  [8:11] Thank you.

[8:12] Jason:  Thank you.

[8:13] Tech:  Hey.

James:  [8:14] Yay. All right, man. We are back.

[8:17] Jason:  Yes.

James:  [8:17] Where’s Jimmy?

[8:18] Jason:  Jimmy had to step away to take a phone call. Jason Crowe, I’m filling in in the short term. We have our dear friend…

Mark Haptonstall:  [8:28] Mark Haptonstall.

[8:29] Jason:  Mark Haptonstall.

James:  [8:30] This is like an Oklahoma Gas Association board meeting right now.

[8:34] Jason:  Live at EWNCON.

James:  [8:36] Where is everybody? We should take roll call.

[8:40] Jason:  We should.

James:  [8:39] We are here with Mark. Mark, good to see you, brother.

Mark:  [8:43] Good to see you…

James:  [8:45] We are here live at EWNCON at our Welcome Reception. It’s winding down. I’m not going to lie anymore. People are starting to head out. The night is winding down, but we got a full day tomorrow. So far, so good, Mark?

Mark:  [9:03] Excellent.

James:  [9:04] No issues?

Mark:  [9:05] Excellent.

James:  [9:05] We’ll take an excellent…

[9:07] Jason:  What do you think of the venue? What do you think of it so far?

Mark:  [9:08] I took the Master Evaluator class.

James:  [9:11] You did, MECP.

Mark:  [9:12] Awesome, great class.

James:  [9:17] Who taught it? Russell? Tim?

Mark:  [9:22] Tim. Tim Lin?

James:  [9:23] Almost. Kline?

Mark:  [9:28] That’s it.

James:  [9:29] Tim Kline.

Mark:  [9:30] Tim Kline. Sorry.

James:  [9:31] There he is.

Mark:  [10:01] Anyway, they did a great job.

James:  [10:03] Tim’s awesome.

Mark:  [10:04] They presented all the information. It was great. I took the test, and it was great.

Mark:  [10:10] Awesome information.

James:  [10:11] Mark, we’re asking everyone one question. I’m going to let Jason Crowe do it because he’s my guest host right now.

[10:04] Jason:  They’re asking one question, Mark, of everybody they’re talking to at this live conference here. I want you to come from your heart and come from your soul.

James:  [10:05] Don’t overthink it, Mark, right from the gut.

[10:08] Jason:  Don’t overthink it. What hits you when someone says the words be brave? What does that mean to you?

Mark:  [10:14] Do it with everything you got.

[10:19] Jason:  There you go. Full commitment. I like that. All in.

James:  [10:23] 100 percent. I love it.

[10:25] Jason:  Fantastic.

James:  [10:26] We’ve heard so many answers, and there’s a common thread in all of them. I love it. Mark, thank you, brother.

[10:34] Jason:  So good to see you, brother.

Mark:  [10:37] Thank you. Good to see you.

[10:39] Jason:  Always good to see you, brother.

Mark:  [10:42] brother.

James:  [10:43] We’re going to be right back.

[10:45] Jason:  If you don’t know Mark, come find him and get to know him. He’s a great man.

James:  [10:52] I know a guy that knows him.

[10:23] Jason:  You betcha. Thanks.

James:  [10:24] We’ll see you.


[10:26] Jason:  Hey, this is Jason Crowe with Sean Epps and Mark Haptonstall with Coffee with Jimmy & James. Unfortunately, Jim and James could not be here right now, so Mark and I decided to fill in.

[10:58] We’ve got Sean Epps, our dear friend from Heath Consultants. How are you enjoying the conference, Sean?

Sean Epps:  [11:03] It’s a good conference so far. I just got to represent Oklahoma Gas Association.

[11:08] Jason:  Yes, this…

[11:08] Jason:  Yes. Look at these two great‑looking shirts…

[11:13] [crosstalk]

[11:13] Jason:  …these guys got on. Look at the great shirts those guys have got on.

[11:16] The fun thing to know is Mark and Sean and I all sit on the board of the Oklahoma Gas Association. It’s a fun reunion of friends here. Excited to be here at the Energy Worldnet conference here at beautiful Texas Live.

[11:26] Sean, you said you’ve been enjoying the conference. Is there anything you’re looking forward to at the…

Sean:  [11:32] I’m looking forward to seeing Mr. James Cross.

[11:35] Jason:  James…

[11:36] Jason:  …charismatic wonders.

Mark:  [11:38] to seeing James.

[11:39] Jason:  I tell you, we all love James.

Mark:  [11:41] Everybody wants James.

Sean:  [11:43] He speaks some words of wisdom.

[11:45] Jason:  The man drops pearls all the time, all the time.

Mark:  [11:46] I tell you what.

[11:48] Jason:  How wonderful.

[11:49] Sean, one of the big questions that everybody’s been asked as they’ve been interviewed through this Coffee with Jim & James segment here, live at EWNCON is if I was to give you two words, I want you to tell me what it really means to you.

[12:02] You can take a second. Don’t overthink it. Just come from the heart. When you hear the words be brave, what does that mean to you?

Sean:  [12:11] Family…

[12:12] Jason:  Family.

Sean:  [12:13] and courage.

[12:16] Jason:  Courage, powerful, powerful. Sean…

Sean:  [12:22] You guys are my family here.

Mark:  [12:24] Awesome.

[12:25] Jason:  Thankful for our dear friends at Energy Worldnet, put it all together to bring good family together, Oklahoma Gas Association family.

[12:32] Looks like we got one more coming in here, our dear brother. There he is.

Mark:  [12:37] There he is.

[12:38] Jason:  Oklahoma Gas Association family, wish you all were here. Thank you Energy Worldnet for having us. Sean, good to see you, brother. Mark, James, as always, grateful for you all.

James:  [12:50] We’ll see you.

[12:51] Jason:  Have a great conference.

Jim:  [12:51] Is it OKIE811, James? Who is in the house but…

M.G. Govia:  [12:58] My name is M.G. Govia with OKIE811.

Jim:  [13:01] Our good friend M.G. is here.

James:  [13:03] Good to see you, brother.

Jim:  [13:05] M.G., we have seen more of each other over the last two months…

James:  [13:08] Same.

M.G.:  [13:09] It’s conference season.

James:  [13:11] It is. You are dead right.

Jim:  [13:13] California, Arizona…

M.G.:  [13:16] Oklahoma…

Jim:  [13:16] Oklahoma.

M.G.:  [13:17] and now the OK state of Texas.

Jim:  [13:20] Ooh.

James:  [13:21] We’re basically Oklahoma. We just grandfathered in.

M.G.:  [13:26] Dallas feels very Oklahoma.

Jim:  [13:27] I’m out of this one. I’m out.

James:  [13:28] We tuck our pants in our boots here, too.

M.G.:  [13:32] I think you do it backwards.

James:  [13:33] M.G., we just got kicked off. Tomorrow’s a big day, but how is the vibe tonight? Your hair’s on point, by the way, as always.

M.G.:  [13:48] One thing I was excited about, A, seeing you two in person yet again. I love our conversations and what our common purpose is. The opportunity to be at this conference was a thing that I had to put on my calendar, get down here, and I’m loving the vibe. I love what we’re doing. It’s going to be a fun week.

James:  [14:06] It is. It is.

Jim:  [14:07] It’s gonna be a great week.

James:  [14:08] You’re on a panel…

[14:10] [crosstalk]

Jeff Henderson:  [14:10] good?

James:  [14:10] No problem. We’re live, but I’ll…

[14:13] [crosstalk]

M.G.:  [14:13] There’s this guy.

Jim:  [14:14] Jeff Henderson…

Jeff:  [14:15] Hi, guys.

Jim:  [14:16] SiEnergy.

M.G.:  [14:17] Jeff.

Jeff:  [14:17] Hello.

Jim:  [14:17] Look, John Olshefski…

James:  [14:19] Oh.

Jeff:  [14:19] Oh.

Jim:  [14:19] in the house.

James:  [14:21] Out of control.

Jeff:  [14:22] [laughs]

James:  [14:22] I don’t know what’s happening.

M.G.:  [14:24] It’s almost like it’s closing time at the event.

James:  [14:48] M.G., you are on a panel on our training day, which is our last day. Honestly, I said it to Crowe, but with a bunch of your friends…

M.G.:  [14:47] That was one thing that got passed along. You’re like, “Here’s an opportunity for us to share our war stories, figure out how we’re doing this together, sharing the damage prevention message.” It was something that I couldn’t resist.

[14:54] I don’t know who this guy is, but I love him.

James:  [14:57] You don’t know Jeff Henderson?

M.G.:  [14:59] No.

Jeff:  [14:59] You don’t know me?

M.G.:  [15:01] No.

James:  [15:01] Guest of the show…

M.G.:  [15:03] Hey, what up?

James:  [15:04] friend of the show

Jim:  [15:06] Longtime friend.

James:  [15:07] we’ll have him on in a minute. M.G., we’re asking everybody one question. Ready?

[15:13] Man 1:  Whoo.

James:  [15:14] It’s a big one here. He’s excited. Ready? What does be brave mean to you?

M.G.:  [15:24] In our industry, be brave means to be willing to stand out and say what is important.

[15:31] You’ve heard these words before, but when protecting these underground facilities, it’s not just taking care of the bottom line of the company. It’s making sure your community is well taken care of. It’s your neighbor. It’s your friend. It’s your family. You need to be brave to be able to present that message in a good way.

James:  [15:48] Man, damage prevention.

Jim:  [15:52] Nailed it.

M.G.:  [15:52] Dude, so good to be here.

James:  [15:54] We’ll see you.

Jim:  [15:56] Thank you, brother.

M.G.:  [15:55] Thank you for the invite. We’re gonna have a great week.

Jim:  [15:57] Thank you.

James:  [15:57] We’re going to be right back.

Jim:  [16:00] Now say it.

Shannon Johnson:  [16:01] Hi, friends. I am so glad to be here with Jim and James, Coffee with Jim & James. Famous, can I…

James:  [16:06] We go by infamous.

Shannon:  [16:08] Ooh. OK.

Jim:  [16:12] Shannon, HR is in the house. I am on my best behavior, as always. Wait, I’m surrounded by HR.

Shannon:  [16:19] HR is fun.

James:  [16:21] HR is super cool.

Shannon:  [16:22] HR’s super cool. We’re fun. You know what we look for? Opportunities to really engage with our people and have a blast, because we have amazing people, just saying.

Jim:  [16:33] There we go.

James:  [16:34] I tell you what, if you look at our conference, if you look at our reception, you look at our conference, whatever you want to look at is a testament to our people, and Shannon is charged with our people.

Shannon:  [16:49] What’s neat is I’ve talked to several of our clients. I really enjoyed it because our clients have said that they enjoy the fact that we really do hire rockstars, and they can tell that we hire rockstars. They’re asking different things, like, “What kind of things do you deal with?”

[17:09] I’m telling you, for the level of talent that we have and the amount of people that we have, we have very limited issues.

James:  [17:17] We are blessed.

Shannon:  [17:18] We are very blessed because we have amazing, amazing talent that is all about wanting to do the right thing.

Jim:  [17:24] Wow.

James:  [17:25] I know.

Jim:  [17:26] How?

James:  [17:29] I want to break down the stigma a little bit. HR is sitting in the room. You know I’m charged with HR. Did you think that would come out of Shannon’s mouth?

Jim:  [17:40] I did because I know Shannon. That’s one thing. I did think that. That didn’t surprise…

Jim:  [17:45] me, one. Two, the culture at Energy Worldnet, I like to call it the people department because you guys deal with people.

James:  [17:53] People operations.

Jim:  [17:54] People operations, I love that term. I love it.

James:  [17:59] No spoilers.

Jim:  [18:00] Whoa, whoa. OK, we’ll just leave it at that.

James:  [18:03] Shannon, we’re asking everyone one question.

Shannon:  [18:06] Let’s hear it.

James:  [18:07] I’m excited to hear your answer. You ready?

Shannon:  [18:10] Ready.

James:  [18:15] What does be brave mean to Shannon?

Shannon:  [18:15] Be brave, to me, means not afraid to be bold, not afraid to throw out ideas or be innovative or to throw out suggestions. Being brave is not afraid to show up at the table and have some ideas.

[18:36] What I love about Energy Worldnet is we really do open the table and allow people to have creative opinions and ideas and be able to throw them out there. It’s a safe place to be able to throw out innovation. To me, that’s what being brave is all about.

[18:54] We have a truly remarkable leadership team that is very humble enough to be able to listen and hear what people have to say, and then take those ideas even further. To me, that’s what being brave is.

James:  [19:10] [claps] Oh yes. Pretty simple.

Jim:  [19:15] Love it. Shannon, thank you.

James:  [19:16] Thank you. Shannon, thanks.

Shannon:  [19:18] Thank you. I’m so excited. I’m with the famous guys.

James:  [19:22] Thank you so much.

James:  [19:22] That’s so pretentious. Hey, we’ll be right back. Thank you everybody.

Jim:  [19:26] See you in a minute. We are back with, what do we call this? An epic guest.

James:  [19:32] It’s one of our favorite guests of all time ever.

Jim:  [19:35] The one, the only, the man, the myth, the legend. Though seated in the stands, the legend Coleman Sterling, CEO.

James:  [19:47] [shouts]

Jim:  [19:47] Thank you. Can I get a [inaudible] of Energy Worldnet. Coleman.

Coleman Sterling:  [19:51] What’s happening? It is great to…

James:  [19:54] It’s been a while.

Coleman:  [19:55] It has actually been a while since I’ve been on here.

James:  [19:57] It’s been a while.

Coleman:  [19:58] I think I was on episode five.

Jim:  [20:00] It was seven.

James:  [20:02] I don’t know, it was a long time ago.

Coleman:  [20:05] Seven?

James:  [20:03] It was a long time ago, but remember, we had you on for the re‑brand.

[20:08] [crosstalk]

Coleman:  [20:08] Yeah, the re‑brand.

James:  [20:10] This is our coming out party.

Jim:  [20:13] Whoa.

James:  [20:13] Point blank period. We’re all here. We’re ready to go. It’s the first time we’ve been live. How’s it feel?

Coleman:  [20:21] It feels really good. I’m pumped. I’ve been here all night talking to…there’s clients, there’s prospects. There’s a lot of people here, a lot of Industry people. I’m pumped about it. Honestly, I’ve been walking circles tonight.

James:  [20:38] Look at all the paparazzi.

Coleman:  [20:39] Talking to everybody. You can’t really get around.

Jim:  [20:41] I know.

Coleman:  [20:41] Exactly. You can’t really get around and talk to everybody, because you see someone who you hadn’t met in a while or hadn’t seen in a while, so you want to talk to them. Anyway, that’s what up.

James:  [20:50] What a fantastic problem you have.

Coleman:  [20:53] I know, it’s terrible.

James:  [20:53] Looking back at the last two years, or since the last one. What a fantastic problem.

Coleman:  [21:00] I know.

Jim:  [21:00] It truly is.

Coleman:  [21:01] I hear it’s been about 31 months.

James:  [21:03] I hear. No spoilers, but 31 months since the last one. A lot has transpired. Coleman, what are you looking forward to this week with Energy Worldnet?

Coleman:  [21:19] I’m looking forward to discussion. I’m looking forward to people asking questions and actually being open and honest about what they’re doing with their companies, because our conference is a little different.

[21:31] We’re a vendor and we want that discussion to come out, and so that’s what I’m looking forward to is have all that interest and that information and that question and just talk about it. What’s out there? What’s our problems where we’re going? Anyway, that’s what I’m looking forward to.

James:  [21:49] No doubt.

Jim:  [21:50] Coleman, we asked all of our guests tonight a very simple question.

Coleman:  [21:54] All right.

James:  [21:55] One question, and you are the capstone. No pressure.

Jim:  [22:00] No pressure.

James:  [22:00] You are the capstone to this question.

Coleman:  [22:03] OK.

Jim:  [22:05] From the heart, if we were to ask you, what does be brave mean to you, first thing that comes your head?

Coleman:  [22:14] Very easy for me, because I’ve thought about it a lot is, it’s doing something that you’re afraid of. It’s finding something you’re afraid of and doing it anyway. Whatever you’re scared of doing and then pressing through and doing it anyway. That’s what being brave is.

[22:31] Regardless of what it is. Whether it’s in business, whether it’s in driving, combat or whatever. Communities come in, so we still talk about being brave there. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you’re scared of something, do it anyway. That’s what being brave is.

Jim:  [22:47] Love it.

Jim:  [22:51] Thank you for all you do for us in the industry. You are truly appreciated. Thank you for joining us.

Coleman:  [22:56] Thank you everybody.

James:  [22:57] Yeah, buddy. We’ll be right back.

Jim:  [23:00] In the house with us, my golfing protégé.

James:  [23:06] My man.

Jim:  [23:07] The Luke to my Yoda. Mister Jeff Henderson.

Jeff:  [23:11] Can you carry that [inaudible]?

Jim:  [23:12] Oh geez. Jeff is…

James:  [23:14] Y’all play together?

Jeff:  [23:15] We do.

Jim:  [23:15] We play together.

James:  [23:16] What’s the hit cycle?

Jeff:  [23:17] It was tough to watch.

Jim:  [23:19] It’s tough to watch me because I am not good, Jeff is…

Jeff:  [23:21] You’re not good.

James:  [23:23] Love it.

Jim:  [23:23] Well, you don’t have to say it, tell everybody I’m that bad.

Jim:  [23:26] Jeff is fantastic on the course.

James:  [23:28] [laughs]

Jim:  [23:28] Jeff, it’s great to have you here. SiEnergy.

Jeff:  [23:30] Yes, sir.

Jim:  [23:32] Energy that I have known for years, even helped with some LNG operations, we had to [inaudible].

Jeff:  [23:36] We have.

James:  [23:37] Jeff has been a champion for a long time. No matter where he was, he’s always been a [inaudible] in EWN. Jeff, you’ve been to a lot of these conferences.

Jeff:  [23:48] I have.

James:  [23:49] What’s the vibe tonight?

Jeff:  [23:52] It’s awesome. I’ve never been to this place, Texas Live, it’s fantastic.

Jim:  [23:54] Huge, isn’t it?

James:  [23:55] Beautiful.

Jeff:  [23:55] It’s huge. A lot of fun, lot of games, lot of just good people. It’s fun to be back in health. Been busy with people.

James:  [24:08] This is awesome, right?

James:  [24:10] There’s something valuable about being in person.

Jeff:  [24:13] There’s something valuable about being in person, there’s something valuable about having basketball, and Skee‑Ball, and golf, and baseball, and axe throwing. It’s fun. It’s a good time, great vibes.

Jim:  [24:25] It truly is.

Jeff:  [24:27] Being with you Jim, it’s a lot of fun.

Jim:  [24:29] Thank you, Jeff.

Jim:  [24:32] Somebody give me a tissue.

James:  [24:33] He called me last night on my phone.

Jeff:  [24:36] I did.

James:  [24:37] Nine o’clock at night.

Jeff:  [24:39] Made me [inaudible] to miss my tee time.

James:  [24:41] You’re the worst.

Jeff:  [24:43] I didn’t want to miss my tee time.

Jim:  [24:46] No.

[24:46] [laughter]

Jim:  [24:46] This is what it’s all about. Friendships like this that are everlasting, intertwining, back and forth. If Jeff didn’t give me a hard time at least 20 times when I said to him every time, that’s how I know he loved you, because he makes fun of me.

James:  [25:05] It’s a love language.

Jim:  [25:07] Yeah.

Jeff:  [25:07] It is.

James:  [25:08] Can we talk about your love language? No, I’m just kidding.

Jeff:  [25:03] Sure, I’m in.

Jim:  [25:04] Whoa.

James:  [25:05] Jeff, we have a really hard pressing question. We’ve been asking everyone tonight. You are our last guest.

Jeff:  [25:14] All right.

Jim:  [25:15] Yeah, I think so. I think so for tonight.

Jeff:  [25:18] No pressure at all.

Jim:  [25:19] For tonight.

James:  [25:22] What does be brave mean, the definition?

Jeff:  [25:27] Standing up for what you believe in. I think that’s it. Whether it’s in the industry, whether it’s with your kids, with your wife, with your friends, whatever it is. Standing up for what you believe in and I think that’s what it is.

[25:43] The society we live in today, being brave is really standing up for what I believe, not you or Jim or anybody else out here. It is what do I believe, and I think that’s what that means.

James:  [25:59] There’s a reason we asked everybody.

Jim:  [26:04] Absolutely. Thank you, Jeff.

James:  [26:05] Jeff, it’s good to see you brother.

Jeff:  [26:06] Y’all are awesome.

James:  [26:07] It’s so good.

Jeff:  [26:08] Love y’all guys. Love you guys.

Jim:  [26:11] It’s happy hour.

James:  [26:12] Hey man, we’ll be right back.

Jim:  [26:14] See you in a second.

James:  [26:16] We’re live. Ladies and gentlemen, we are live. Back live.

Jim:  [26:20] Texas Live with a very special guest. Somebody that’s dear and dear to my heart.

James:  [26:26] And mine.

Jim:  [26:27] Now, the industry. I have not seen anybody be acclimated to the industry so quickly as Summer Schauer. This one right here.

James:  [26:36] I will say this one. Although, I was looking for the beer person.

Jim:  [26:42] When you allegedly…

James:  [26:43] When you showed up with water and Gatorade.

Summer:  [26:48] I did do that.

James:  [26:49] A smile on your face.

Summer:  [26:51] You were like, “Where’s the boy in cart?”

James:  [26:53] It was OK.

Summer:  [26:54] We’re here.

James:  [26:55] What do you think? You’re out here, you’re out and about.

Summer:  [26:56] I am loving it.

James:  [26:57] Will [inaudible] conference. You told me earlier, “I can’t believe I’m being paid for this.” Tell me a little bit about it.

Summer:  [27:09] No.

Jim:  [27:09] It’s your first conference, right?

Summer:  [27:12] Yeah.

James:  [27:12] God bless you.

Summer:  [27:13] It is my first conference. Honestly, waking up this morning, Dad was like, “You need to come to [inaudible].” I was like, “OK.”

James:  [27:24] You can call him Jim.

Summer:  [27:26] Jim, I’m so sorry.

James:  [27:27] I’m just kidding. You can call him Dad.

Summer:  [27:30] I was like, “OK.” I was expecting it to be an hour and a half type of thing. Then he’s like, “We’re going to be out here until 2:00. I was like, “Hold up. I have work to do.” [laughs] I was like, “I have stuff I probably have to get done. Two o’clock?”

[27:52] Then he’s like, “Yeah. You don’t have to stay the whole time.” I did not end up staying the entire time, but I stayed for a while.

James:  [28:00] Don’t sell. Hey, Magnolia River if you’re listening, she was solid there the whole time.

Jim:  [28:04] She was great. She actually drove around, took pictures, handed out waters.

Summer:  [28:08] No.

James:  [28:09] No. Don’t talk [inaudible], don’t do it. Not in front of us.

Summer:  [28:14] No. I went home to go get a few things done.

James:  [28:16] I’m kidding.

Summer:  [28:17] Before this night.

James:  [28:18] I’m only kidding.

Summer:  [28:19] It’s like…

Jim:  [28:20] You got to balance it.

Summer:  [28:21] This is insane.

Jim:  [28:22] Tell everybody. You have been with Magnolia River. You are honored to be with them, a great company.

Summer:  [28:25] Since January.

Jim:  [28:29] You like it? What do you do?

Summer:  [28:31] I am loving it. I’m the marketing assistant, so I do a lot.

James:  [28:37] Everything.

Jim:  [28:39] All right.

Summer:  [28:39] It’s a variety of things. A lot of digital design. My boss, he takes care of everything with HubSpot, we use HubSpot. He’s integrating HubSpot and Salesforce, a lot of that stuff, metrics, all the analytics with everything, paid social ads, doing all that.

[29:02] I am right now in charge of social media and basically all the digital design aspects that I can help with, contribute. [laughs]

James:  [29:13] I think you know all of that.

Jim:  [29:15] She’s picking out other…

James:  [29:17] There’s a little bitty Jim Schauer.

Summer:  [29:19] Yeah. I’m going from, I did our sales spec to our annual report, about to design new business cards, to social media. I’m all over the place, anything I can. Then there’s other people that are like, “Hey, I have this presentation that’s coming up,” or “I’m doing this tomorrow. Can you help me?”

Jim:  [29:43] Do you love what you do?

Summer:  [29:45] I love what I do.

Jim:  [29:47] That’s awesome.

Summer:  [29:48] [laughs] It’s a lot.

Jim:  [29:50] I know it’s a lot. You’re learning the business. You’re going to look back at this year and say like five, six, seven years from now you’re going to look back at this year and you’re going to say, “I didn’t know anything, but look how much I learned.” You really are.

Summer:  [30:03] Y’all know when you had me on last time. You were like, “We normally ask everyone, do you love what you do?” Since I at that time was not in any position, you were like…

James:  [30:19] Do you love what you do?

Summer:  [30:21] I don’t know. I actually…

James:  [30:23] [inaudible] work.

Summer:  [30:23] No. You did not [inaudible]. I don’t remember what you specifically asked me, but typically you said, “In one year we will come back to you and we will ask you, do you love what you do?”

James:  [30:35] Here we go.

Jim:  [30:35] I forgot that.

Summer:  [30:37] You did say that.

Jim:  [30:38] Do you love what you do?

Summer:  [30:39] I love what I do.

Jim:  [30:41] Wonderful. Why? Is there any reason why, the people, the industry? What do you love about it?

Summer:  [30:49] Magnolia River has, first of all, the most incredible people.

Jim:  [30:52] Good.

Summer:  [30:53] I love everyone that I work with. It is an amazing. [laughs] Shoutout to Magnolia River. It is an amazing company, but two, it’ll be a Friday night and I will want to work.

Jim:  [31:08] Wonderful.

Summer:  [31:08] I’ll be like, “I have this assignment, certain assignment coming up. I want to start with this.” I want to start redesigning our business card. I don’t care that it’s a Friday [inaudible].

Jim:  [31:25] Splashing in purpose.

Summer:  [31:26] I love it.

Jim:  [31:28] Summer, we’re asking a new question tonight. We’re asking everybody…

James:  [31:32] One question.

Jim:  [31:32] One simple.

James:  [31:33] Everyone gets the same question.

Jim:  [31:35] From your heart…

James:  [31:36] Don’t think, just talk.

Jim:  [31:38] Don’t think, just blurt it out. If we were to ask you, what be brave means, what does it mean to Summer Schauer? Be brave.

Summer:  [31:45] Put yourself out there.

Jim:  [31:48] All right.

James:  [31:49] Put yourself out…

Summer:  [31:50] Put yourself out there. Put your brand out there. Who you are and what you’re passionate for, and don’t hold back. Be brave.

James:  [32:01] Look at him, he’s blown away. As a father, he’s blown away.

Jim:  [32:06] It’s a proud Dad moment.

James:  [32:07] Oh, my goodness.

Jim:  [32:08] I’m glad I have a child in the industry. It makes me happy that the energy legacy continues on. Thank you for joining us, Summer.

James:  [32:16] Good to see you, Summer.

Summer:  [32:18] Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate it.

Jim:  [32:19] Absolutely. Thank you.

James:  [32:20] You can call him Dad. It’s good stuff.

James:  [32:24] Ladies and gentlemen, Summer Schauer. Thank you so much. We’ll be right back.

Jim:  [32:28] We’ll be right back.

James:  [32:29] We’re live.

Jim:  [32:33] We’re live, it’s awesome.

James:  [32:35] Hey, we’re back.

Jim:  [32:37] [laughs] We are back. We are barely holding on right now.

James:  [32:41] Hey, it’s good to see you not in the back, in your truck. [laughs]

Jim:  [32:44] Ryan Ellis is live with us. Hold on.

Ryan Ellis:  [32:48] In Texas for real, without a mask.

James:  [32:51] No doubt.

Ryan:  [32:52] Oh, and no truck.

James:  [32:53] The fingers looking…

[32:55] Man 1: Hey, buddy?

Ryan:  [32:56] What’s up man? How are you?

[32:57] Man 1: Ryan is only on here because I coached y’all into letting him on here.

Ryan:  [33:04] Wow.

James:  [33:03] Whatever it takes.

Ryan:  [33:04] It’s like that?

James:  [33:04] Yeah.

James:  [33:07] Thanks.

Ryan:  [33:08] Then he walks away. It’s awesome.

Jim:  [33:10] Ryan, the conference. What do you think of it so far? Is this so…

Ryan:  [33:13] So far great.

Jim:  [33:14] Your favorite conference?

James:  [33:16] Ever?

Ryan:  [33:16] Favorite.

James:  [33:17] Is that what you said?

Ryan:  [33:17] Favorite.

James:  [33:18] Favorite ever?

Jim:  [33:19] Yeah.

Ryan:  [33:19] Favorite.

James:  [33:19] Wow. Let’s move on.

Ryan:  [33:23] I don’t know. I like cars. The speedway was good.

Jim:  [33:27] Yeah.

James:  [33:27] That was good. It’s hard to top that. Did you ride in the carts?

Ryan:  [33:31] Typical Texan and Oklahoman. Cars, guns, all of the things.

James:  [33:36] Yes.

Ryan:  [33:37] You do have good music here, though, so that’s awesome.

Jim:  [33:39] We do.

James:  [33:39] We do ride in the carts and…

Ryan:  [33:41] I didn’t get a chance to. I wanted to but…

Jim:  [33:44] I did.

Ryan:  [33:46] I have my own car driver that’s part of my team.

James:  [33:51] This guy. I follow Ryan on Facebook just so I can live [inaudible].

Jim:  [33:56] See the motocross and such like that?

James:  [34:00] Yeah.

Jim:  [34:00] Absolutely.

Ryan:  [34:01] I got to brag. You guys haven’t seen me yet because I haven’t posted. My son got seventh on the national competition this weekend.

Jim:  [34:09] Awesome.

James:  [34:09] Wow.

Ryan:  [34:10] [inaudible] that guy got eighth. We had a really great weekend in St. Louis.

James:  [34:14] It’s a party.

Ryan:  [34:15] We drove all night to get here because you guys are that special.

Jim:  [34:19] I love it.

James:  [34:19] kids.

Jim:  [34:21] Congratulations to you and your sons.

Ryan:  [34:23] Yeah.

James:  [34:23] Absolutely. Number one, thanks for being on the show before. Number two is, we are asking everyone one question tonight.

Ryan:  [34:36] I think I can do it.

James:  [34:37] It’s not our normal one. Don’t freak out. What does be brave mean to you?

Ryan:  [34:48] I have to start with a famous quote, being military.

James:  [34:51] Act like you’ve [inaudible] this.

Ryan:  [34:53] No.

James:  [34:53] Do it.

Ryan:  [34:54] Being military I have to. Being brave is making sure no one else knows that you’re the one that’s scared.

Jim:  [35:02] Oh wow. We have not heard that at all tonight.

James:  [35:07] That is solid.

Ryan:  [35:09] It is. Nine years military, being brave. That’s the pinnacle of everything. You go down into a firefight, you do anything. There’s always this, “Am I really here? Am I really doing this?” Then you do it. That’s brave.

James:  [35:28] That might be my favorite any time.

Jim:  [35:31] It’s wonderful. It really is. Ryan, thank you for joining us. Appreciate it.

Ryan:  [35:34] Guys, great party, great show. Appreciate you having me.

Jim:  [35:38] We appreciate you being on.

Ryan:  [35:40] You guys, make sure you are at EWN. If you’re not here you should be. Get in the car, let’s go.

James:  [35:47] Let’s go.

Jim:  [35:47] Hashtag let’s go.

James:  [35:49] Let’s go.

Ryan:  [35:49] Go big or go home.

Jim:  [35:51] Let’s do it.

James:  [35:52] We’ll see you.

Ryan:  [35:53] Have a good one.

Jim:  [35:54] Thanks. Bye‑bye.

James:  [35:54] Ladies and gentlemen. We are done.

Jim:  [36:00] The party is over, and it’s because…

James:  [36:03] Saving, right? That’s how you know it’s wrapping up.

Jim:  [36:07] It’s wrapping up. James, I have lost my voice. Even I have outtalked myself. Brother, I wouldn’t do this with anybody but you. Through thick and thin.

James:  [36:18] It’s utter chaos here.

Jim:  [36:24] It is mass chaos.

James:  [36:25] There are people everywhere just springing out of…

Jim:  [36:29] We’ve lost control.

[36:35] [music] 

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