Pipeliners Podcast - Episode 129 - Geoff Isbell and Dr. Matt Joiner
Pipeliners Podcast – Episode 129 – Geoff Isbell and Dr. Matt Joiner
May 26, 2020
Pipeliners Podcast - Episode 130 - Will Gage
Pipeliners Podcast – Episode 130 – Will Gage
June 2, 2020

CWJJ Episode 8: Liam Cross

Thursday, May 28- Jim & James have a special guest on today’s episode.

Episode Transcript:

 [0:00] background music]

James Cross: [0:11] Hey, everybody wanted to start this episode a little bit differently and kind of kind of lay out. The why behind why we did this one this way.

[0:22] So Jim I were talking about how there’s this generation right now being molded about by the events going on and there’s a generation kind of caught in the middle of all this and likely not even being heard.

[0:40] So we thought it was important to hear from them to really give us a unique lens into what’s going on and to let some of us know that are parents and grandparents. That it was okay how we were feeling and how we’re trying to get through some of this.

[0:57] And and again to see from a different lens from from that of a child going through this. What it feels like and looks like.

[1:07] So I thank you for watching and I hope that some of you gets get up get a little bit more awareness out of it or some validation maybe on what’s going on in your own home for those that are parents or grandparents. So enjoy it and thank you.

Jim Schauer: [1:28] Hey there Internets. Good morning. Hope you are well. Hope you are sane hope you are as blessed as we are.

[1:35] Today is a very very special episode of “Coffee with Jim & James.” James, my partner in crime as always. How are you sir? I know your heart must be swelling with today’s special guests.

James:  [1:48] No doubt about it. Jimmy. I am doing well. I’m glad to be here spending some time with you and you could not be more right today is a little more special than normal.

[2:01] No offense to our previous guests. But today we have my son. Mr. Liam Cross joining us. Liam good morning. How are you doing, sir?

Liam Cross:  [2:11] I’m doing very great.

James:  [2:13] Wow.

Jim:  [2:14] Liam, I gotta tell you. Hey James he is awesome. I I just got to say you put a smile on my face. You know I do have to comment James. I think he has a quarantine hairdo like a lot of us do.

[2:29] But but honestly you James you got to be a you got to be a proud daddy. You know, I’m telling you and I’ll tell you Liam, you look like your daddy, you know.

James:  [2:42] Yeah.

Jim:  [2:43] Well, wait a minute. Is that a beard I see coming in? Are you shaving already?

Liam: [2:50] I am.

[0:00] [

James:  [2:50] laughs] You are not, you liar.

[0:00] [

Jim:  [2:52] laughs] Oh, Liam. Why do we say thanks for joining us. And again, you put a smile on my face this morning. So thank you and you know.

[2:59] Let’s just get right into it, you know, you being in the third grade or finishing up your third grade? Let’s how’s the big picture looking? How is the quarantine life been treating you?

Liam: [3:10] Been treating me good. I’ve just been chilling out in my room every single day.

[[3:15] laughter]

Jim:  [3:16] OK.

James:  [3:17] Liam, I know I have a little bit? I know that’s a lie too Liam. I know I have a little bit of insider information but for our audience sake how’s school going?

Liam: [3:29] It’s been going great. We just stopped today.

James:  [3:35] Awesome. School’s out for summer.

Liam: [3:38] Yeah, no school.

James:  [3:40] Awesome. So how’s school? Like, how do you guys been doing school?

Liam: [3:46] We’ve been doing like virtual hangouts. Um, we’d all get in one single place. And it’s been awesome. I think it was a really smart idea.

Jim:  [4:00] What was it easy for I mean of your generation you’ve grown up with electronic devices was virtual learning an easy pick it up right away for you? And did you like it? Was it good bad indifferent?

Liam: [4:15] I’d say in between it. I really liked it. But I kind of didn’t because I didn’t actually see them like in real life. I just saw them virtually.

James:  [4:25] Amen, Amen to that land. Liam, what about your teacher? You miss your teacher?

Liam: [4:31] I miss my teacher so much.

James:  [4:35] How do you think let’s be honest, you know, she’s going to be watching you. How do you think your mom did as your quarantine substitute?

Liam: [4:45] She has been doing the best as she could.

[0:00] [

James:  [4:48] laughs] As she could. Yeah, Liam, absolutely your mom’s going to get you. There’s not doubt about it.

[[4:58] laughter]

Jim:  [4:58] Oh, Liam, you’re destined for something. I’m not sure what but you’re destined for it, you know your age, you know, being acclimated electronic devices spending a lot of screen time, I would imagine, iPads video games.

[5:16] How about you are you are you spending a lot more time less time? What’s what’s what’s your days look like?

Liam: [5:24] More just chilling out in my room playing on my iPad every single day. [laughs]

Jim:  [5:29] How many hours do you think you spend on your iPad?

Liam: [5:34] Four about like four hours a day.

James:  [5:39] Yeah, probably four hours on an iPad and you know six hours on a Switch and eight hours watching TV. No. He has been mixing it up, but it definitely just like most people the screen time is up.

[5:55] And I can’t say anything different because my screen time is up. But Liam on I know you’re a swimmer, but obviously the swim team was out of commission. At least for the moment as we start ramping back up. We may see it come back. But how have you been getting your exercise?

Liam: [6:14] I’ve been going on a long bike rides and start gardening planting vegetables. My favorite thing that we’re growing so far is potatoes.

Jim:  [6:26] That’s cool.

James:  [6:28] Jimmy long bike rides. I isn’t that how you met Tammy?

[[6:31] laughter]

Jim:  [6:35] We won’t confirm or deny that one but but there’s probably a lot of truth to that.

James:  [6:40] All right. Well Liam, what are what are some of the hobbies you think these hobbies gardening riding bikes stuff like that. Do you think they will something that you’ll stick with as this pandemic comes to a close?

Liam: [6:56] I think I’ll stick with it probably. Um, probably until like the garden dies or I grow out of my bike.

[0:00] [

Jim:  [7:05] laughs]

James:  [7:05] That’s great. I bet we can get a new bike. We’ll see what we can do when that time comes.

Jim:  [7:10] And garden is are supposed to be rejuvenated. They come back you replant them. It’s a great life lesson. I tell you it’s something you’ll have with you for many many many years.

[7:23] I gotta ask another million dollar question. Okay, you know you’ve been in quarantine with my partner in crime James your dad how has it been being cooped up with him?

Liam: [7:35] Amazing. He’s the best.

Jim:  [7:40] Did he put 20s in your pocket?

[0:00] [

James:  [7:42] laughs]

Jim:  [7:42] We see some money in there. I thought has it changed you I mean having Dad home every day versus, you know, see him in the morning off to work see him at night? I mean, do you do you truly like it?

Liam: [7:56] I love it. I get to see him more.

Jim:  [8:00] Yep.

James:  [8:02] Yeah, that’s something different. Huh? That’s something we both kind of adapted to and as we’ve started to kind of go back. I think both of us have realized you know, whoa, you know, this may not be may not be what the future always looks like right?

[8:18] So we’ve got a we take advantage of it for sure. That’s part of the reason you’re on today. Right? Did you you’ve been watching this kind of happen this Coffee with Jim & James. And I remember you sliding in one day and saying man I want to do that.

[0:00] [

Jim:  [8:32] laughs]

James:  [8:32] And Jim you may not know it but Liam for a while. What did YouTube he was a YouTuber for a while. So he actually was doing this long before you and I have.

Jim:  [8:45] Really we need to be on his show then.

James:  [8:48] I know. All right, so Liam, how how have you been keeping up with your friends? Is that and do you think that’s been the hardest part?

Liam: [9:01] Kinda I’ve have contact with some of my friends. I do some video calls. I create a little groups so we can all talk together and play on our tablets. We always have the good times but some of them. Yeah, I don’t have any. Photos or…

James:  [9:22] Oh, yeah, so we talked about this the other day Liam what what Liam’s trying to say is nobody knew this so they’re in third grade, right?

[9:33] So nobody knew this was going to happen. So a lot of kids that he hung out with at recess and at school. He didn’t have their contact information. You know, he just saw them at school.

[9:46] So some some of his good friends have not been able to stay connected during this time. So that’s that’s been tough for sure.

Jim:  [9:56] I never thought of that aspect to be honest with you, you know, that’s a realization that wow. Wow, so some people you haven’t seen in a couple months good friends of yours. Wow.

Liam: [10:07] Yeah.

Jim:  [10:08] OK.

James:  [10:11] So Liam, what what do you think is the biggest takeaway from all this? So when it’s all said and done and we you know, we’re able to see people again and do stuff again.

[10:22] What what do you think you’ll remember most and will change really what what pandemic and this whole COVID‑19 thing has taught you?

Liam: [10:38] One of the things I’ll remember, is that all sometimes when I’d go out to recess sometimes if I was a little alone my friends would always come over and say come on get up here and play with us.

Jim:  [10:55] Right.

Liam: [10:56] It’s always something I’d remember.

Jim:  [10:58] Sure.

Liam: [10:58] They’re not there. I used to just wait on this thing called the buddy bench until they arrived. Because we were in separate classes and there they were both in the same class. I’d just sit and wait for them till they came out.

[11:20] I felt good when they came out. I was like [gasps].

James:  [11:23] Right.

[11:22] [laughter]

James:  [11:22] So that’s probably how you’ll feel when this whole things over.

Liam: [11:28] Yes.

James:  [11:28] You’ll have that same feeling like you’ve been sitting on the virtual buddy bench for a while now, huh?

Liam: [11:34] Mm‑hmm.

James:  [11:36] Yeah, I bet a lot of kids are feeling that way right now.

Jim:  [11:39] Yeah.

James:  [11:40] For sure.

Liam: [11:41] The things I’ve learned was the even though I’m far away from my friends and family. I’ll always have them right here and right here.

Jim:  [11:53] That’s a good point. And that’s a good point when you pointed to your head absolutely and right here too your heart.

James:  [12:01] Yep. Thanks, Li.

Jim:  [12:05] Yeah, I got to I got to tell you let me jump in because I just think the world of you you’re an awesome young man. You know, I’m a dad. I’m a grandfather.

[12:14] And just seeing the joy the excitement in your eyes the the hope all that. I know you really touched me today plus you have a darn good mug. I’ll say that.

James:  [12:27] Are you drinking coffee?

Liam: [12:29] No, I’m drinking milk.

Jim:  [12:31] OK, good. That’s good. I hope it’s whole milk, too.

Liam: [12:34] It is.

Jim:  [12:37] Anyways, you I can’t thank you enough. I want to thank you and and your dad my partner for bringing you on for opening up your home your family to give us a glimpse of what you’re going through.

[12:51] If this could help some other folks that are you know, just help understand. Help put things maybe in the right perspective. I think that you’ve definitely done a great job with sharing open and honestly how you do how you’re feeling and again, I can’t thank you enough.

[13:07] And if anybody else out there would like to be on Coffee with Jim & James, you know how to get a hold of us PM me or my partner James and we would be happy to give you a discussion to see if we can’t work something out.

[13:21] But until then, please everyone stay safe. Thanks for watching. God bless you and God bless this industry. We hope you have a great day, and we will see you again on the next episode.

James:  [13:35] Thank you. Liam.

Jim:  [13:36] Thank you Liam.

Liam: [13:37] You’re welcome. Just happy to be here.

[[13:40] music]

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