Important Soft Skills for Leaders
Important Soft Skills for Leaders
March 30, 2022
CWJJ Episode 109: Safe Digging Month – M.G. Govia & Tim Teel
April 7, 2022

CWJJ Episode 108: April Freestyle


Friday, April 1st It’s April 1st, and that means it’s time for our April Freestyle episode! Jim and James discuss all things happening in April.


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Episode Transcript

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Jim:  : [0:24] Good morning, everyone. Welcome to this episode of “Coffee with Jim & James.” James, April is just about upon us. How are you feeling? Are you ready for April? [0:00]

James:  : [0:34] Springing in the April. See what I did there? [0:00]

Jim:  : [0:38] I, I set you in. [0:00]

James:  : [0:38] I actually really, really pumped today. I am putting my house back together. Piece by piece. As you know, the… [0:00]

Jim:  : [0:49] What did your…? [0:00]

James:  : [0:49] March showers brought a hell this time and, uh, so we got a new roof a while back, just about a week or so ago. And then, uh, I’ve got some new windows in today from that storm too. So, we’re, we’re getting there. We’re still some windows short. But that’s okay. [0:00]

Jim:  : [1:08] Supply chain issues. [0:00]

James:  : [1:10] Supply chain, man. Yeah. How about you? How are you, man? [0:00]

Jim:  : [1:14] I’m good. It’s a, uh, March was a good month, then April is gonna be a busy month for me. And, uh, but life is good. [0:00]

James:  : [1:22] It was like we were just together not too long ago. [0:00]

Jim:  : [1:25] We were, brother. We were in Columbia, South Carolina at the SGA event, which, uh… [0:00]

James:  : [1:32] I don’t like the kickoff. Kinda. I know you traveled a little bit before, but us being together, and bringing the show out feels like, you know, like the official start. [0:00]

Jim:  : [1:42] I, I, I would agree, and I think the electricity that bringing the “Coffee with Jim & James” show to shows really adds a lot of fun. [0:00]

James:  : [1:51] The best for me and I may just be selfish for me, but I…it does bring a vibe to a hall, to the hall. Um, I was thinking myself how cool it would be to be someone, and we saw a lot of them, Jim. I think we talked about it with a lot of different people. [0:00] [2:07] There are a lot of young people coming into our industry, new and green to our industry. And I thought how cool would it be to sit back at our booth and just watch people get brought on and hear their origin stories, hear what they…how they service the industry and get to know them. [0:00] [2:24] And then, you know, walk off the, the, the stage, if you will, and get to be able to talk to ’em. I mean, what a, what a platform, what a cool byproduct of the show. [0:00]

Jim:  : [2:35] Well, it really is. And it’s, and it’s really fun seeing the next generation come in. Uh, everything, from my daughter Summer entering it, to all the folks, um, at SGA, and it’s amazing. The interesting part is their perspective on the world, and life, and the energy industry. [0:00] [2:53] And I tell you, they’re bringing a, a different dynamic, a great dynamic to the industry. They’re bringing a, uh, an energy. They’re bringing…No pun intended. [0:00]

James:  : [3:03] No pun intended, I think. [0:00]

Jim:  : [3:06] But, uh, they’re bringing, they’re bringing good stuff. They’re bringing technology. They embrace technology, and they’re asking questions that we… [0:00]

James:  : [3:13] That’s the gold. Yeah. [0:00]

Jim:  : [3:15] You know. [0:00]

James:  : [3:16] Why are we [xx] like this forever? [0:00] [[3:18] crosstalk] [0:00]

Jim:  : [3:18] Well… [0:00]

James:  : [3:18] You know, some of the best, some of the best stuff is when somebody shows up, and they don’t know enough to just fall in line, and they’re like, “So, explain to me why we do this?” Uh, ’cause we’ve always done it that way, Jim. Um, I see. [0:00]

Jim:  : [3:32] But it, but it happens and as much as we could teach them, we can learn from them too. And that’s what I love about the industry, is that they’re willing to share and, and to teach people like me new stuff. [0:00] [[3:46] laughter] [0:00]

Jim:  : [3:46] And I love it, you know. [0:00]

James:  : [3:49] And I mean, I said it earlier about the show and being able to just kind of sit back and listen to these stories and hear about it. But, I mean, that’s what I’m doing. I mean, I’m talking about all the office, still feel young in the industry, you know. But I’m sitting back, I’m asking those questions ’cause I really wanna to know, you know. [0:00] [4:07] So it makes the shows a lot of fun for me, and I don’t know about you Jimmy, but I like staying busy at shows. I don’t like a lot of idle time. I’d rather fill it by networking, by being in pa‑, you know, sitting in sessions like what you did, pop in on a panel, you know, uh, our friends over at Magnolia. [0:00]

Jim:  : [4:26] Yeah. [0:00]

James:  : [4:26] River reached out, and it was like, “Jimmy, we need a panelist, are you down?” and Jimmy jumped on, [?] rap, and Trace her over there. Great session. [0:00] [4:36] Um, But I’m like you man, I wanna keep…I wanna stay running. If I’m there, maximize me. [0:00]

Jim:  : [4:42] E‑, envelop me, immerse me, put me in. We were there for three to four days, and the ability to talk, meet, say hi to 150, 200, 250, 300 people. I…That’s what gets me excited. And they’re, they’re exhausting. Don’t get me wrong. We were in, uh, trade show hall, the exhibit hall by what? 7:00 AM every morning? [0:00]

James:  : [5:03] No doubt. Yeah. I’m sick. I mean, you were, about 8:15? No, I’m just kidding. No, we…Yeah, I mean, they’re long days, but I really enjoy it. And, and we’ve been a little bit smarter. We hadn’t really used it to our advantage, right, Jim? But we’ve been a little more pointed with our own time. [0:00] [5:22] With some of these events where we can be there just, you know, for the main portions, um, because we have other folks that can travel with us. So we had, we had a good show, um, introduced some folks, um, on our team and, and really connecting people. [0:00] [5:36] We got to spend a ton of time with a lot of our friends like you said, but we recorded, we recorded with [?] versiv, um, man, Gina and Keith. [0:00] [[5:47] crosstalk] [0:00]

James:  : [5:48] Yeah, Gina and Keith were amazing. [0:00]

Jim:  : [5:50] Yeah, yeah. [0:00]

James:  : [5:52] Uh, it might be one of my favorite episodes that we’ve done and it was live which made it kind of cooler, you know, doing it there at the show. Yeah, we… [0:00] [0:00] [

Jim:  : [5:59] xx] too. It wasn’t just a, a short, it was a full episode. [0:00]

James:  : [6:03] Yeah. And then, uh, getting Chris McKay Bond, we’ve been trying to make that happen awhile too. So we got an episode, uh, with him coming up, and, you know, that was one of those that it was good for the soul. [0:00]

Jim:  : [6:14] Yeah. [0:00]

James:  : [6:14] You know, we hadn’t seen Chris, um, in a while and get the fellowship with him and just laugh, we had some funny outtakes. We got the giggles on that one. [0:00]

Jim:  : [6:25] Yeah. [0:00]

James:  : [6:25] And, uh, uh, but it was great to be with him too. Lots of good feedback, man. I had a lot of people come up to me, ask about the show. It’s funny when you’re standing in the beverage line. How many times someone will be behind me and go, “Hey, are you that guy on LinkedIn?” [0:00]

Jim:  : [6:42] The coffee guy. [0:00]

James:  : [6:42] You know, on the podcast? You know, and I’m like, “Yeah.” What a weird thing to say these days, but… [0:00]

Jim:  : [6:50] No, it’s , it’s…We’re connecting the dots, and that’s…You know, people ask why I…you and me, why we do it. Well, I said, it’s like being at a trade show every week that we get to interact. And people just see it for a minute, or 10 minutes, or the whole episode. [0:00] [7:05] They feel like they’re connecting, and they might get something out of it. Yeah. I can’t say you how many times a day I get something on this. OKIE811. [0:00]

James:  : [7:13] I forgot, you know. [0:00]

Jim:  : [7:14] Yeah. [0:00]

James:  : [7:14] We didn’t really talk about that but, um, not to change subject. I do wanna wrap up on the SGA real quick. We did get to spend some awesome time with our friends over SGA. [0:00] [7:24] Um, we had Cindy on, we had Stephanie [?] Carloson, uh, we get to meet Susan and some of the other folks there. Um, Catherine, thank you so much. Everybody… [0:00]

Jim:  : [7:35] No spoiler too.  [0:00]

James:  : [7:37] Yeah, right. Yeah, no. Suzanne, uh, Suzanne, uh, wasn’t there. She was, uh, sharpening the saw, which I thought was awesome to hear. That’s, that’s trust in a team in it. [0:00]

Jim:  : [7:47] Yeah. [0:00]

James:  : [7:48] So we got to spend some time there, uh, kudos to SGA, I like seeing them set a tone for this year. Uh, I think everybody was happy and, uh, uh, you know, ready, ready for the next, and I think Natural Gas Connects is gonna be awesome. [0:00]

Jim:  : [8:05] Yeah, that’s in St. Louis, I believe, early June, if I’m not mistaken. [0:00]

James:  : [8:09] Yeah, registration is coming out. Uh, but I did wanna go back and just hit on, um, on OKIE811 of it that I was part of, I think we did a promo for, and maybe talked about before. [0:00] [8:22] But I got the pleasure to speak with Kelsey Klingler, our director of Safety & Compliance here at Energy Worldnet. And we, uh, have a new presentation called Culture is Everything. And we take culture, like my kind of culture, you know, the, um, you know, the fluffy. [0:00]

Jim:  : [8:39] Yeah. [0:00]

James:  : [8:40] [?] Fo‑, food culture stuff, that we’re not too sure what it is. Uh, and then, uh, marrying that with safety culture, uh, the topic of safety culture, the damage prevention, so we used to write that kind of conversation. And I think, it, re‑, went really well. We had a blast doing it. [0:00] [8:59] Uh, Kelsey and I, uh, have a good time together anyway. So we got the fellowship that we…and then I got to chase…So we keynoted the OKIE811 annual meeting, uh, which was lunch, was provided, so, so pretty, pretty nice group. Probably 75, 80 people, you know, attended the meeting. [0:00] [9:17] There was some voting and stuff going on, and then I was able to do a break‑out the following day. So it was busy day. Or busy, busy two days. And on, um, uh, culture. Right? Just, uh, kick‑starting your culture, and that one was a lot of fun. [0:00] [9:33] So, I’m kind of honing that one down to where I’m really enjoying that one. I’ve done it enough now, I think maybe four or five times, that I’m starting to get my groove with it. And so shopping that one around, holler at your boy. [0:00]

Jim:  : [9:49] Um, James, James, you do it beautifully. I’ve seen you present it multiple times, you do it wonderfully. And I just have to kind of [xx], that so many people, when they hear the term culture, they think of the soft…I’ll say soft… [0:00]

James:  : [10:00] By sitting around on bean bags. [0:00]

Jim:  : [10:03] You. [0:00]

James:  : [10:04] Scooting by on their scooters in the halls. [0:00]

Jim:  : [10:07] Yeah, but you guys, you and Kelsey bringing in safety culture, and I think that this is where culture will really start to explode. That culture is so much more deeper and so much more meaningful than just a, a phrase or a catch word right now. It really is. [0:00]

James:  : [10:24] Yeah. [0:00]

Jim:  : [10:25] It really is. And you start bringing those into it and making, you know… [0:00]

James:  : [10:31] We had a lot of feedback, Jim. Like, uh, you know how it is. That’s, that’s your litmus test drive. [0:00]

Jim:  : [10:37] Yeah. [0:00]

James:  : [10:37] You’re always watching. Like, how are they gonna interact afterwards, or during, even sometimes. [0:00]

Jim:  : [10:41] Yeah. [0:00]

James:  : [10:42] So, we had a lot of feedback. I love that. Um, and a lot of people attended my second session because they saw part of the first one, right? [0:00]

Jim:  : [10:49] Right. [0:00]

James:  : [10:49] So it kind of fit in well. So I think we’re going to shot that one around and get that on a some agendas. It was fun. And I think it, it brings some value, but… [0:00]

Jim:  : [10:58] Please, bring it to the industry, please. [0:00]

James:  : [11:00] Jimbo. [0:00]

Jim:  : [11:01] Yo. [0:00]

James:  : [11:02] You’ve got a busy month of April coming up. [0:00]

Jim:  : [11:05] I do. It is incredibly busy, and for me out of West Palm Beach, Florida over here. I have two big events, uh, Common Ground Alliance and guess where it is, James, guess. [0:00]

James:  : [11:18] Um, is it in Orlando or Miami? [0:00]

Jim:  : [11:20] Oh, no, that would be right here. OK. No, no, no, no. [0:00]

James:  : [11:22] Yeah. It’s not? That would be ideal, wouldn’t it? [xx] maybe? [0:00] [[11:27] crosstalk] [0:00]

Jim:  : [11:27] Ah. [0:00]

James:  : [11:28] Georgia? [0:00]

Jim:  : [11:28] No, no. [0:00]

James:  : [11:30] It’s an Atlanta. [0:00]

Jim:  : [11:31] Ah, that’d be right here. No, no. Think, think Los Angeles. Wait, I’m even out of the screen. Hold on, let me get back in. [0:00]

James:  : [11:42] Oh shit.. [0:00]

Jim:  : [11:43] I have two events in Los Angeles, and they’re literally, they’re not back to back. But I’m at Common Ground Alliance, uh, first part of this month now, come back, and then I’m back out for Western Energy Institute… [0:00]

James:  : [11:56] Yeah. [0:00]

Jim:  : [11:59] …um, event, and that’s their big event too. So the Western, WEI. Our friends there, Eric and, uh, Kevin and those, will be great to see those folks live again too. But they’re long… [0:00]

James:  : [12:09] So these are some of their, these some of their first ones, live ones, since the pandemic? [0:00]

Jim:  : [12:16] Uh, yeah, for the lack of better term. [0:00]

James:  : [12:17] They’re virtuals, right? [0:00] [[12:18]  [0:00]

Jim:  : [12:19] They did a lot of virtuals. Uh, they may have had a little WI… [0:00]

James:  : [12:23] Can’t remember, yeah. [0:00]

Jim:  : [12:25] But this is a big one. This is like their expo and… [0:00]

James:  : [12:27] Well, that’s great. [0:00]

Jim:  : [12:29] Yeah, we’ll be, uh, we’ll have the Tracer booth. There will be talk about asset management, will be talking about the, you know, the, e‑, everything ready for this, ready? You trust us with your people, now trust us with your assets. [0:00]

James:  : [12:41] Man, what attack line. [0:00]

Jim:  : [12:44] Little sales pitch there, you know, but it’ll be… [0:00] [0:00] [

James:  : [12:47] . [0:00]

Jim:  : [12:48] t’ll be great. [0:00]

James:  : [12:49] Yeah, that’s awesome. [0:00]

Jim:  : [12:50] It’ll be great. And then…it has something else? That was…I think…uh. [0:00]

James:  : [12:54] I’m going. I, I, um, I’m actually going to Denver, Denver area or…and, um, we’ve got a, a SHRM conference. So I’m at the HR side of my life. Uh, we’re going to the SHRM Talent conference, which I’m…I went to it last year in, in Los Ange‑, I mean, I’m sorry, in Las Vegas and super pumped that’s in Denver. I love Denver. Um, never go wrong in Denver. [0:00]

Jim:  : [13:22] No, [0:00]

James:  : [13:22] I think it’s. Yeah, right. So, I mean, I think we’re staying at the Rockies, um, the Gaylord Rockies Resort, or, or, so we’ll probably never leave that place. You know how those things are. 142 acres, all indoors, you know, like you’re just… [0:00]

Jim:  : [13:44] Yeah. [0:00]

James:  : [13:45] Walk. It’s a lot of walking. Um, but I’m excited about that one because last year I was blown away by the content. And from someone who’s charged with culture, it’s important that we get out there, we train, we learn about the new things coming and how we can be better. [0:00] [14:00] And, um, I’m, I, myself and Samantha Calhoun. Our, um, director of HR. We’re…That’s our trip together. So, I think Tim Tebow’s closing that one out as keynote. I mean, I always have big speakers. Really cool. I think last year it was Sully. Um, which I’ve priced Sully before. [0:00]

Jim:  : [14:22] Captain Sully from uh… [0:00]

James:  : [14:24] It’s a hard to get. You know, Sully. Yeah. [0:00]

Jim:  : [14:24] You and I are connected on LinkedIn and, uh, he, he is, he is up there. [0:00]

James:  : [14:31] Top notch. [0:00]

Jim:  : [14:32] Um, question for you, though. HR, you know, James, every time I have a conversation with somebody, and they ask about the show and what we do in our real life. That we’re, we’re not a podcast company or you and I are…We, we actually do other… [0:00]

James:  : [14:46] To share a podcast company? [0:00]

Jim:  : [14:46] Yeah, you know, but I tell them that you’re over HR as well as brand, and you know, look at your back wall. That’s, that’s a glimpse of James’s world and his head. But you though, with HR, uh, and I’ll ‑‑ please expound on it ‑‑ but you love the culture aspect of HR, you know. [0:00] [15:05] And you know, I even saw some…I sent it to you last…at some point, where people are thinking about renaming HR departments to, like, the people department or, you know, different things. [0:00]

James:  : [15:18] Yeah. [0:00]

Jim:  : [15:18] Just to give a different view of them. Thoughts on that? What do you, what do you, what do you think? Where do you think HR is going? [0:00]

James:  : [15:25] Yeah. Um, I know people…No, I don’t think so. I, I think we’re hovering around people. Uh, they’re naming it different things. I think people have this ‑‑ Oh, I’ve talked about it a lot ‑‑ but just this mentality when they hear the word HR that, you know, they’re in trouble or… [0:00]

Jim:  : [15:45] Right. [0:00]

James:  : [15:45] Or, you know, we joke as HR. We joke about the fun police, but, um, that really we work, for, for people and yeah, we do work for the company. Um, we’re, we, our, our, our CEOs said it the other day, like it’s a two‑way street with our culture, it can’t just be that we have all the perks and all the things. I mean, we also have to do business. [0:00] [16:07] And if some of the things that people believe they want, if we did those things, then we wouldn’t be able to hire as many people. We wouldn’t be able to, you know, provide some of the things that we do. [0:00] [16:17] So I think we’re, we’re living and people, right now, with all the talent discussion, talent is everything, you know. How do you retain it? And how do you acquire it? That’s the game. That’s why I’m going to a conference like that, is because I want our company to be as equipped as possible to gain and  talent. [0:00]

Jim:  : [16:38] Excellent. [0:00]

James:  : [16:40] Blank, blank period. So whatever we can do to, to be better in that realm, that’s, that’s my goal. Um, so yeah, I’m gonna head out to there, do a little…um, enjoy that a little bit and then when I come back, I’m, I’m gonna do a little bit of sharpen in the saw myself. [0:00] [16:58] Um, we, we kind of skimmed over spring break. [0:00]

Jim:  : [17:01] Are you gonna come down to Florida [xx]? [0:00]

James:  : [17:02] No, not yet. Um, maybe later, later in the year maybe, stay tuned. Um, no, we’re actually, we’re gonna go camping, uh, for, for a handful of days just, um, in, in, uh, the Hill Country here in Texas. And then, um, right after that, I don’t know. [0:00] [17:23] I hope my wife isn’t watching, but we’re gonna schedule something. We have a 19‑year anniversary, coming up. [0:00]

Jim:  : [17:31] Congratulations. [0:00]

James:  : [17:31] Yeah, coming up, uh, April 26th. [0:00]

Jim:  : [17:33] Good for you. [0:00]

James:  : [17:33] Yeah. [0:00]

Jim:  : [17:34] Good for you. [0:00]

James:  : [17:34] o, try to, try to parlay something into couple days off, long weekend or something. Go find somewhere to go but, uh, not too sure. But I’m gonna get some saw sharpening ’cause man, we’re gonna be busy this year. [0:00]

Jim:  : [17:49] It’s gonna be a very busy year. I’m excited for. We’re taking, uh, uh, “Coffee with Jim & James” on the road, six, seven times which is aggressive, but it’s very doable, especially with the team that we have. You know, the, uh, the Ashley’s, and Carly’s, the Kaylee’s, the Clinton’s, the Scott’s, the Antonio’s, [?] the Caesar’s , am I forgetting anybody? And more. [0:00]

James:  : [18:12] I mean, that’s just some of some things, right? [0:00]

Jim:  : [18:15] I mean, that’s just some of them. And… [0:00]

James:  : [18:17] So many awesome people. [0:00]

Jim:  : [18:18] I’m excited for…Oh, James, uh, you know, uh, pretty soon we have our biennial event coming up, not biannual, biennial. What’s better? Oh, oh, oh, I see what you’re doing there. I see what you’re doing there. [0:00]

James:  : [18:33] You didn’t even realize it. I’m always promoting it, man, you know me. [0:00]

Jim:  : [18:37] Our, a marketing schooroom. EWNCON live this year, Texas Live! Arlington, right outside of Dallas Fort Worth, May 16th. [0:00]

James:  : [18:49] May 16th. [0:00]

Jim:  : [18:50] 17th, and 18th. James, this is going to be a great conference, our conference. I, I’ve attended as a… [0:00]

James:  : [18:57] You’ve attended all the ones that I was involved with. [0:00]

Jim:  : [19:02] Is that true? [0:00]

James:  : [19:03] It is true. Um, so, uh, the first one in 2017, uh, y’all were sponsors. When you were [?] think, Ben and, uh, 2019 you were on the team, right? [0:00]

Jim:  : [19:15] I was. [0:00]

James:  : [19:15] You were. Uh, and then this one, right? So [?] Lord willing, we’ll roll this one out in May. Uh, got a great agenda, some of the best training that I’ve seen on, on our agenda. Lots of different tracks and opportunities there. [0:00] [19:29] Um, the main day is gonna be a blast. We got Rangers sweet after, uh, you can register for it if you’re a baseball fan. I think there’s gonna be some options to pick up tickets. [0:00] [19:40] And, uh, and if you don’t, if you’re not in the sweet, there’s just…there’s so many neat things going on, uh, and we’re excited to show off what we’ve been working on for the last couple of years. [0:00] [19:52] Um, Tim Kennedy’s, our keynote. You might know him, a fellow Texan. He’s done some stuff in our industry as well with other folks and, uh, a former MMA fighter, veteran, uh, pretty, pretty cool, dude. [0:00] [20:07] Uh, so he’s going to bring it down. But, uh, yeah, man. I mean that…There’s really no way to go wrong with this, right. It just…Go have a blast and learn a ton, great sessions, and network, and fellowship. [0:00] [20:20] It’s gonna be an awesome event and a unique space, man. Texas live! [0:00]

Jim:  : [20:24] Yeah. [0:00]

James:  : [20:24] If you’ve ever been there, we’re gonna flex that thing. We got some awesome exhibitor and sponsor opportunities, where you can, uh, put your name in Texas Live! And, you know, that’s the whole ticket. The whole take over, man. Let’s do it. Reach out. [0:00]

Jim:  : [20:39] I’m excited for it, and you hit on the high points. Come, get educated, share. Share your knowledge with other fellow industry people. That’s what I love about our industry, is that we’re very willing to share and wanna share, so, uh, I’m excited for that. [0:00]

James:  : [20:55] Come for the panels. I’ll tell you what, if you want the pro‑tip. [0:00]

Jim:  : [20:58] Oh, yeah, yeah. [0:00]

James:  : [20:59] I mean, come to have a blast, ’cause we always have a good time. We always have a cool conference, uh, space and something unique going on. [0:00] [21:06] But also the panels that we have setting up, and some of the folks that are on there, and the innovations coming out of this past two years are really gonna be on display, and I love hearing from people that are doing it, you know. [0:00] [21:18] A lot more than a, you know, wanna hear somebody just get up there and preach. I, I really wanna hear this. The good, bads and uglies, as people went through things, you know. Like what we do on the show. All right. [0:00]

Jim:  : [21:30] Yeah. Like, like, what do you call them? The garage stories, or whatever you…? [0:00]

James:  : [21:32] Man, the origin stories. I don’t want to hear that stuff. [0:00]

Jim:  : [21:34] Fantastic. You know, that’s what you get involved with it. You…To get a little bit. Uh, there’s a personal connection when you hear that, you know, and… [0:00]

James:  : [21:41] I think we’re gonna have to do a whole show on EWNCON next month, or this month. We’re running out of time, Jimmy. [0:00]

Jim:  : [21:48] Uh, yeah, we, we should do this month. Yeah, we gotta do it soon. Yeah, that’s a good point. Kaylee. [0:00]

James:  : [21:53] Kaylee, book it. [0:00]

Jim:  : [21:55] Get ready. Let’s go. [0:00]

James:  : [21:56] Jimmy. [0:00]

Jim:  : [21:56] Always a pleasure. [0:00]

James:  : [21:59] Winding down, man. [0:00]

Jim:  : [22:01] Always a pleasure, bro. [0:00]

James:  : [22:02] Winding down for this episode, but kicking off for the year. Uh, we joked about it earlier, but I feel like we’re kicking off season three of the show. Um. [0:00]

Jim:  : [22:11] We are. [0:00]

James:  : [22:11] Right, right, yeah. We, we made that official at Stuart’s episode. [0:00]

Jim:  : [22:15] We, we did. 20, 21, and now 22, this is officially the third season. [0:00]

James:  : [22:21] Season three. Haven’t been canceled. Not one time. Uh… [0:00]

Jim:  : [22:25] There was hate letters but, you know. I told Tammi, to [xx] sending those to me. [0:00]

James:  : [22:29] I know, now she sends them to me. Uh, Jimmy, gotta get on the road, man. I know you’ve got a, you know, a flight to catch here pretty quick. [0:00]

Jim:  : [22:40] It’s good. [0:00]

James:  : [22:40] You can go there, your second home of L.A. God bless you, and the time change, and those 9:00 o’clock dinners in L.A. there’s nothing like it. [0:00] [[22:50] laughter] [0:00]

Jim:  : [22:52] Yeah. [laughs] [0:00] [22:53] Jimmy and I always joke about how hard that time zone is for someone that, especially on the East Coast, that’s a brutal flight, and then on the way home, you just lose half your day, you know, but that’s part of life, that’s part of business. It’s worth… [0:00]

Jim:  : [23:05] You know what? But you know what? When you love what you do, It’s all good. So, anyways. [0:00]

James:  : [23:12] I’ll talk to you a lot of early mornings, that’s for sure. [0:00]

Jim:  : [23:25] Oh, yeah. Definitely. [0:00] [[23:25] crosstalk] [0:00]

James:  : [23:25] [xx] It’s not like you’re getting a whole work day, and before you start your conference. [laughs] [0:00]

Jim:  Yeah. : [23:26] No kidding. Seriously. [0:00]

James:  : [23:25] Oh, man. It was good seeing you, brother. [0:00]

Jim:  : [23:25] All right. Good seeing you. Travel safe, brother. [0:00] [23:25] And audience, thank you for joining in today. Until next time at “Coffee with Jim & James.” Everybody, stay safe. See you next time. [0:00] [[23:31] music] [0:00]

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